by Daelyn Fortney
Categories: Film/TV.
Photo: video screen capture

Audrey Kitching teamed up with PETA2 to create a movie called “Change” which boasts the mantra, “Together we can save the world one sequin at a time.” Kitching, who stars in the movie as both the superhero and the villain, figured it was time that PETA2 had a superhero and knew she would be perfect for the role.

“I feel the world is always in need of more superheroes, and it’s time that PETA2 had one,” said the pink-haired model. “I love animals, and PETA2 is one of my favorite nonprofits, so it [the film] just made sense.”

To coincide with the project, a t-shirt, hoodie, and pin were designed to raise money for PETA2 to help educate people about animal cruelty. Products can be purchased at

Check out the “Change” trailer below: