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Photo: Animal Planet / Sea Shepherd

On Friday June 4 Whale Wars starts a new season with more ships, more crew members, and countless dramatic moments. For the past several years Captain Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society hit the high seas in an attempt to stop Japanese ships from hunting whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. The 13 episode Whale Wars 3 will continue to document the ongoing battle between both parties, including the January 6th Ady Gil and Shonan Maru 2 collision.

“Ships are expendable, endangered and protected whales are not,” said Watson. “We lost a ship, and we have one crewmember taken prisoner, and no injuries were caused nor sustained. I think we did bloody well this year, and 528 whales were saved. We won’t stop until whaling ends.”

Watch the 60 second Whale Wars 3 sneak peek:

  • Cho cho ma

    Cant wait!!!

    • crumpets are yummy

      I’m looking forward to it…saw the preview the other day…cant wait

      • imforthewhales

        They seem to have had a few more cameras on board this time…should be a good series and further highlight Japans greed and disregard for safety of both whale and human.

    • Kimitake Hiraoka

      Pete Bethune has denounced Paul Watson!

      He is quoted as distancing himself from the fat man by saying he disagrees with his tactics and saying “Watson is wrong”.

      Just goes to show that it’s all fun and games until someone’s facing 15 years in the slammer!

      Poor Pete. I’d say Watson’s definitely going to stiff him and his family out of that $700,000 now…

      • Jules Vern

        I would put about as much faith in that as faith in Japan to pay heed to the Antarctic treaty.

      • David

        Well julie you obviously have an internet connection. Search for the news on the trial and see the quotes from Peter where he basically throws Paul under the bus.

      • emancipator

        Listen hellhound Pete was taking illegally back to Japan after after they illegaly sank a dutch registered ship. The Japanese said that without him really saying that.To all the japanese bastards out there if this dose not stop son I am going to avel to Jpan, and sink them myself. I am twelve years old, and I speak Japanese. Watch out Japanese bitches.

      • dolphinbluebev

        A legal defence strategy to stay out of prison…..keep to the right if you can`t keep up!

    • Hunter

      I too can’t wait for a 3rd season of Whale Wars. This show is just free entertainment. I have never seen anything quite as entertaining as watching this bunch of complete, bumbling morons! They quite possibly could be the most incompetent group of losers I have ever seen in my life? Accidents, injuries, and good ole fashion terrorism, all while performing their tasks like a bunch of 3rd graders lost in space! Can’t wait for me, as I need a really good laugh. Good luck whalers, go get em!!!

  • From MN, with hope…

    I think AP may make it more dramatic than it is. Then again, all good producers can do that. And also a lot of exciting stuff happened. Can’t wait for the new season! It gave me goosebumps, and got me excited about seeing this! 16 days. Hope it looks good in HD, and I really am interested in what goes on on their ships, and also seeing Bethune’s reaction to his ship sinking. But man, I’ll bet that ‘Collision Alarm’ goes off a LOT in Sea Shepherd’s ships.

    • Kimitake Hiraoka

      Speaking of Bethune, looks like Sea Shepherd’s stiffing him and his family out of $700,000.

      Poor schmuck. Watson really pulled one over the poor guy.

      Gotta feel for his family…

      • Jules Vern

        Good article Kimi …but doesn’t it say in the article that the money will be paid out at the end of the year? I fail to see how this is stuffing him or his family.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Well his family isn’t involved anymore, because his incarceration, and other things laid on him by the whaler-controlling government has led to his wife leaving him. Pete willingly boarded the SM2, the whalers abducted him, and took him to Japan, where he was finally arrested. He wanted his money for the AG, and he wanted justice, but the whalers unfortunately have the ability to manipulate the government. Don’t worry, he’ll be back.

      • David

        But he didn’t own the Ady Gil. He refused to be removed from the SM2. And it is obvious he at least illegally boarded the SM2 so he deserved to be arrested.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Apparently Pete did own the AG at the time of the incident. Pete acted underneath Crimes Act 1961, which allowed him to make a citizens arrest of the SM2 captain. It’s legal in certain ways, but not in others. Just depends on how you look at it.

      • David

        First he didn’t own the boat at the time of the collision. He had 100 shares Ady Gil had over 2,000,000 shares, as of Nov 24th 2009.

        And even if he did a NZ law isn’t enforceable on Japanese territory and as an ‘experienced’ international boater he would know that the SM2 is considered Japanese territory.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Can you please maybe put up a link to something so this can get cleared up for me? Thanks. Regardless, Pete wanted was presenting a bill to the whalers to re-compensate whoever owned it. The citizens arrest law isn’t just for New Zealand. The same applies to other countries. Not all, but a lot.

      • David

        Enter ‘earthrace’ And select the option of “Earthrace Limited” and you will see the company that owned the Ady Gil and all the shares transactions. Although it was only recently added it shows that on Nov 24th of 2009 Ady Gil acquired over 2,000,000 new shares while Peter still only had 100 shares. These 100 shares were transferred to Mr Gil earlier this month.

        As to citizens arrest, yes other countries have them, within their own borders. Japan doesn’t, he was on a Japanese ship, so no citizens arrest. Pretty simple really.

      • From MN, with hope…

        I had no idea that you could buy shares of Earthrace. Or whatever system is in place, I don’t understand it. But I do see that Ady Gil is the current owner of a sunken ‘business’, as Earthrace is called, quite literally.

    • David

      No the article says the payment is supposedto happen in November. But payment for a boat that no longer exists and which the SSCS was just leasing and never actually owned, I would wonder if the payment is actually going to come through.

      • Jules Vern

        Well you can wonder all you want but suggesting that he wont get paid is just pure conjecture and is nothing but an opinion.

    • David

      I never said it was anything more than conjecture and my opinion. But since the Sea Shepherd is know for abondoning things they no longer need and not paying for them, I believe there is a solid basis for being of the opinion that by November the SSCS will no longer feel the need for Peter Bethune as a PR source and they may be more than willing to walk away still owing all that money.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Out of curiosity when has Sea Shepherd abandoned things they didn’t need anymore? Don’t say the Ady Gil b/c apparently they didn’t own it, so letting it sink just for the sake of not needing it anymore would be a nightmare for them. Plus it was a world record-holding boat! The thing is infamous! Now you’re going to spike off, and say it had the potential to be a great PR stunt. Well Pete loved the boat, and he has great memories with it, why would he willingly let it sink? Sea Shepherd isn’t going to just dispose of Pete. They are paying for his defense. Now, this may just be me, but if I don’t want something anymore, I don’t pay thousands of dollars to get it free, then just dump it off in a gutter!

      • Kimitake Hiraoka

        Sure they ditched the Ady Gil. Don’t you remember the photos of the diesel oil pouring out of it as Sea Shepherd left it to sink? I’m sure Pete didn’t want to see it go like that but what he thinks is irrelevant. As Paul Watson tells his crews, “when this becomes a democracy you’ll be the first to know”.

        Can’t see it happening though, because last time Watson was subject to democracy he was thrown out of Greenpeace for being a self-promoting and violent bigot.

        They’ll cut Pete loose too soon enough. Once the spotlight is off (give it a week), Watson will lose interest. After all, he’s got a TV show to make. And like the Ady Gil, Pete will be left to sink and rot all on his own…

      • David

        Well they abandoned the Sea Shepherd II and let the Canadian taxpayers take care of cleaning up the environmental damage it caused. They abandoned the Farley Mowat and refused to pay the berthing fees, of course Paul Watson said that was the plan all along, to abandon the ship so Sea Shepherd wouldn’t have to pay to have it scrapped.

      • Cho cho ma

        Wow if you guys are so concerned about that spill’s enviromental impact then you must be crying about the Gulf right now. Sea Shepherd removed most of the fuel from the ship before it sank, against the advice of the authorities who told then not to re-enter the vessel. No proof that its even oil anyway.

      • Jules Vern

        Perhaps if the japanese whale poachers had not rammed the Ady Gil then there would have been no problem…
        Pete would be home, his wife would be happy, the kids would be happy, the japanese government wouldn’t be paying out money for lawyers and his incaceration…

        The Japanese just should learn that they are not wanted int he Antarctic and stay at home where they should be …there would be less problems all round..less death, less destruction, less social problems.

      • From MN, with hope…

        kamitake, Pete had been incarcerated since he boarded the SM2 early this year. Obviously people have lost interest by now. And wow, look at that! He is still supported! He will still have plenty of support once the trial starts in a few days. And last time I checked Whale Wars was already made, and wasn’t on the Paul Watson Network, but it was on Animal Planet. As far as I have found, Sea Shepherd II was sold by Sea Shepherd, then abandoned by the next owners. The Farley Mowat was taken by the Canadians, what happened after that wasn’t Sea Shepherd’s fault. Besides, the hazardous materials were removed prior to POSSIBLE leaking. The Canadian’s claim that the FM’s hull had the potential to leak fluids, so they pulled all the hazardous materials. Yeah, like Cho said, you must be beyond devastated by the Gulf spill if you’re crying about a non-existent spill from a ship that was low on fuel, and had the oil and such removed.

  • Kimitake Hiraoka

    Can’t wait to see the bit where Sea Shepherd parks their multi-million dollar catamaran under the bow of the Shonan Maru 2 and then lets leaves the diesel fuel and other debris to pour into the Antarctic waters.

    Environmental vandalism at its television finest!

    • From MN, with hope…

      Sorry, but you are wrong. No boat was completely stationary, although the AG was drifting slowly, and the SM2 obviously turned into the AG. Drop it. It’s obvious that you are paid to say these things because you leave your message, then flee.

  • Marcus L

    “Can’t wait to see the bit where Sea Shepherd parks their multi-million dollar catamaran under the bow of the Shonan Maru 2 and then lets leaves the diesel fuel and other debris to pour into the Antarctic waters.

    Environmental vandalism at its television finest!”

    hahaha, according to the ICR that is. It will be an entertaining set of episodes showing the whalers get their quota massively cut by a few vegan hippies.

    • From MN, with hope…

      Then the ICR complains and whines about being chased by two black boats, getting the effect of a flashbulb from a laser pointer, and the smelly stuff being flung onto their decks!

    • starbird

      They did not leave any fuel. They did not park under the SM2. Watch the video and learn the truth. Film doesn’t lie like the japs do. The japs tried to bring down the helicopter, that’s attempted murder. The japs rented air planes to spy on Sea Shepherd, the japs did everything in their power to commit murder and mayhem.

    • Kimitake Hiraoka

      Hi Marcus,

      Sea Shepherd are not “vegan hippies”. Paul Watson is not a vegan and is perfectly happy to eat factory farmed meat when he’s off camera (look into it – I’m not making this up). Also, they often claim to be volunteers, but many of the Sea Shepherd thugs receive generous salaries from Sea Shepherd, including Watson himself. I believe Watson’s salary is over four times the US national median salary.

      Make not mistake, they’re not hippies. These are violent and misanthropic thugs who will ruthlessly pursue their violent agenda with no regard for human life. In the case of Paul Watson (and perhaps soon Peter Bethune), he is a convicted criminal.

      They make an entertaining TV show, I know. But these thugs are no different from the men who flew planes into civilian buildings in 2001. They are fanatical misanthropists who will risk civilian life to gain publicity for their sinister cause.

      • Cho cho ma

        You are WRONG. You have no right to EVER compare an organization to the terrible attacks of 9/11. Terrorist? You really are dumb, and very ignorant. Sea Shepherd has killed not a single person in their 30+ year history. Real terrorist are the ones who have killed thousands of innocent people, that comparison was by far, crossing the line.

      • orcalove

        “Sinister Cause”???
        Saving whales and the environment equals saving this planet and everything on it … yourself included.
        One day, you will eat your words.

      • Cora

        “Sinister Cause”???
        Saving whales and the environment equals saving this planet and everything on it … yourself included.
        One day, you will eat your words.

      • From MN, with hope…

        I looked it up, and I find nothing about Paul Watson eating meat behind everyones back. Most of the people out there on those ships are volunteers, but people like Paul and the ships engineer get paid because they have no other way to make money. And no, they indeed are not hippies. They are passionate people disgusted with the killing of whales. And they may not be vegans outside of the ship, but no meat/chicken/pork/ anything with a face is eaten on the ships. They have total regard for human life! How many people have Sea Shepherd killed since their creation in 1977? How many? Oh, yes. NONE. How many people have the whalers lost in the past few years, unfortunately 3 (1 overboard, 2 killed in engine fire). Who has the bigger boats? The whalers. How they are intimidated by some people on a smaller ship, and even in inflatables is beyond me. Yet what right do you have to compare a group that has killed NO people, and harmed NO ONE to the worst tragedy to hit America in years!?! It was the only attack on the American soil (other than WWII when the Japanese Navy surprised-attacked the ships in Pearl Harbor during Sunday Church services). You have zero, ZERO, right to say that. Thousands died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. There are children without parents because of it, and volunteers who have cancer from the lights in the Towers, as they were trying to help with clean up. 9/11 has impacted such an amount of people, and you have no idea because you are a stooge paid by the whaling industry to say these things. Whatever. I’m the one who still has his beliefs and integrity.

