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“When do we ask The Sierra Club to pick up the tab for this leak? Everyone’s focused on BP and Halliburton and Transocean. Well, let me connect the dots here for you. The greeniacs have been driving our oil producers off the land from offshore to way offshore to way, way, way out there offshore. From low risk to high risk to higher risk, we are now forced to drill one mile, one mile under sea — that’s 5,000 feet! Obviously it’s going to be a much more expensive, problematic proposition to get oil from that depth than elsewhere, and yet that has been what has been forced upon everybody here.”

-Rush Limbaugh blaming The Sierra Club and other “greeniacs” on the Gulf Coast oil spill during a segment on his radio show. Yes, that’s right: it’s the environmentalists’ fault. And also, Santa Claus is real, high-fructose corn syrup does a body good and Sarah Palin’s opening an animal shelter. Man, we need to hire Rush to write some of our April Fools’ Day Posts. Crazy called…they want some of their logic back.

  • fisher

    Man… i always thought the reason oil companies moved offshore further and further is because they exhausted oil fields in shore… im glad rush was kind enough to give us the “real” history of oil exploration. what a fucking knob.

  • Jene Moseley

    I first heard about Rush’s bizarre statement when it was played on MSNBC. I always knew the Sierra Club’s “treehuggers” were secretly drilling for oil offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. Now your deception has been revealed. Leave it to Saint Rush, the patron of all loudmouths, drug addicts and liars to reveal the shocking truth.

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