      • Erik

        yo TWIT… still you continue, apparently you missed the meat eating reference in the book EARTH WARRIOR…look THAT up… while stealing nets that he “determined” were illegal, he had them send up the entangled catch .
        As for their not killing anyone, that is due to their total incompetence, stupidity, and LUCK.
        As for comparing terrorist attempts to terrorist attacks, the pther writer is completely CORRECT. al quaeda targeted the twin towers, the pentagon, and probably the capitol. watson targets other vessels. Terrorism is not defined by killing, it is defined by the actions taken, remember reid? his shoe didnt blow up did it…? yet he ATTEMPTED actions that COULD have resulted in multiple deaths.. he was just as incompetent as watson, and just as effective. He pled guilty to TERRORISM. Please do tell us what LIGHTS are causing cancer… And also please do inform us as to how you determined that the other writer is being paid by the whaling industry, again, you are simply showing your STUPIDITY, IDIOCY, and lack of sense in your ramblings.

      • Erik

        here is an image of the galley onboard the Irwin. note the can of beef stock and the chicken bouillon in the shelves. Try NOT to notice the overall hygiene and probable vermin infestations taking place in that hotbed of filth…

      • From MN, with hope…

        Hey, idiot. I didn’t read Earth Warrior. They haven’t killed anybody because they don’t want to! They have never, since 1977, gone out with the intention of taking human lives. Heck, their lives are at stake as well! You have NO RIGHT to say that about 9/11! Whatever, I’ll just copy-paste this, because its easier than re-typing. ‘Yet what right do you have to compare a group that has killed NO people, and harmed NO ONE to the worst tragedy to hit America in years!?! It was the only attack on the American soil (other than WWII when the Japanese Navy surprised-attacked the ships in Pearl Harbor during Sunday Church services). You have zero, ZERO, right to say that. Thousands died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. There are children without parents because of it, and volunteers who have cancer from the lights in the Towers, as they were trying to help with clean up. 9/11 has impacted such an amount of people…’ Look up the composition of those lights you idiot. Those florescent lights have mercury in them. And guess what! Mercury is toxic, and causes cancer. I have been here for a while, and there are those who do get paid by the whalers to go onto places like this, and post negative things about Sea Shepherd. Those who have been around for as long as I have know a ICR puppet when they see it. That’s right, you could be getting paid to do what you’re doing! and all you can see on that can is BE and possibly another E. What vegetarian food starts with BEE-? Oh yes. Beets! Please direct me to the chicken product.

      • Erik

        I’d like to see your links to anything that shows mercury is a CARCINOGEN….
        sorry pookie… everyone KNOWS it has toxic effect… but just like all the rest of your claims, this one too, is pure BS…
        sorry IDIOT…

        you FAIL again…and again…and again…

      • Erik

        I forgot to give you ANOTHER link to ignore…

      • Erik

        yo again…IDIOT…
        here is a link to the MASSEL products page. Why don’t you go have a look. Not one beet product to be found… just beef stock, chicken stock, bouillons, powders… all ANIMAL products pookie.

      • Erik

        ahhh crud…
        I hate being wrong…
        I surely missed the blurb about massel being all veggie…
        too bad on me…

      • From MN, with hope…

        Now you’re fighting just for the sake of fighting. It’s a fact that many people now have health complications from the 9/11 cleanup effort, and the fluorescent lights are the best possible culprit. Mercury is a known dangerous chemical, and will cause death if you are over-exposed to as little amounts as even a CFL bulb. Now imagine the amount of mercury in a tube fluorescent light. Then imagine all the tube fluorescent lights in the Twin Towers. Yeah, that’s a lot of mercury. And cleanup would lead to overexposure, so many volunteers from the cleanup are probably dead, or sick.

      • Erik

        “fluorescent lights are the best possible culprit. Mercury is a known dangerous chemical, and will cause death if you are over-exposed to as little amounts as even a CFL bulb.”

        continue on with your IDIOCY – I suggest you start posting LINKS to back up your idiotic statements.

        So far…you are a mindless babbler…

        first it’s “LRADS disoriented them”
        then “Those florescent lights have mercury in them. And guess what! Mercury is toxic, and causes cancer.”
        then ” the sscs isnt guilty of anything, so what if it’s leaders and followers have been convicted of various offenses while activng under it’s umbrella, the sscs isn’t guilty”

        you are very nearly the STUPIDEST person I have ever come across.

        From now on, I suggest you post a link that supports any statement you make. Til then, you are a sewage pipe spewing the filth that normally flows from such.

      • Jules Vern

        “Sinister Cause”???

        Huh??? What sinister cause is this? When did saving the ocean from being raped and when did saving beings from being murdered become sinister?

      • From MN, with hope…

        Give it a while erik. I put in a few links for you to continually ignore, mock, and insult in a post. But nothing that couldn’t be found with a quick visit to Google.

      • David

        “When did saving the ocean from being raped and when did saving beings from being murdered become sinister?”

        About the same time that sustainable harvesting of a resource became ‘raping’ and hunting animals became ‘murder’.

      • crumpets are yummy

        David, you don’t have to quote everything from the ICR site you know, how about coming up with something original? We can all go to the ICR site and read their spin on things.

      • David

        Crumpets you want to point out where I posted anything from the ICR website? Or are you just another trolling sockpuppet?

      • imforthewhales

        David when you start talking about ” sustainable resources” you are clearly quoting from the ICR handbook.

        When did whales suddenly become the property of Japan anyway?

      • David

        Oh I didn’t realize crumpets was your sockpuppet imforthefails.

        So because I use a term that I can find on the CCAMLR and the IWC website it proves I got it from the ICR. OK wonderful logic there. I haven’t been to the ICR website in months, no new videos and using the ICR as a reference is accepted by you cultists. So I just find the same facts at other sources. I mean facts are facts so it is easy to find them at multiple sites, while Paul Watson’s lies tend to only be found at the SSCS website.

      • David

        Oh, and I forget before clicking Submit.

        The UN says that marine creatures in international waters belong to who ever catches them. That is when and how the whales became Japans.

      • imforthewhales

        So by that rational we should be sending our fishing fleets to Japan then, we should be catching the Japanese fish just off their coast and selling it back to them. Unfortunately no-one would want to eat them of course because of the high mercury content found in Japanese seafood.

        The thing here is of course that Japan is hunting whales in whale sanctuaries and are hunting protected species and trading in whale meat illegally.

        Therefore I do not see how the UN can give ownership f the whales to japan, in this instance, simply because they ignore the rules and conventions and treaties that are in place to protect places such as the Antacrtic.

        Whales have more meaning to the citizens of the world than just to be caught and slaughtered by lowlife Japanese whalers. Not only that, they are also the foundation of whale watching industries worldwide. Which are worth more money than simply carving up these intelligent creatures for sushi.

        If you reduce whale numbers by hunting them, then of course you also destroy the ability of others to make money without killing them. By catching whales you are destroying the future of other humans in many ways (its not just a question of economics) are destroying other peoples futures.

        So why is ownership of whales only given to those who kill them?

      • David

        How many times do you have to be told? Do you have some kind of memory problem?

        The sanctuary doesn’t apply to the Japanese. It is international waters.

        They are legally allowed to hunt endangered whales.

        And for the last time, please PROVE that Japan has illegally traded in whale meat. And proving that one individual illegally brought whale meat into the US doesn’t prove that Japan knew about was involved.

        And if you want to go fishing just outsides Japan’s legal EEZ then go ahead.

        “So why is ownership of whales only given to those who kill them?”

        I don’t know, ask the UN why they did what they did.

  • Bob

    Strange Charities

    The USA has got strange charities,
    Call themselves shepherds of the seas,
    Men with families pray they don’t get hurt,
    Uncle Sam says it’s charity work.

    Americans gather around their TVs,
    Like rustic yokels around lynching trees,
    The yuppie cause, the sacred cow,
    Makes it all OK somehow.

    The gullible, the ignorant, feed them lies,
    Then go out and terrorize,
    Pirate flag flapping in the ocean breeze,
    The USA has got strange charities.

    – Skip Allan

    The United States must be the only country in the world where you can get tax deductible charity status for your vigilante/terrorist group.

    • ian field

      worst. poem. ever.

      “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead

      • Erik

        you have missed out on reading watsons prose I see…

  • Erik

    I see the TWIT from MN is back again… still with the lies and fabrications. We still await your producing ANY peer reviewed data for your assertions of sentience, or ANY peer reviewed and published paper of ANY relevance to the great whales. So now we come here and see your experienced eye and vast knowledge of maritime rules, regulations, and Rights of Way explained by your all knowing tongue. Is idiocy a dominant genetic trait in your maternal or paternal line? or do you take chemical enhancements daily to maintain your levels? The video actually shows the ady gil powering up and moving into the path of the SM2, and it seems that with only ONE SIDE reporting (the sscs liars…) the AMSA states it cannot assign fault, wow, cant find fault and all they have to work with are the lies of one side? poor planning eh? I guess your assertions weren’t able to be verified either. The FACTS just don’t stand up to your statements. As for laser pointers… and smelly stuff, that too is already known to be pure bs, your pitiful attempt to try minimizing the truth shows you to be just another lying POS. You don’t care to even TRY using truth or fact, you have no desire to know the truth, all you want is YOUR way. just like bin Laden, or hamas.. you’re EXACTLY the same as any and all terrorist supporters. MY WAY or the HIGHWAY…

    • From MN, with hope…

      How in the world did you see any of the right of way, regulations etc etc in my post? When did someone say that I needed to show them a peer reviewed paper on whales or such? Is the ignorant gene dominant in your side? I saw both videos, and even the guy behind the wheel of the AG admitted he tried to get out of the way by going forward, trying to quickly get out of the way, but before that, both videos (although the whalers one doesn’t do it well) it shows that the SM2 was the aggressor, and made an obvious turn towards the AG. Yes, the AG did accelerate, but the AG doesn’t have a flying bridge, so 5 of the 6 couldn’t do a thing about it, and the 6th couldn’t see the SM2 approaching b/c the AG doesn’t have good side visibility, and it wasn’t designed to work in reverse. He took the boat forward to attempt to get out of the way, probably due to panic or bad judgment of distances, yet either way the SM2 was going to hit the AG. Taking from what I have heard just about everybody say (1st from anti-whalers in the AG crash, then from pro-whalers in the BB-YM3 crash) is that the AG had the right of way. Can I verify this? Sure. Am I going to? Both are at fault. The SM2 for not giving the AG the right-of-way, and the AG for not taking notice sooner and attempting to avoid the collision. But the LRADs made it tougher for them to take notice, b/c LRADs disorient people. If the AG hadn’t moved forward would all pro-whalers be making such a big stink about it? No! Then it would be about how the AG should have taken notice sooner to avoid it. Don’t freak out on me, call me names, and associate me those bastard terrorist groups who have killed thousands!!! I use logic from a biased standpoint, and look things up when needed. If you don’t like it, go and cry to your mommy, don’t whine on here. I don’t force my opinion on people, I just give what I got. If they don’t want to believe it, read it, or think me human for typing it, they they may just go ahead and think that, but I do not push my opinion. Its the facts or the highway! But this next sentence is my way or the highway. I am NOT IN ANY FUCKING WAY LIKE THOSE GODDAMN TERRORISTS SUCH AS bIN lADIN OR ANY OTHER GROUP OR INDIVIDUAL WHO SENSELESSLY KILLS PEOPLE!!!!! There, ya got to me. Good show, now get off Ecorazzi, and go tell all your friends on Facebook about the guy who freaked out on you, then go tell all your friends about it at junior high tomorrow, and do it again to see if you’ll get the same reaction! It takes a lot to get me to type/say what I have, and getting that freakout out of the way feels good. Now then, you were saying?

      • Erik

        you support them… that makes you EXACTLY like them. Your pathetic little ramblings only show the true you. Another idiot… LRADS, like Water Cannons have very limited effective reach, we can see how disorienting it was by the video taken on the ady gil where they all gather out aft to high-five and laugh… Your dimwitted heros hit the “go fast” button (the throttle for NORMAL people) and dived directly into the path of the SM2. Your idea of conclusive evidence is sorely lacking, even the AMSA coulnt find the SM2 at fault. Apparently the statements taken from the ady gil crew were shown to be ….hmmmm, in direct contradiction to the video evidence.
        If YOU don’t like it, I suggest you take your vile mouth and plug it with something.

      • From MN, with hope…

        I do not normally type/speak like that, but you hit a spot, and I got angry. What you said proves that you know little about my personality on this website. I support Sea Shepherd, and condemn all acts done by true terrorist organizations. Heck, at least Al Qaeda even say that they’re a terrorist organization. Idiot must be your favorite word, because anybody who doesn’t share your opinion gets called one. Hmmm, hypocrisy anybody? You call me an idiot because you claimed I was ‘my way or the highway,’ which I am not. Yet you act just like that. If one doesn’t agree with you than you pull out your favorite word in the English language: idiot. Contrary to your belief, I do know that LRADs have a limited range. LRADs have a range of 300 meters. A good distance. Yes, I do also know that they get louder the closer you are. Heck, that doesn’t even matter! The man at the wheel probably couldn’t hear it. Regardless, the SM2 was the aggressor. Even if they hadn’t have hit the AG, than it would have been a VERY close call. But even without the added assistance of the rough seas, and the guy pushing the throttle forward, not backward, they still would’ve hit the AG. The report directly cited that they couldn’t complete the investigation since the whalers wouldn’t cooperate. I don’t know what the 6 people said, but the fact is that the SM2 hit the AG, while the AG tried unsuccessfully to get away from the SM2.

      • Erik

        you still get it wrong… I can tell you are faithfully taking your IDIOT pills daily.
        1. YOU claimed they were disoriented by LRADS… if that is not a proximate cause, (not even usable NOW you say..) why did YOU mention it as an excuse?
        2. 3 meters were sheared off. How many meters would have been sheared if the ady gill had NOT moved forward into the path of the SM2?
        3. Watson uses the SAME tactics as those other maggot groups, the fact that he is so inefficient, ineffective, and incompetent does NOT alter the fact that he uses terrorism as his tool.
        4. You support him, that makes YOU the same as him

        do you need further clarification?

      • From MN, with hope…

        Seem you are still rambling on IDIOT. Alright, try maturing up a bit, then getting back to me. I mentioned it as an excuse because it is what happened, and is what the guys on the roof of the AG claimed. I never denied that, or that wasn’t the intended result. But like I said, it doesn’t matter, because the guy at the wheel, which is inside the boat, probably couldn’t hear it. How am I supposed to know how many meters would have been sheared off if the AG hadn’t pulled forward? I’m not a psychic. Really? Show me where Paul Watson or his crew has hijacked an aircraft, or any other motorized vehicle, to strike fear into their enemies. Or where Paul or his crew have blown something up, or where they have killed someone, or have had any firearm of sorts, where a government has had its military attack or kill a Sea Shepherd member or ship. Guess what? You can’t! No Sea Shepherd member has died, or been prosecuted for their acts (Whether its a felony or not, Paul was convicted for something very weak, and in this case, it doesn’t count), Sea Shepherd uses NO firearms, they haven’t ever boarded a moving vehicle, blown anything up (A third party used limpet mines to sink a few ships, Sea Shepherd took responsibility, but nobody was hurt, on board, and all that happened was that a ship sunk), harmed anyone, they haven’t ever taken a civilian vehicle, or any other vehicle for that matter, and used it strictly for a suicide mission, intending to cause harm to the other party. Sure, I share some of my opinions with Sea Shepherd, but what you say its FAR FAR FAR from the truth. Just because I support Sea Shepherd and the fight for the whales doesn’t mean I’m anything like Paul Watson. I am very slim, younger than he is, have darker hair than him, I have a job, I don’t fly somewhere to talk to people every few weeks, I don’t own any ships, I haven’t ever been out on the Pacific/Atlantic/Southern oceans, I don’t share all the same opinions as he does, I currently eat meat (but plan on becoming a vegetarian once I move out of MN), I think that Paul sometimes overreacts about some things, the list goes on. Obviously he and I are two different people. Try doing a comment without using the word ‘idiot’ in it. If you don’t, than it will just show how weak and immature you truly are.

      • Erik

        1. LRAD – first you say it disoriented them, then you say the “pilot” probably couldnt hear it, now you say it happened, and you accept it because they say that’s what happened. rrrrrrright… IDIOT…
        2. Since the ady gil lurched forward and only 3 meters was hit and sheared off, it’s quite EASY to say if they had NOT moved, ZERO METERS would have been hit. Only you and your stupidity cannot see this.
        3. You really do not know your hero.. that makes you a DOUBLE IDIOT. See this link (and many, many others) Where watson BOASTS of his armory and where he shot at Guatemalan fishermen.
        3. Havent boarded a moving vehicle ?? tell me, you really CANNOT be THIS STUPID. Do the names POTTSY, GILES, and BETHUNE ring a bell ?What a frikking IDIOT.
        4. Tell me about watsons convictions (multiple) the convictions of hammarstedt and Cornelissen in Canada… we await your IDIOCY
        5. One does not have to performa suicide mission to be called a terrorist, yet those that do attempt the act ARE. Al Queda ramed buildings with aircraft, watson rams ships with ships. It is STILL the threat and the use of force to have others act according to his dictates. TERRORISM… and no matter how much you deny it, your support of him and his actions makes you just as guilty as watson.

        I don’t use the word idiot lightly, you just make it easy to classify you as one.

      • From MN, with hope…

        PHhh… HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Oh boy, you REALLY got me going with the ‘I don’t use the word idiot lightly, you just make it easy to classify you as one.’ Well guess what kool aid, you have used idiot in EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR POSTS. You use it very very heavily. Look, the LRAD worked on the 5 crew who were on top of the AG. I didn’t think of the ‘pilot’ as you called him at first. Think about it like this. When your mommy puts you in your car seat and closes the car door, you can no longer hear the neighbor kids laughing at you. And don’t say that it couldn’t happen because ‘their idiotic moves made the boat thinner.’ When its that cold out, the boat needs to be well insulated. Insulation adds bulk to the skin, and the bulk also helps insulate the boat from sounds. All the ‘pilot’ had to go by was seeing the SM2 in his window too late, or he someone drew to conclusion that something was up because he could hear the rest of the crew scrambling to get off the roof. I’m stupid because I don’t know, or can’t predict how much length would have been cut off the AG bow if they hadn’t moved. Wow. You’re stupider than I thought. Fine than, you want a prediction idiot, than you’ll get one. Take the variable of the AG not moving forward, and it seems that the SM2 would have still hit the AG, and taken off, I predict about 1-1.5 meters, still a lethal hit. If it wouldn’t have sheered it off, than it certainly would have broke off a big chunk and maybe leave a part of the bow hanging by a ‘thread’. But the hanging by ‘thread’ is really stretching it. The AG isn’t that flexible, so it would have just been broken off. You don’t know who my hero is, if it is Paul or not. I did take a look at that, and it is extremely biased. Regardless, how am I an idiot for not knowing every single tiny fact about him? Besides, that’s not the point. My point as that Sea Shepherd has NO firearms. Plus no where in there does it say anything about firearms/guns/shooting a fisherman. Once again you fail at your dead-end rants. I am willing to say that I did forget about the boarding 2 years or so back. But then again I wasn’t paying that much attention then, which is why I forgot about it. And now you’ll come around with ‘NO NO NO!!! YOU FORGOT ABOUT IT BECAUSE YOU ARE A STUPID IDIOT! IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT!!!’ Well hey, we all forget stuff. Here’s a link to some forum with a list of arrests, but no convictions, and no sentence over 120 days, or extradition ( ). But Sea Shepherd haven’t been convicted of anything. Once more another loser makes the non-connection between 9/11 and Sea Shepherd. Get out of America. If you really downplay the biggest national tragedy to hit America in so long than you don’t deserve what this place has to offer. GET OUT. And per your ‘logic’ that means that I should go to jail for ramming Sierra and the other many ships, and I should go to jail for interfering with the seal hunt, for claiming responsibility for sinking several boats, and so on and so forth. I support SEA SHEPHERD for their actions in saving the whales. Paul is a different entity, and if you come back ranting about Paul, than I will lead you to a place where you may learn to read.

      • Erik

        ahhh.. I see, you seem to think “sea shepherd” is completely different and disassociated from the members that make it up. Typical idiocy, sorry pookie, several members performing acts under the auspices f the sscs HAVE been CONVICTED of crimes. Too f’ing stupid to be called human I’d think, but that’s what you present to the world with your writings. You are entitled to your “guess” about how much you THINK would have been sheared off, *I* think there would have been no collision at all, It still doesnt nullify the fact that the AMSA is UNABLE to assign blame to the SM2. Apparently you didn’t go read any of those links, Also look up a former crewmember, Nyles Bauer, he has a bit to say about watson and weapons onboard the sscs vessels.and finally, your inability to recognize terrorism of one type as opposed to another application of terrorism is your problem, I suggest YOU leave this country, I support neither kind, you accept the terrorists you like. Much like Hamas prefers it’s brand over the Italian red brigades…
        The ONLY failure here is your whinely attempts to justify a CRIMINAL.

      • From MN, with hope…

        You aren’t understand what I am saying. What I’m saying is that Sea Shepherd Conservation Society hasn’t been convicted of any laws. The members, sure. That’s the risk they are willing to take by joining, but the actual SSCS has had no charges placed against it. And I sure as heck ain’t going to leave. Pardon if I got a tad angry, but I get VERY offended when IDIOTS like you think Sea Shepherd are as bad as the terrorists who committed 9/11.

      • Erik

        “You aren’t understand what I am saying. What I’m saying is that Sea Shepherd Conservation Society hasn’t been convicted of any laws. The members, sure”

        I understood you perfectly, in fact, if you had bothered to read and COMPREHEND above, I stated that . It is you that is totally delusional, you have no clue as to what honesty, truth, veracity, nor any other redeeming factor is, and continue to ignore reality and simply cloud yourself in a fog of ignorance and stupidity. I was wrong, an idiot is well above that position that you reside in. You are the very type of vermin that could justify retroactive abortion.

      • From MN, with hope…

        It wasn’t an issue of comprehension, it was an issue of just jabber being written on your end. There’s no structure to what you write! Just rantings. Basically it goes:


        Or at least that’s what I take away from this! Trust me, I can see everything. I see that you are a very immature individual who just wishes to demean other people. You couldn’t care less about the whaling debate. I could lay out all the true, undisputed facts, and you would combat them just because you apparently hate the world for some reason.

        And since my post in the below conversation hasn’t shown up yet, allow me to copy-paste something from the official AMSA report:

        Due to the limited scope for AMSA to investigate the incident, the lack of access to the
        crew and the absence of a detailed response from the Shonan Maru No.2, AMSA was
        unable to collect sufficient evidence to fully examine the circumstances pertaining to
        compliance with regulations or to conclude the facts of the matter. The following
        remarks may be relevant for any follow up investigations.

        This means that I was correct in saying that AMSA couldn’t find the whalers at fault because the whalers wouldn’t comply with the investigation.

      • Jules Vern

        It seems like Poor little Eric has a rather big chip on his shoulder. He probably comes from the seal fishery site or something weird like that. Some Canadians…read those with vested interests…read sealers…hate Paul Watson with a passion. They will argue a point ad infinitum and if they are losing the argument their first port of call is their mates on the old sealing forums. They have a vendetta against Paul Watson and anyone associated with him because Paul Watson helped to destroy their baby bashing program and ground it into the ice…then spat on it.
        The best way to spot one of these types is to see how often they use the word ” idiot” or ‘ terrorist” when tackling another person who has a higher sense of morals…they know that they cannot match the other persons superior status. So they attempt to simply cause havoc and start throwing around the old idiot line or the good old “terrorist” line hoping against hope that the more they say it then some mud will stick. Thats their tactic and it is well rehearsed.

        Of course all of this childish silliness just makes their lowly position in life very very clear.

        Quite funny really.

      • Erik

        “Of course all of this childish silliness just makes their lowly position in life very very clear.”

        It really is, especially when we see idiots such as yourself come in to a forum and merely spout drivel, offering NO verifiable documentation to any assertions you make. You also like to dismiss any data that does not originate with your idiot leader?
        Too bad pookie, you go play with yourself, in the meantime, leave intelligent conversation to those that have the ability.
        1. The seal hunt continues
        2. Whaling has increased

        yes…watson has been VERY effective…

      • From MN, with hope…

        Hey, I told that links were coming. But maybe they aren’t. Word has it that Ecorazzi has issues with links in their comments. Its easy to find them is Google anyways! Did I find what the AMSA report said from Paul? NO! I Googled Australian Maritime Safety Authority, I went to their website, I looked up ADY GIL and it gave me the report. You are so closed minded that you don’t understand anything that isn’t YEAH LETS GO KILL SOME BABY SEALS WITH BATS!!! Referring to the ‘You also like to dismiss any data that does not originate with your idiot leader?’ that couldn’t be more wrong. Did I learn to drive with from him? Did I learn to breath from him? Did he teach me math? Is he my Lord Almighty? The answer to all of these is a big fat NO. My dad taught me to drive, I have always know how to breath, my many math teacher have taught me math, and I believe in only one higher power. I have avoided Watson evidence as much as I could, but if I led you wrong because it correlates with what he’d said, than maybe, just maybe, its possible that Paul was correct. I have often been dubious about what he says, but like I keep telling you, I support Sea Shepherd, not Paul Watson. The two are different. Watson isn’t Sea Shepherd, and Sea Shepherd isn’t Paul Watson. Yet you constantly insist on whining about Paul Watson even when I don’t even mention him! Well guess what? He is a better person than you. He is willing to take a chance, stand out, and change the world, while you keep complaining about how horrible, and what kind of a liar he is. I guess you have never told a lie either? When you have a spotlight all the time than they’re bound to catch you with a few lies or misconceptions in the process. Whaling goes on until Sea Shepherd shows up, and Sea Shepherd goes against the biggest one. If Sea Shepherd went against the Norwegians or Icelandic whalers, than you would whine about how they don’t oppose whaling in the Southern Ocean. It’s a lose-lose for them in your eyes, whenever they go to one place, you say they need to go somewhere else (referring to all pro-whalers, and anti-Watsons). The whalers quota was cut by over 500, and the whalers directly-cited Sea Shepherd as the cause. The whole ‘SSCS does more damage than help b/c the whalers said that they’re going out again just b/c of Sea Shepherd’ argument is bunk to me. What kind of person does that? Oh yes, children. Plus you can’t tell me that they wouldn’t go to the Southern Ocean, even if Sea Shepherd said that they weren’t going to the SO. As for sealing, Paul hasn’t touched sealing in a while, but know that sealing has been reduced, as far as activity, and is in a decline. Paul isn’t even there!

    • From MN, with hope…

      … and the AG case was called inconclusive because the whalers wouldn’t comply with the investigation, so they just have Sea Shepherd’s side. If the whalers were smart, than they would’ve complied, and had another chance to make Sea Shepherd look bad, with possible implications possibly making it harder for them to impede with future whaling activities.

      • Erik

        and since they only have the one side, why didn’t they find FOR the sscs version? sorry pookie, your logic is failing you. watson and his crowd are known for one primary thing and just a very few secondary things.

        1. watson lies

        2. watsons parrots echo his lies
        3. watson lemmings invent NEW lies

      • From MN, with hope…

        They didn’t find FOR the SSCS because the guys doing the investigation were being fair enough to give the whalers a voice in it. Would it be fair if a court only took the word of the killer, and not that of the police? Its an obvious answer to anybody except an IDIOT. Watson and his crew, plus followers, are known for being against whaling. I use logic, and the tools at my disposal for research.

      • Erik

        sorry idiot… you still fail, by your logic any investigation that has a set of facts from only one side cannot determine fault ?

        grow up

      • From MN, with hope…

        Really? You truly believe that? Well duh moron, they can’t convict the whalers without their side of the story!

      • Erik

        sorry dimwit…
        If ANYONE in an investigation or trial presents NO DEFENSE, the convening authority convicts on the evidence presented… The AMSA CANNOT DETERMINE FAULT on the evidence presented… too bad, so sad…
        You’re still an IDIOT though.

      • Jules Vern

        What does that make you Eric, a puffed up poster boy for the pro whalers? Sorry have no chance of success. Because you are dealing with people of higher capabilities, who exude high amounts of passion and passion, as we all know, always wins in the end.

    • imforthewhales

      Erik,,sure sealing continues…at a much lesser rate of pay for those involved especially after the WU said that the seal hunt stinks

      Whaling increasing…(???) not when Sea Sheperd turns up.

      The sealing industry and the whaling industry have two things in common…they are going broke fast.

      • David

        Yup, that is why Iceland and Norway are increasing their quotas and exporting whale meat to Japan, because it is a dying industry.

      • Imforthewhales

        Are the Japanese doing research on Norwegian whales and Icelandic whales now?

        I cant wait to read the reports.

    • Erik

      your brainless drivel continues…
      The last time paulie sent in anything against sealing he had 2 arrested, and one ship confiscated. that was effective wasn’t it? and those two WERE CONVICTED.

      Sorry pookie, you say you support sea shepherd…
      guess who runs sscs?
      guess who sets and implemnets policy in the sscs?
      guess who orders sscs actions?

      your kindergarten style crying that you support sscs but not watson is the tone one expects from an eight year old when caught with their hands in the cookie jar. “I was just counting them, or I was seeing if my little brother had taken any”

      watson *IS* sscs, no matter how you try to divide it.

      I don’t care which whaling nation he goes against, none of them are harvesting an endangered species. Why don’t you query fatso on why he didn’t save money, time, fuel and wear traveling to the north Aus coast to interdict illegal SBFT there? could it be that;
      1. no one would pay to see him attacking Australians
      2. There’s no money in Saving the big cuddly southern bluefin tuna
      3. He wanted a contributor paid vacation in the Med

      you, your positions, and your arguments simply show you to be an ill informed, predictable, tool for watsons use.

      go back to your circle jerk… IDIOT

      why dont you go support a different terrorist, one that stands up to world opinion and laws, one that is EFFECTIVE in his methods and outcomes… I’m sure bin Laden would be glad to have an idiot like you.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Wow, I must have hit a soft spot. I haven’t seen you fly off the handle with complete nonsense like that in a while. Mostly it was just your normal ‘IDIOTSTUPIDDUMBPAULTERRORIST’ blabber that is just wasting your and my time. Your accusations, and attempts at getting me angry, or making me leave, have failed, as usual.

        Yes, I do know that when the Farley Mowat was seized that there were convictions. The sealing thing is already winding down, and was at the time, plus the Canadian go nuts anytime they see the black ships, so its better if Sea Shepherd just stays away. Though it doesn’t matter since the sealing industry is faltering.

        Duh loser, I know Paul runs the joint, but there are others involved in decision making. There were 2 other ships out there that weren’t under Paul’s direct command. Your kindergarten accusation only is there because I said that the whalers excuse was childish. There was nothing childish about my Sea Shepherd not equal to Watson shpeal. Sure, Paul has a big voice in the matter, but guess what, there are others in the matter. There is a board of directors and advisors. All them + the volunteers + the few paid employess of Sea Shepherd + Paul Watson + the ships + the supporters = Sea Shepherd.

        I never said that they were killing endangered species. I have never, except for maybe once a long while back, said that the whales they were killing were endangered, because I have been dubious about that as well. Some sites say they are, others don’t say anything. As for why they went to the Mediterranean, I’m not sure. Although you will be pleased to know that I have sent a query their way. Perhaps its the most unstable, or maybe there are more illegal boats in the Med. Although chances are it isn’t true that they aren’t intervening in Australia for the reason of the whaling support, I think it is possible. New Zealand isn’t going to help much obviously, so the SSCS needs a good, supportive place to camp. But there is NO way in all of humanity that I can believe that they are just there to vacation. They may not be out there right now, but it is their first bluefin endeavor, so maybe they’re just making sure that they’re ready. I have reason to believe that the SI decks are being repainted for heat reasons.

        Of course you know all about kindergarten excuses, since you act so much like one yourself. You attempt to appear like… well you look like a ranting, immature loser who has nothing to do but sit at his computer and yell ‘idiot’ at everybody because he lost his job in the sealing industry, and would rather simmer in his hate than go out and look for a real job. Sorry if that was harsh, but it’s ridiculous how immature you’re acting!

        Thanks for the ‘jerk.’ It makes me know that I’m working. You want to call Sea Shepherd terrorists? fine than. I support the Sea Shepherd terrorists, who haven’t killed, or had the intention to kill, since their founding, who haven’t had any government alerts, and who don’t use firearms. Yeah, some terrorists. I am sure bin laden would like to have someone who is passionate about a proper cause, although his isn’t. At least in my views. You erik are dealing with someone who wont give up, someone who wont give in, someone who is, as Jules Vern said, ‘you are dealing with people of higher capabilities, who exude high amounts of passion and passion, as we all know, always wins in the end.’

        And now to finish this off, I am going to take the low road, and see how it feels to resort to your games.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Erik and their ilk love nothing better than to throw insults around when they have nothing to add to a conversation.

        because they have so little to say, other than ICR spin and lies, I do sometimes wonder whether they have a nice little program for them set up by Glen Inwood and co…or some other wannabes in the ICR …punch in a comment ( eg “whale sancturies to be ignored”) and hey presto..all the ICR spiel comes up for them on screen ready to cut and paste.

      • Erik

        again… all opinion?
        no verifiable facts and links to back up your assertions?

        Care to also give us your source of information that this site is having problems with embedded links?

        you still maintain that sscs and it’s component members are two different entities, and that as long as you never see “sscs” on trial, they’re innocent and squeaky clean?
        when your rose colored glasses get bashed off, be prepared for a blinding realization. you’re an idiot.

        count 1 : GUILTY
        count 2 : GUILTY
        count 3 : GUILTY
        count 4 : GUILTY
        count 5 : waiting for the judges to finish viewing all the video SHOWING buffoon throwing acid filled containers and laughing about it. (psssstttt.. guilty…nut that’s just MY opinion not YET confirmed by reality)

        I lost my job in the sealing industry ???
        whoaaaa news to me, how did you find out my occupation, I mean my PREVIOUS occupation?
        You delusions are taking control, idiot may be the NICEST thing one can call you. Psychotic is likely closer to reality.
        be careful how hard you pull it… perhaps you should allow others to stroke it for you.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Knock off the p.s. bs. It makes you look retarded when half of your post is a p.s. Oh, and the hippie connection has been made! Just because I care for something doesn’t mean that I’m some hippie. Just another obvious thing to point out how far you are willing to go just so you wont have to admit that you are wrong. The thing with the links? Oh yes, it’s because my three posts with links in them haven’t shown up, and I promise on all your ‘idiots’ form all the posts aimed at me, that I posted them. But like I said, its easy to find them on Google. Even though my logic-based opinion does influence my posts, there are facts and possible facts within. Try reading it. Your post, however, is nothing but bs and accusations. No facts whatsoever. What the heck are the counts? If they’re about Pete Bethune’s trial, than you are wrong. It’s not like the US courts where you can plead guilty or not. The sealing thing, well I was just drawing inferences. The real point was that you’re acting like some immature child! How many times are you going to keep whining about your delusion of Paul=Sea Shepherd? You want proof at the board of directors/advisers? It’s under WHO WE ARE on the Sea Shepherd homepage. Try exerting some effort and looking for yourself. I do it for people who have actual claims. And physcotic? What are you smoking? I’m not ranting like some crazy psycho. Once more you fail at name-calling, and name-calling makes you look like a 3-year-old. Uhm… ‘stroke it’? Is that a sex remark? If so than you also fail at that as well.

      • Erik

        yo… IDIOT
        In case you hadn’t noticed, the postscript was used because it contained information that was not referenced in the main response. Typical of you to attempt to deflect things. You say that your links (?? ) contain facts and possible facts ? I can point to a dictionary and say the same thing. You say yu were drawing inferences about sealing?
        Again, you try and justify your IDIOCY and STUPIDITY.

        You really are psychotic, you just cannot imagine your “hero” and his organization as being nothing more than incompetent terrorists, and feeble criminals.

      • From MN, with hope…

        I don’t p.s. all of my stuff just because it’s not relevant to the subject. You want links? Fine than, here’s your link:

        You will be amazed at the stuff on there. You just type stuff into the little box, hit enter, then it gives you website where you can learn thing! How exciting! Maybe it’s the number of links per post, I don’t know, all I know is that I have posted link in several posts, and they have yet to show up.

        Me, deflect things! I don’t deflect things at all! I go through the post, and pick out each thing, and don’t deflect it. You obviously are lying through your teeth, just to try and make me look bad when you have your pals over, just so you can have them go on Ecorazzi, and read your posts. Heck, you ignore pretty much all of what I say! Do the words hurt your head? Oh don’t worry, just go to control panel (on your computer), and look up text to speech. The computer will read whats typed in the box, but you can’t throw more than a paragraph or so into the box. Looks, it’s just so obvious that I go through each thing just by judging how long my posts are, and how much information I gather. But obviously it is in vain because you completely ignore it, and go about with your whining like a 3 year-old, and mostly just insulting me.

        Do I whine about you trying to cover something up by your constant bickering and name-calling? Nope. I just throw it off. Obviously it ain’t working like it did the first time. If you look up ‘drawing inferences’ I’ll post the link in a follow-up post, because I don’t want all that is above to be lost, as was my response to the mercury=bad thing above. I knew that my inference was wrong, I was just saying how you were acting. Heck, an easy way to say drawing inferences is ‘taking a guess at something that may be wrong but is based on surrounding clues.’

        Paul Watson is my hero, but not for his lies, and all the fat jokes you and the other pro-whaling cronies make up. I like him because he does what is right (to him) and he takes the risks to try and save the ecosystem. Plus, he just plain ol’ doesn’t give a hoot if you insult him, and rifle off the insults.

        Sure, they’re terrorists, but like you said, they’re incompetent terrorists. Not too successful at doing what terrorists do. They’re better at saving ocean wildlife.

      • From MN, with hope…
      • Erik

        yo… IDIOT…
        you continue with your extreme stupidity, don’t you?

        one link you use to support your “facts” the google home page?
        pardon me while I nearly choke on laughter. Yes, anyone can use it to find nearly anything, anyone but you it seems, I still await anything supporting your position. Your other link, to a private page that tries to confer how to draw inferences? This is better than disneyworld, you provide so much entertainment it hurts.

        you need to slow down how on your logic collection, apparently you gather it so fast it’s burned beyond recognition before you get the chance to use it.

        and you STILL have yet to reference your sources on this site having problems with embedded links.

        too Fing funny for words, the unfortunate part is that REAL people live around you and are impacted by your idiocy.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Why do I even bother? You obviously don’t give a **** for anything or anybody, and obviously your IQ is equal to my shoe size, and I by no means have big feet. All you’ve been crying about has been links! Then when I try to get you to understand anything that doesn’t need link, you ignore it and just cry about the links! You probably aren’t going to read this unless there’s a link in here. Is it so hard to try and do some diving for facts yourself? I do it! I do it because I know I’ll get what I already have. Are you afraid of finding out how nice of a person Paul is? Or about the successes of Sea Shepherd? Just shut up about them! You want links? You’ll get your **** links. What do you want a link to?

        Other people have had those issues with links, including your scum type. How am I supposed to attempt to prove to you that the links don’t work when you deny everything I say! IF I say the sky is blue than chances are you’re going to combat it! Just to prove to you that you’re fighting just because you hate me, I’ll say this:

        Police officers drive Ford Crown Victoria’s.

        Tell me what links you want you scum.

      • Erik

        poor IDIOTIC baby…
        you whine and cry about being asked to provide links for your assertions and allegations.
        you refuse
        Obviously, the the first thought is that you are LYING about all you say.
        ” Is it so hard to try and do some diving for facts yourself? I do it! I do it because I know I’ll get what I already have.”

        Then why don’t you provide the SOURCES for what you already KNOW???

        You are back on bottom again for being a complete idiot.
        Why don’t you pick something… Let us start with illegal whaling
        I gave you that task in several other threads, you simply stopped responding. again show your links that the ICR whaling is illegal.
        Show the LAW(s)
        Show the AHJ
        Show the PENALTIES

        Those are the simple things a LAW needs to have to be a LAW.
        again, I won’t be holding my breath.

      • Erik

        “Police officers drive Ford Crown Victoria’s.”

        This surely will surprise many officers that ride “TWO WHEEL CROWN VICS” eh? Most of them were thinking they were riding Harleys, or Honda’s. Tell us all about those other departments that use GM vehices, or Mercedes Benz and BMW.

        The more you type, the stupider you get. Do you have any MORE statements to make?

      • From MN, with hope…

        I haven’t stopped responding to you or anybody. In fact I haven’t been too keen on posting here since this whatever it is! I don’t throw up sources for what I already know because it is way too much, and through the years I have lost the links. How about you try doing the same? How about you show me where I stopped responding. Half of your posts are just insults! Try growing up, and act at least your show size. Here are the precious links you have been crying about:

        In summary, the IWC ruling prohibits whaling except for scientific whaling, and other forms. Most people don’t believe the ‘research’ whaling is real, and Australia wont believe anything about the ‘research.’ The IWC is voluntary, so any country may come or go as they please, and no consequences may be laid out by the IWC themselves.

        Ha! I knew it! You just LOVE humping this argument! You’re just fighting for the sake of fighting! Duh, I know the police have other vehicles, and in fact if you look at the sentence right I never said they JUST drive CVs. They have motorcycles, Impala’s, the Caprice PPV coming soon enough, some have Corvette’s, Mustangs, Charger’s, etc. Just to prove that you just skim instead of reading the actual content of this, here is an absolute non-fact, that you shouldn’t respond to in any way because I know for sure that it isn’t true:

        Concorde is the slowest airplane ever flown.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Once more, give it a second, my comment is awaiting moderation. If it doesn’t show up by tomorrow evening I’ll get the links posted in non-link form, so you may have to exert some force to copy+paste them. Pardon the absence. I was in a place where I had no internet connection, then I was taking care of more important things because I don’t waste my time doing this when I have other things to do!

      • Erik

        Now that you have linked to articles, you KNOW the whaling Japan does is legal. It matters not that you or anyone else “believe” the research, the IWC does, and it accepts the data and the resulting published papers. They are the approving authority.
        So now, you KNOW it is legal, and you support illegal activity to interfere, damage and destroy property by vigilante groups?
        Defend your position.

        Since the IWC is the UN recognized SOLE AUTHORITY HAVING JURISDICTION over whaling… and Japan harvests within the IWC rules and regulations. See article VIII of the IWC Protocol.

        that makes your “heros” scumbag terrorists…
        and here is one interpretation of why I consider YOU to be exactly the same as them.
        ” an accessory is distinguished from an accomplice, who normally is present at the crime and participates in some way. An accessory must generally have knowledge that a crime is being, or will be committed. A person with such knowledge may become an accessory by helping or encouraging the criminal in some way” donating to them with the knowledge of their intended actions is SUPPORT

        got anything more now ?

      • From MN, with hope…

        Oh god, not another ITS LEGAL shpeal. I have seen and been in so many of these its not funny. Look, it is VERY hard for the whole of Australia, New Zealand and others to believe that it is research. Why they even think the illusion works is stupid, because they don’t even need to be a member of the IWC. They only have had a few ‘peer reviewed’ papers, and they say sometimes that they don’t have enough of a ‘sample’ to conduct the research. Never have I seen a scientist on board the NM. Just workers who cut apart, and immediately package the whale meat. Plus in accordance to the two articles, one from the IWC, the other from the Times Online, Japan has previously illegally killed whale calves. Plus Japan wants the recommencement of commercial whaling, or the ability to whale in the north pacific, and reduce their ‘research’ quota. Now, using common sense that any human other than you posses’ but I don’t think that if it’s legit research that they would cut down on their research when already they don’t get big enough samples. Japan is just playing the system. Somehow they manage to do it without the IWC board catching them. But with the benefit of the doubt, and no bias in the IWC board, they believe Japan. Yet it has also been proven that they do not need to kill whales to perform any sort of research. Lethal research has been outdated, as is the whaling fleet.

        The UN Charter for Nature allows for independent groups to intervene in government-like actions to protect the environment. Including saving the whales. This allows Sea Shepherd to legally do what they do. The UN Charter for Nature is a basis they operate on. Section 21-24, bottom of the page.

        Sure I’m like them. I live in Minnesota, far from any ocean where they operate, I have no idea what is going on with the idea of an Ady Gil II, no idea what the SI or BB are doing, I have no knowingly connections to Paul Watson or any Sea Shepherd member or former member, I have been on a sea-faring vessel only once, and it stayed in the Gulf/Caribbean area. Yeah, I’m EXACTLY like them. I proudly donate, and support Sea Shepherd. Regardless, I haven’t not gotten something back. They have provided me items in return, so it was more like a business transaction than a donation. Even if there was a large markup to make it look like a donation, Apple needs to pay about $250 to make an iphone, but the phone itself (no contract, no upgrades) sells for $600. A markup that is more than double the cost it is to make it, so obviously, markups are business, so that explains the larger than average price for the merchandise I got.

        And thank you very much for fully reading my post, and sounding a bit more mature in that post.

      • Erik


        Why do Animal Planets own EXPERTS say you’re FOS ?

        and since you DO support and encourage these maggots, you too, are just ANOTHER MAGGOT…

      • From MN, with hope…

        Why the sudden wrath? I didn’t say anything to you about how immature you truly are, in fact I complimented you! Why combat a compliment with just a attack!?!

        Read Dr. Stephens 2nd thing down. Like he says, word by word:

        “Now, Sea Shepherd is absolutely right in terms of emphasizing the importance of the World Charter for Nature, but it only gets them so far. It tells us that we should protect nature. It doesn’t tell us how we protect nature, and it certainly doesn’t tell us that we can do certain vigilante type actions on the high seas, or in any other waters, for that matter, to protect nature. So it’s quite a nonspecific document that doesn’t really get Sea Shepherd where it wants to be. ”

        It speaks in general terms, so Sea Shepherd are able to manipulate it to a possible extent. Maybe there is a limit, or maybe not. They haven’t had any formal charges pressed against them, and they haven’t had to use the Charter as an excuse too recently, so nobody has challenged them on their rhyme and reason. And if you play by the ‘It’s only illegal if you don’t get caught’ mantra, which I don’t by the way, than Sea Shepherd was under close documentation by the Animal Planet crew, so obviously they would get caught if they were doing something. Either that or somebody in power is too lazy to call them out on it, or they haven’t done anything.

      • Erik

        again you fail, you want to cite it as the LAW.
        you simply fall back on your imagined idiocy of:
        1. noone believes it is research
        2.they only have a few peer reviewed papers
        3. never have I seen a scientist onboard

        and the biggy

        4. “The UN Charter for Nature allows for independent groups to intervene in government-like actions to protect the environment. Including saving the whales. This allows Sea Shepherd to legally do what they do. The UN Charter for Nature is a basis they operate on. Section 21-24, bottom of the page”

        again, what LAW ?
        you manage to avoid that in every case. There is NO LAW there idiot

        Even the section you quoted says it in black and white : ” and it certainly doesn’t tell us that we can do certain vigilante type actions on the high seas, or in any other waters, for that matter, to protect nature.”

        So you still think they can do as they wish ?

        DR. DAVID CARON: “The charter talks about duties on states. It does not say anything about who may enforce them. […] That is the classic taking the law into your own hands. And there is no basis — no basis at all — in the World Charter for Nature for their doing so.”

        DR. TIMOTHY STEPHENS: ” It doesn’t tell us how we protect nature, and it certainly doesn’t tell us that we can do certain vigilante type actions on the high seas, or in any other waters, for that matter, to protect nature.”

        Their Qualifications to speak on this:

        Why the wrath ?
        remember typing this ? “Oh god, not another ITS LEGAL shpeal. I have seen and been in so many of these its not funny. Look, it is VERY hard for the whole of Australia, New Zealand and others to believe that it is research.”

        Again, since you IGNORED IT every other time it’s been posted. YOUR OPINION, Aus opinion, NZopinion, my opinin, DO NOT COUNT.Why don’t you tell us just who the whaling research data has to satisfy? it’s in these postings if your brain cannot handle the data overload. They are the ONLY ONES that have to be satisfied.

        I think your presence in Mn lowers that states mean IQ by 60 points.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Yeah, I went in to read the qualifications of them, which is why I didn’t mention that. The UN Charter for Nature regulates. It isn’t a law, but it is a regulation. And like it or not but your whole life is filled with opinions. Opinions are life. In my opinion Windows Vista is a good OS. In my opinion PCs are better than Macs. In my opinion the Republicans are a bunch of stuck-up folks who aren’t trying to compromise, yet the Dems haven’t done the best at it either. In my opinion I am against illegal aliens who are mooching off the prosperity of the US, but I don’t blame them for coming here illegally because most US residents can’t even do the citizenship test. In my opinion whaling is wrong, and Sea Shepherd are doing right. There is absolutely no way that YOU or ANYBODY will EVER shake my faith in Sea Shepherd. And as you hypocritically said above, ‘*I* think there would have been no collision..’ Yes, that is your opinion, but I guess since you don’t have a link or any proof than you are and idiot, stupid, non-human, a dumb***, and one who is lowering the IQ of whichever state you live in. And as to paraphrase a quote Paul Watson from Whale Wars season 3: I don’t care what you think of me. Call me whatever you want, but I am doing what I believe is right, and many people think that it is wrong to hunt and kill whales, and that Sea Shepherd does right by trying to stop it. And considering that Minnesota has one of the highest IQs in the nation, so I have to say, we must be the smartest state in the world. Try to stop looking in the mirror while ripping insult off. Obviously you know nothing about logical reasoning and how filled your life is with opinions.

  • jon anderson

    lol, the SS are doing nothing for the whales- they’re only solidifying the nations that they harass to more openly cling to whaling. Look at norway that kicked the SS out- they’re bumping up their quota. Japan is threatening to leave the ICR- the only real committee putting a damper on their quota. The SS are completely ineffectual for a ridiculous cause. Watson is a mastermind at manipulating environmentalists and he’s rolling in your donations.

    • Cora

      That’s funny.. even the ICR said Sea Shepherd was the cause of them not reaching their quota.
      Australia will take Japan to court. Stop defending the government of Japan.

      • Erik

        cora, why don’t you educate us all on just what Australia will bring them to court on? Violating Australian EEZ off Antarctica? Whalig in a SANCTUARY?
        Please excuse us while we LOAO. Do a little reading to understand the humour.
        Meanwhile, research up on what NZ may be doing to Bethune when he finally returns home from Japan, MNZ will probably have to throw the book at him for violating nearly every maritime safety rule and regulation there is. You do see, the problem with the LAW is that it is a double edged sword, it cuts BOTH ways, and he just happens to be on the receiving end of it now. Even the police do not get to break the law to enforce it, and watsons little pirate group are most definitely NOT police or law enforcement.

      • Kimitake Hiraoka

        Hey Erik,

        Can you please post a link for info regarding what MNZ is to do with Bethune when he’s released? I’d like to know.


      • Erik

        See this link for NZ laws concerning maritime operations of any vessel in or entering NZ Territorial waters, or any person commanding a NZ flagged vessel anywhere (in NZ waters or not) or any person in command that is a NZ citizen, or any event that involves a NZ citizen. NZ has adopted the Rome Convention and Bethune falls squarely in its coverage.

      • Jules Vern

        Australia should just stop exporting iron ore and coal and gas to Japan. Two weeks should just about do it.

      • David

        Yeah two weeks to destroy Australia’s economy while Japan just buys it at a slightly higher price from China or Canada or the US or any of a number of countries.

        Australia doesn’t have a monopoly on any resources, they just happen to sell their country for the cheapest prices.

      • From MN, with hope…

        The US wont sell Japan iron ore or petroleum, the US needs it for itself.

      • Jules Vern

        David your clear lack of economic sense is astounding in its detail.

      • David

        Well apparently in 2008 the US exported about 1,831,000 barrels per day of petroleum (including 58,000 per day to Japan).

        The also do export some iron ore, about 9 million metric tons a year (including about 7,000 metric tons to Japan in 2007).

        And did your post have a point anyway? I didn’t say the US would make up for any lose, I listed them as one possible source for some of the shortfall. You also need to understand how the global economy works. If they don’t sell to Japan then either they destroy their own economy due to lose of jobs and exports while Japan offers a higher price on the world market, the prices rise but Japan still gets the resources they want just for a higher price. Or Australia can sell those resources to other countries meaning the resources those countries had been buying will now be available for Japan to buy. Either way Japan takes a minor or no economic hit while Australia takes a minor or a major economic hit. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

        Julie you really need to deal with more than your allowance to understand world economies.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Look, I was just mentioning that it was unlikely that the US would export its oil and iron to another country when we need our oil (unfortunately) more than others. the US is the biggest oil consumer in the world, or at least as far as my numbers read. I know how the global economy works, and don’t think that you’re better than all of us just because you have the illusion of knowing more than us. I was unaware, and frankly quite surprised, that the US exports oil when we import most of the oil in the world! The US economy wouldn’t hurt just because of that. In case you haven’t noticed, the slump we’re in hasn’t been friendly, the whole world has been affected by it. The Japanese economy is one of the best (Which is why they can afford to send whaler ships out that continually come back not even breaking even) so duh it wouldn’t hurt them. Just international relations would be hurt. Australia would find a buyer. Those are very sought after commodities that they have.

      • David

        So you admit that if Australia did stop exports it would have no real effect.

        That is what I said, so why have you been arguing for days only to admit what I said is perfectly correct and true?

      • From MN, with hope…

        I wasn’t arguing that, I was just saying above that the US probably wouldn’t export it’s oil and iron ore. I was saying right above this that the world economy wouldn’t be hurt, nor would Australia granted they finally get the courage to stop sending them their resources. The two weeks as Jules Vern said would allow enough time for Australia to find another country to send it’s oil and iron to. You never said that it would have no effect on them. You said quote by quote: ‘Yeah two weeks to destroy Australia’s economy…’ So now you say that it wouldn’t hurt Australia. Alright.

      • David

        MN, I think we agree with each other but Jules Vern who made the original comment seemed to be saying that Australia should hurt Japan’s economy by cutting off certain exports.

        I was saying that it would hurt them more, unless they just sold the resources to another country in which case Japan wouldn’t be affected at all.

        We seems to agree but I mistakenly assigned Jules Vern’s meaning to you. Sorry.

        We all get a little quick with the rebuttals here sometimes.

      • From MN, with hope…

        It’s cool. You have a good head on your shoulders. The economic effect would be an attempt at it, and it has potential, but its more likely to be an international relations issue, like it is now, just more intense.

  • BB

    How convenient for them that comments on the vid are now disabled!

    • From MN, with hope…

      Wonder what made Animal Planet disable them?

  • David

    How many whales (or tuna for that matter) are they saving while sitting in port in Cannes France during the film festival?

    • Cora

      And what are you doing for them sitting at your computer?
      They will head to the med soon.

    • David

      Cora they are already in the Med. Cannes is on the French coast of the Med. That is where they are sitting. “The Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin is presently at Cannes in France awaiting orders to depart to engage poachers. Meanwhile, Sea Shepherd field agents are investigating and building up a case for intervention.”

    • Kimitake Hiraoka

      Haha omg look at Watson hanging around the film producing crowd hoping someone will make a bio-pic of him.

      What a shameless hack.

      Shame the French don’t give the Steve Irwin the Rainbow Warrior treatment. It sure would make a nice diving attraction on the seabed.

      • Jules Vern

        Didn’t one of Paul Watson’s films win an academy award recently? I think it was called The Cove or something like that. Maybe they were showing it at Cannes. Perhaps PW was chatting up a few media moguls interested in making a full length feature on Japanese Kamikazes or something or perhaps buying another ship ready to take on the Japanese whaling poachers around Christmas time.

      • David

        No The Cove isn’t one of Paul Watson’s films. And The Cove was at Cannes last year.

        Perhaps PW is partying while whales die in the North Pacific, Australia drives the Southern Bluefin to extinction and just a few miles away the Atlantic Bluefin is fished out.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Iy’m pretty sure that Paul Watson had a hand, either directly or indirectly i the making of the Cove.

        Kimitake seems to be supporting terrorism here.

        Any comments on this support of terrorism by Kimi from the pro whalers?

      • Erik

        “Iy’m pretty sure that Paul Watson had a hand, either directly or indirectly i the making of the Cove.”

        so how about a link to any type of source validating your opinion.

        Kimi, no need to feed the idiots anything, these dolts sink themselves with every word they write.

        crumpets is most likely hufflepuff trying to look smarter this time around. It wouldn’t take very much to achieve that accomplishment.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Kimi is clearly a terrorist supporter.

  • Cho cho ma


    If you are going to make such accusations you idiots better be able to back it up. You want to know who the real terrorist are? The Oklahoma City bomber, the Taliban, and other organizations that go out to kill-and do kill. I have met people who were in the burning Pentagon on 9/11, I have watched the news as a flag draped casket is carried home. These are the examples of what REAL terrorist will do, the lengths that they will go. It angers me how you continue to make these stupid claims. Sea Shepherd “terrorist” have not killed a single person, Sea Shepherd “terrorist” can come and go around the world as they please, Sea Shepherd “terrorist” are former soliders, police officers, and fire fighters. THINK before you type away all this crap, THINK about who you are really comparing Sea Shepherd to, think about the real terrorist who have killed thousands of people. Oh and just because your logo is a pirate flag, does not make you a pirate. THINK FOR A CHANGE!!!

    • David

      UN Convention on the Law of the Sea

      “Article 101

      Definition of piracy

      Piracy consists of any of the following acts:

      (a) any illegal acts of violence or detention, or any act of depredation, committed for private ends by the crew or the passengers of a private ship or a private aircraft, and directed:

      (i) on the high seas, against another ship or aircraft, or against persons or property on board such ship or aircraft;

      (ii) against a ship, aircraft, persons or property in a place outside the jurisdiction of any State;

      (b) any act of voluntary participation in the operation of a ship or of an aircraft with knowledge of facts making it a pirate ship or aircraft;

      (c) any act of inciting or of intentionally facilitating an act described in subparagraph (a) or (b).”

      Throwing glass bottles is an illegal act of violence. Sea Shepherds vessels are private ships and they are pursuing their own private ends. So by definition they ARE pirates.

      • Jules Vern

        By that definition the Japanese can be clearly labelled as pirates! Has anyone seen here how the Japanese destroyed that ship of Sea Sheperd, the Ady Gil?

        Pirates they are the old Japanese scurvy dogs me hearties.

        Maybe whale season 4 will be a case of pirate vs pirate?

      • David

        Sorry Julie you need to learn the meaning of the term ‘private ship’ as compared to a ‘government ship’.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Sorry David, but the whalers ships are indeed private ships, with extreme government backing.

    • David

      Sorry MN, they are contracted to do work for the government. Thus they are government ships.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Whaling isn’t a government operation, just government backed. The ICR/ is separate from the government. If the Nisshin Maru, or harpoon boats do work for the government in the off-whaling season, than the ‘government ship’ shpeal would last until their operations are accomplished, and not last for the whaling operations.

      • David

        The government pays for whaling research. Thus during the whole whaling season the vessels are government vessels. It really is very simple, refuse to admit it doesn’t change the reality.

      • crumpets are yummy

        So what you are saying David is that the Japanese government owns, operates and finances all equipment, machinery and personal to do with whaling?

        Are you saying that the Japanese government is basically in the business of whaling?

        Does the Japanese government also pay for advertising, packaging etc of the whale products?

        How much do they pay that group of wannabe nut-case protesters that turn up on the streets of Tokyo (and kiddies playgrounds) shouting into Samsung megaphones and waving cans of whale meat?

        Do you think this is a profitable business for the government of Japan? Do the taxpayers of Japan have to pay /cover) for any losses by the Japanese Government?

      • David

        No sockpuppet. I am saying the Japanese government pays for research on whales.

        I don’t have information on how whale meat is transferred to the consumer market

      • From MN, with hope…

        There is such a thing as privatized research with government funding. Even though the research card has been dealt, I’m going to stay away from the ‘it isn’t research’ argument just because it has been tossed around so much, and it isn’t part of this. Maybe they are maybe they aren’t. Either way, they sure do fill the definition of ‘pirate’ just the private end is rather dubious.

        And I wasn’t refusing to admit anything! I was just saying that the whalers ships were private ships. Duh, it doesn’t change reality! Who would think that it does?

  • RARC

    As brave and well-meaning as Sea Shepherd’s crews may be, they are doing more to harm whales in the Southern Ocean than help them. Each act of aggression further solidifies the pro-whaling movement in Japan. The pro-whaling members of the Japanese government have been able to spin it into an imperialistic attack upon the Japanese culture. Ironically, Sea Shepherd may be winning the battle on the high seas but they are losing the war. Please visit my blog:

    • Jules Vern

      What a strange argument. Do you have any evidence to support your proposition? The only people for whaling in Japan are the government and their commercial interests in whaling.

      Each act of aggression by the Japanese just further erodes their credibility and makes them look more and more desperate and dateless. They are losing face around the world big time.

      There is no future for the Japanese whalers and they know it.

  • Hufingraz

    To Ecorazzi Editors:
    PLEASE DISABLE ALL COMMENTS!!! I can guarantee that the trolls will drop off faster than their mom’s panties when I come over to visit. I honestly don’t care if I can comment on the articles. I am here to read the articles and what Ecorazzi has to say, not what these mindless trolls have to say. They are all like broken records. Whining and crying like the little bitches they are. PLEASE, just disable all comments! Love the website, hate the trolls!

    • David

      You obviously are missing an important point Hufflepuff. Ecorazzi has bills to pay. The do that by advertising on the site. The fewer visitors the less they get. So whether you like it or not everybody who comes to the site even the ‘trolls’ help keep the site running. Driving away your source of income isn’t a good business model.

      Maybe you should just try some self restraint. If all you are interested in is reading the articles and what Ecorazzi has to say, then just do that. Don’t read the comments and it will be like they aren’t even there.

      • Jules Vern

        Trolls are great. I love them dearly. Not only do they help support great sites such as this one, they also manage to keep whaling int he news, which is great as the more people who know about the Japanese commercial whaling the more pressure will be applied to Japan to stop ripping off the worlds whales.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Trolls do a great job of making themselves and their positions look untenable.

  • Hufingraz

    I never missed any important points. There is only about 5 trolls on this site, so I honestly don’t think it will hurt Ecorazzi’s business if all 5 of the trolls no longer visit the site. The ONLY reason you trolls even visit Ecorazzi is to bitch about Sea Shepherd. Actually, if Ecorazzi would do me the favor of disabling the comments, I will invite all 410 people on my Facebook account to Ecorazzi and my girlfriend will do the same. That would definitely bring more traffic than the handful of trolls that cruise this site.
    Why do YOU feel so compelled to comment on everything Sea Shepherd? I see you on every site that even mentions Sea Shepherd. I think you are secretly in love with Paul Watson, and you only wish you could be 1/8 of the man Paul is, so that your life wouldn’t be as pitiful as it is.

    • David

      I bet Paul Watson wishes he was 1/8 the man he currently is. But fat jokes aside. You see me on all these other sites, really? Am I the only David inb the world? I think not. Is it possible that some of the thousands of other people named David have similar opinions to me? And if you really read this site you would have seen me comment on many topics other than Sea Shepherd.

      And you seem to be assuming that everyone that comes here to read the articles and the comments must also be leaving comments of their own. Even on a forum most people don’t ever post anything but just lurk. So I think stopping comments would result in many than 5 lost visitors. Plus many ads pay per view whether it is a new visitor or someone who has visitor before, so even if it is only 5 people if they check the site multiple times per day they count as many more.

      If you think this site is so good why haven’t you already invited you 410 good facebook friends to come here?

      Why not just act like an adult and if there is something you don’t like then just don’t read it, rather than whine like a six year old.

      • Hufingraz

        No, you are not the only David in the world. But I do find it to be a huge coincidence that the same David that is on every other site bitchin’ about SS, just happens to talk about the EXACT same shit that you do David. Fat jokes & butyric acid is dangerous… WOW! Maybe you have a twin somewhere else is the world that is just as big of an idiot as your are.
        Also, you seem to know alot about trolls and how they like to just “lurk”. I have never heard anything so creepy in my life. You are really proving my point about how the trolls that cruise these sites are loners, with no lives and the only reason they bitch, is so that someone will talk to them.
        The reason I have not invited my friends to Ecorazzi is because I am not that type of person. I don’t constantly send invites to my friends wanting them to visit every site that I visit. But occasionally, I will send an invite, if I think it has importance.
        I am going to take your advice though David. I am going to stop reading all the bullshit(which is exactly what it is, no facts from the trolls, ONLY BULLSHIT).
        Now you, Erik, and Bob(the 3 bum buddies) take my advice. Please follow these instructions VERY carefully and don’t miss any of the steps. 1. Find the biggest caliber gun you can. 2. Load it with some full metal jackets or hollow points. 3. Cock the gun. 4. Make sure the safety is in the “OFF” position. 5. Stick the barrel of the gun in your mouth. 6. Pull the trigger and wait for the fireworks. I can guarantee that no one will miss any of you. I KNOW I WON’T!
        ***A note to Ecorazzi*** If we are lucky, and if Erik, Bob & David took my advice, they may no longer be visiting Ecorazzi. Since I may have played a part in this, I feel morally responsible to pay for any advertising revenue lost from these 3 people no longer visiting the site. Please feel free to contact me about setting up a payment plan.

      • David

        Well this is the only site I use the name David on. When I started posting here there was another poster whose name was close to what I usually use. So to avoid confusion I went with my middle name. Of course since Paul is fat and butyric acid is hazardous, it doesn’t surprise me that someone else who knows the facts post the same type comments as I do.

        Anyone who has spent more than a month in chat rooms or on forums knows about trolls and lurkers.
        I thought that you believed saving the non-endangered whales was important? Obviously you don’t think it is important enough to recruit others to the cause.

        “…no facts from the trolls, ONLY BULLSHIT…” So you are a troll? Because I haven’t seen you post a single fact. I see the anti-SSCS posters reference the UN LOS, UN WCfN, ICWR, SUA, etc. So just who are the no fact trolls?

        And obviously you get you knowledge of firearms from TV shows just like your knowledge of whaling. (Is there anything you know that didn’t come from TV?) First why would you put multiple rounds in a gun for a single shot mission, it is just wasteful. Second full metal jackets and hollow points have completely different uses and neither one is really appropriate for your intentions. A full metal jacket is designed to penetrate, so at close range it would go right through causing minimal damage which could very possibly be survivable. On the other hand hollow points are designed to expand and fragment cause extensive damage but again at close range and with the skull right there you have a fair chance of not even penetrating or expanding too early and getting a shallow but survivable wound. The proper weapon and round is a shotgun with number 1 or maybe 0 buckshot.

        Two quick question. Does your ‘girlfriend’ know about you latent homosexual feelings? Or about you suicidal thoughts?

    • Erik

      “I will invite all 410 people on my Facebook account to Ecorazzi and my girlfriend will do the same. That would definitely bring more traffic than the handful of trolls that cruise this site.”

      “The reason I have not invited my friends to Ecorazzi is because I am not that type of person. I don’t constantly send invites to my friends wanting them to visit every site that I visit. But occasionally, I will send an invite, if I think it has importance.”

      which is it to be ?
      That you’re a pathetic liar ?
      or that you have delusions of overpowering grandeur and righteousness?

      YOU are the exact type of person watson had to force closure on the .au site and discovery, violent, racist, intolerant and just plain VILE.

      • Hufingraz

        I actually know alot about guns. I have been shooting them since I was 8 years old. YOU are the one that obviously gets all his info from TV. If you read advice #1 – It said to get the largest caliber gun possible. So are you trying to tell me that a 357 magnum or a 44 isn’t going to obliterate your brain, no matter what type of bullet is in the chamber? I think not. Also, either FMJ’s or hollow points will work fine. If you don’t believe me, try it out! The reason I suggested multiple rounds is because all 3 of you are such fuck-ups, I figured that even with the gun in your mouth, you would still probably miss on the first shot.
        Now to answer your 2 questions.
        1. yes, she knows that I am very comfortable with my sexuality, but sorry I am not into homosexuality. I know hearing that probably just ruined your day.
        2. I have never had a suicidal thought because my life is perfect, but yes, I do dream of the day when you and Erik decide to take my advice.

        Actually if you read the post, I had stated that I WOULD invite my friends if I knew it meant that I would no longer have to listen to you idiots ramble on. The reason I even said that was because David thought that if Ecorazzi lost it’s trolls, they would take an advertising revenue loss. I was just posting my solution to that problem.
        Now what is this about me being violent or racist? I have never said a violent or racist thing on this site. Just because I want the trolls to commit suicide, does not mean I am violent. I just think the world would be better off without you in it.

      • Erik

        hufflepuffle, you really are full of yourself, aren’t you?
        1. Quit “trying” to comprehend things beyond your level. I suggest returning to the “golden books”
        2. If you don’t like what you read, stay away, quit reading.
        3. As for taking your advice, pardon me while I fall over laughing. idiots such as you are a dime a dozen, you fill the halls of many middles schools across america, taunted and teased because of innate stupidity and the inability to hold a conversation with anyone other than the same as you. Harris and Klebold were your type. Threatening violence to any and all that *dare* disagree with you. You are just another vile POS, impotent and violent. Just like watson.

      • Erik

        and before I forget, so your threat to bring 400 friends and all your girlfriends friends was just an empty, posturing, weak, pathetic THREAT that you knew you’d never be called on to fulfill as we both know these comments will not be turned off for the likes of you. I suggest you go back to your “friends” even the make believe ones you seem to think you have. I can probably understand why your gf has friends, associating with the likes of you would seem to indicate she doesn’t care about what she associates with.
        TTFN….. scumbag

      • David

        So since you where 8. That means about 6 years right?

        And anybody who talks so much about ‘bum buddies’ and suicide definitely has some psychosis they are hiding, probably even from themselves.

        You should talk to a trusted adult who can help you get the treatment you obviously need.

  • Erik

    I just love it when these “MY RIGHTS” idiots want to shut down others opinions. Even as they support vermin attempting to express themselves legally on the sea. Again, they show themselves to be the contemptible anarchists we already know them to be. “Do it MY WAY”, “your laws are overruled by MY opinion”, “I’m right, shut up”
    They cannot argue with fact, they use emotions and morals. Too bad the world doesn’t run on your emotions, nor even your morals.
    You go get your 400 supporters
    you go get your girlfriends supporters… why not get your daddy and mommy too?
    one idiot..400 idiots… what is the difference?
    If you don’t like what you see, feel free to move along. Or do as the other idiot supporters did, shut off all others that disagree with them, thn you’re free to have your mutual circle ***.

    • Hufingraz

      Please refer to the above message, and follow the advice I gave David. The world will be a better place!

      • Erik

        A typical response from a low life POS maggot…

      • crumpets are yummy

        Time for your medication Erik.

        Theres a boy.

      • Erik

        poor baby, again, speaking of things you know nothing about…

  • Cho cho ma

    I think its dumb to say Sea Shepherd hurts the cause. What have the governments ever done to stop whaling since 1986?

    • Bob

      Why don’t you put your name on a ballot and get yourself elected and then you can be the government? Hufinpuf and his girlfriend and 400 facebook fans will all vote for you. He says there are only 5 of us that won’t vote for you.

      • Jules Vern

        The Japanese whalers blame Sea Sheperd for lowering their catch this year. Perhaps the pro whalers on here think that they know better than the Japanese. This would be no surprise to anyone that they think they know better than everyone else. What is so hilarious is that by saying sea Sheperd have not done anything to save whales are the same ones who follow the lead of their puppet masters, the Japanese whale poachers.
        Perhaps they suspect that the Japanese whalers just tell lies?

      • Bob

        They also blame the Sea Sheep for increasing the resolve of the Japanese people to continue whaling and making it impossible for Tokyo to compromise.

        “However, Mr. Kodaira said that the recent aggressive actions of foreign environmental groups like the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which has clashed with Japanese whaling ships near the Antarctic, had fanned popular ire, making it impossible for Tokyo to compromise now.”

        Perhaps you think you know better than the Japanese julie, lol.

        Nobody said the SS didn’t prevent the Japanese from catching some whales, but from a conservation point of view it is meaningless. It’s like parking a truck in front of a slaughterhouse door and claiming you’re saving cows for future generations. And let’s not forget the other results of the SS’s campaign – one Sea Sheep in jail, a warrant issued for Paulie’s arrest, and the SS’s 3 million dollar super boat sunk and leaking oil in the delicate ecosystem of the Southern Ocean. Paulie calls it his most successful season yet. But he cares about the money, not conservation, so he has to keep stringing the gullible along with lies.

      • georgina0912

        Yeah, about the Japanese saying that it is because of the actions of the SSCS that they cannot stop whaling here is an UNEDITED excerpt from the NY Times, which you can find here or by clicking on Bob’s link:

        “In an interview, Mr. Kodaira said he recognized that Japan’s whaling industry had shrunk to just a few hundred jobs, mostly paid for by the government. However, he said that the recent aggressive actions of foreign environmental groups like the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which has clashed with Japanese whaling ships near the Antarctic, had fanned popular ire, making it impossible for Tokyo to compromise now.”

        Read the entire article and not the summed-up version given above. Like it or not the industry is a dying one in Japan; even former whalers accept that. The only ones who cannot deal are the ones in government, which, coincidentally are keeping whaling alive to secure “cushy” jobs for themselves in the future. So, see, it is all about money, not research. The meat goes uneaten in freezers and only people in the coastal towns where whaling still exists (only four towns) eat it.

        Wahh wahh…the SSCS is telling us what to do, and we are not told what to do so now we cannot compromise.

        Comical, infantile, immature, what are they? Fourth graders?

        Here is an interesting posting by Wayne Pacelle of HSUS, as well as links to national publications and their opinions about whaling as well as Obama’s government’s position on whaling, which is tied to the Japanese stubbornness:

    • Mick


      “The meat goes uneaten in freezers and only people in the coastal towns where whaling still exists (only four towns) eat it.”

      This is very much untrue. There is a fairly large demand for whale meat in Japan. Quite a few people eat it. When the local gocery store gets a shipment of fresh whale meat in, it sells out the same day. You can buy canned whale meat at the local drugstore and grocery store year ’round. They have no problem selling it. I can assure you that it does not sit on the shelf collecting dust. I’ve talked to many people who eat whale meat. It’s not that expensive either. The canned whale meat sells for about $2.50 a can.

      • georgina0912

        Hey Mick, do you live in Japan nowadays? Can you back that up with personal experience?

        This is why i left the link to the article in my posting, and what that article says is no secret to anyone. The real reason to keep whaling alive is not to feed people. The Institute of Cetacean Research—a Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries in Japan—admitted after a study that the whaling program reserves jobs for former ministry officials, that is the reason for whaling to be a business still. Atsushi Ishii, a professor of environmental politics at Tohoku University in Sendai said that whaling does not exist to protect Japanese culture, but to protect “bureaucratic self-interest.”

      • Bob

        Guess you forgot about another quote from that article georgina:

        “However, Mr. Kodaira said that the recent aggressive actions of foreign environmental groups like the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which has clashed with Japanese whaling ships near the Antarctic, had fanned popular ire, making it impossible for Tokyo to compromise now.”

        It looks like a main reason the Japanese won’t stop whaling is because of your hero, the charlatan Paul Watson. He’s making too much money from gullible fools like you to stop his violent, inflammatory “protests”. Whales be damned.

        Not surprised to hear your also a fan of Wayne Pacelle, another charlatan who takes advantage of the gullible. They’re going to need some luck in their upcoming federal racketeering lawsuit, don’t you think?

      • Mick


        “Hey Mick, do you live in Japan nowadays? Can you back that up with personal experience?”

        Yes, as a matter of fact, I do live in Japan. And yes, everything I said is my own personal experience. That’s why I can state, beyond doubt, that there is a demand for whale meat in Japan and that your earlier statement is incorrect.

      • georgina0912

        @ Mick, the only reason i asked even thought you OBVIOUSLY stated your position is because of this: “I’ve talked to many people who eat whale meat.” Doesn’t sound like the statement comes from a person living in Japan, does it?

        @ Bob, no, i did not forget to include that bit you included; go back and read my posting.

        Lastly, i never said i was a fan of Wayne. As an animal advocate i need to keep myself informed and i do read his blog as well as Michael Markarian’s, also read from Mercy for Animals, PETA, WWF, SPCA, Farm Sanctuary, you name it, and i very well know about the feud between the HSUS and the lobbyist Rick Berman and you know what, the truth will come out in the end.

        Or will it.

        If Berman uses the same tactics he displays when running his CCF then lies about HSUS will be what he will serve. We’ll talk then, but i will just say that i won’t waste much time with you who calls charlatans two people who are doing good for animals. Bringing up the issue with CCF, which is nothing more than a PR agency for agri business, tobacco industries, restaurant chains and others tells me that either you are not much for animals, or that you are the gullible one believing the crap CCF smears all over newspapers that sell him space for his advertisements. That’s all.

      • Mick


        ““I’ve talked to many people who eat whale meat.” Doesn’t sound like the statement comes from a person living in Japan, does it?”

        I would think that statement coupled with the other statements I made would make it clear that I was living or had lived in Japan. I’m sorry for the mis-understanding. Perhaps it would have been clearer if I had said: I’ve talked to many JAPANESE people, IN JAPAN, who eat whale meat. Is that better?

        “The Institute of Cetacean Research—a Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries in Japan…”

        The ICR and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries are two seperate organizations.

        Your article is nice. However, it does not change the fact that there are many people in Japan who eat whale meat and that there is a fairly large demand for it in Japan.

      • georgina0912

        Holy crap! Yes Mick, you are right, i missed a couple of words in my statement about the ICR which does make my words sound completely wrong, just like you living in Japan talking to people thing.

        Let me correct that, the ICR is an agency ran by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, which makes them two different entities in paper. Thanks bud!

        Also, i am sorry i missed out on you telling people that you live in Japan nowadays. I do not get to post everyday simply because i have a job, so apologies for that.

        Yeah, i agree. The article is nice, not the first one that points out the fact that in Japan whale meat is not as popular as people make it to be though.

  • Whoever…


    Tens of comments made by the same people…

    On one side we have the pro-whaling evil defenders who use the same arguments over and over and who are here constantly, obviously paid by the whaling industry – it’s the only plausible explanation because no one can be that much of a pathetic loser with no life whatsoever.

    On the other side we have the anti-whaling people who haven’t realized yet that they’re not going to change the minds of the pro-whaling bunch. They couldn’t care less about your facts or arguments!!
    And haven’t you had enough practice in the act of arguing? Come on – they use the same arguments over and over, therefore you should have had more than enough practice by now!
    You’re actually making them look smarter than you because no matter what you reply to them they hold their ground and don’t go away.
    It’s your fault that they’re trolling around here all the time.
    I’m beginning to think they’re actually more intelligent than you because if you ignored them they would eventually go away…

    Okay, whatever… I guess both sides will keep going at it!

    Enjoy yourselves! You really must have a lot of free time… and nothing better to do with it.

    • David

      Says the man who can’t stop responding.

      • Cho cho ma

        Hey look I actually agree with David for once. You keep writing comments Whoever so I really dont understand your logic. I also disagree with your view that if people like me go away, that the pro whaling people will go away. Remember, this all started by me commenting “cant wait” and then the pro whaling people begin claiming Sea Shepherd are terrorist. Yes I agree the agruments are often the same, but I’m not trying to sway the pro whalers minds. I am trying to keep people who take a neutral stance on the issue, from taking the side of the whale killers. Its as simple as that.

      • Mick

        Cho cho ma,

        Out of curiosity, my I ask who qualifies as a “whale killer” and “pro-whaler” in your opinion?

      • Jules Vern

        Mick that sounds like a loaded question to me.

        I expect that you want Cho Cho Ma to reply that you are all pro whalers and support the whale killers (ie Japanese whale killers / poachers who are supported by the vested interests in Japan including the government. even if that is be default.

        I then suspect that you have a little plan to admit to wanting to see whaling stopped ( you will proclaim that you are actually anti whaling…weally and twuly) but you think that the endless cycle of talks and meetings at the IWC and between trade ministers and other useless activities are the way to go forward and bring an end to whaling for good…( knowing full well that this endless cycle is as useless as tits on a bull) …and that somehow Sea Sheperd activities are miraculously doing more harm than good ( this despite the ICR proclaiming that Sea Sheperd caused them to come back home with far fewer whales than they wanted.)

        Tell me I am wrong?

      • Mick

        Jules Vern,

        “Tell me I am wrong?”

        Okay. You’re wrong. Actually though, you’re not just wrong. You’re assumptions are totally incorrect.

    • Jules Vern

      Whoever, please cut the crap will ya and stop trying to be bossy boots.

      People enjoy their time here…stop trying to spoil everyones fun. Either join in the program and all associated fun and frivolities or go away with your pathetic winging and fight your cause elsewhere. Because ATM you are making zero difference to anyones lives, cetacean or otherwise, on here.

      • Erik

        julie baby….

        if you don’t like what you see, go away, quit reading, do whatever it takes to make YOU happy. Everyone lese can speak for themselves. Your pathetic whines and crying merely shows you to be as immature as your analytical processes. Why do you not DO what you want OTHERS to do ?

      • imforthewhales

        Erik…I think Jules was actually sticking up for you there…( how did you fail to see that?) Whoever ( see original posting) was posting the stuff about not feeding the trolls…not Jules…Jules Verne was simply defending the right to post here whoever was doing the posting ( whether thats troll or the whale defenders)

        You should be thanking him not going off your head.

        I think that perhaps you are irrational, in need of new glasses or some good medication, cause you got this one completely twisted. Surely you read the whole paragraph?

        Go back and read it all again and try to figure out ( if you can) how you got this one sooooo completely and utterly wrong wrong wrong ( just like all your other incorrect and ill conceived arguments)

        Next contestant Richard…

      • Erik

        IM(the dimwit…) I suggest you go back and read, I don’t need anyone to support “my side” This was simply ANOTHER example of someone TELLING others what to do. same as watson. Your logic continues fail, even as you spout off about comprehension.

        next idiot ….

      • crumpets are yummy

        Erik…Jules was defending you, not telling you what to do. Jules was defending your right to say whatever you want. You should have addressed all comments to ” Whoever” which was the original entry. It is to ” Whoever” that you should be chatting to.

        You are not the brightest watt in the bulb are you?

        Better stop now Erik, you are embarrassing the other pro whalers on here.

      • Erik

        “Whoever, please cut the crap will ya and stop trying to be bossy boots.
        People enjoy their time here…stop trying to spoil everyones fun. ”

        sorry pookie, another lesson in comprehension for you,
        julie was just being ANOTHER dimwit telling someone else what to do…
        “whoever” was just being its normal one hit wonder self at being a troll.
        Then we get one responding to another. That’s ok though, it did bring out julies and your comprehension problems.

        speaking of dim bulbs… got any more illumination for your corner of the rock you came out from under?

        next idiot…

  • Emily

    Dont feed the trolls and they will go away.

    Go Sea Shepherd!

    • Jules Vern

      That goes for you too emily.

  • Erik

    Hufingraz, May 20, 2010 at 9:30 am
    To Ecorazzi Editors:

    Hufingraz, May 20, 2010 at 11:57 am
    I never missed any important points. There is only about 5 trolls on this site, so I honestly don’t think it will hurt Ecorazzi’s business if all 5 of the trolls no longer visit the site.

    Hufingraz, May 21, 2010 at 10:23 am
    Now you, Erik, and Bob(the 3 bum buddies) take my advice.

    Hufingraz, May 22, 2010 at 10:19 am
    I actually know alot about guns. I have been shooting them since I was 8 years old.

    Hufingraz, May 21, 2010 at 12:25 pm
    Please refer to the above message, and follow the advice I gave David. The world will be a better place!

    In his post of 21 May, 2010 this idiot claims that all that is presented is BS, no facts, yet what do we see when we look at each of his posts? nothing about whaling, nothing about season 3, nothing about ANYTHING except that he wants comments closed, and those that disagree with his pov to kill themselves. He claims that no facts are used and only “bs” is presented, unfortunately for him, he decided NOT to provide evidence or links refuting what WAS given. I am not a psycologist, nor a psychoanalyst, but this idiots displayed anger and violent thoughts would seem to show a very disturbed mind, one very much capable of “going postal” as the old cliche goes. This is the very mindset Harris and Klebold had just before they pulled their weapons out and pulled the triggers. All this is reinforced with the knowledge that he is in this forum supporting another individual that is performing terroristic acts against others. I would tend to think some MAJOR mental health issues need looking into on this person before he injures or kills innocents as those others did.

    • Jules Vern

      Eric, if you use the word terrorist too often it loses all meaning. You really should be using it where it is fit to be used not to describe people saving the lives of others.

      BTW I believe that the Japanese whalers have killed more people in the southern ocean than Sea Sheperd in all of its history although i don’t have any figures for how many people have been killed within the Sea Sheperd organisation.

      Perhaps you can help me out here?

      The only health issue I can see is for Paul Watson himself…he is rather on the fat side and needs to take a treadmill on his next voyage. After all the sea Sheprd and the whales need him on top of the ground (not under it).

      • Erik

        julie baby…
        shall we look at the general term?
        “Terrorism is, in the most general sense, the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion.[1] At present, the International community has been unable to formulate a universally agreed, legally binding, criminal law definition of terrorism.[2][3] Common definitions of terrorism refer only to those violent acts which are intended to create fear (terror), are perpetrated for an ideological goal, and deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants (civilians).
        Some definitions also include acts of unlawful violence and war. The history of terrorist organizations suggests that they do not select terrorism for its political effectiveness.[4] Individual terrorists tend to be motivated more by a desire for social solidarity with other members of their organization than by political platforms or strategic objectives, which are often murky and undefined.[4]”

        Do they use violence against others to coerce them?
        Do they target or disregard the safety of non-combatants?
        Do they use unlawful acts and violence against others to force their will on them?

        sscs is most definitely a terrorism using agency.

        p.s. no matter how hard you wish it, whales are not people, so your little statement of “describe people saving the lives of others.” is pure bunk… watson is saving nothing, the word you sought to use are “people attacking other people because they do not want them harvesting an animal”

      • Jules Vern

        So are the Japanese whale poachers actually terrified?

        I’m terrified of the Japanese. They keep trying to kill off the planet and all its inhabitants…through whaling., overfishing, and a hundred other things that make them the most terrifying thing on the face of the planet.

    • David

      Let me answer that for you Jules.

      The Japanese whalers have killed zero people in the southern ocean.

      You really need to learn the meaning of words before asking leading questions.

      • Jules Vern

        So the Japanese crew don’t count as people?

        What about that guy who threw himself overboard? Do you think he just couldn’t stand it anymore? Do you think that perhaps his conscience got to him… Silence of the lambs style…

    • Hufingraz

      Hey Erik,
      you don’t seem too good at providing evidence either. Where have you seen me say anything violent? Me wanting you to commit suicide is not violent, I just don’t like you and I honestly believe that the world would be better off without you in it. Your parents probably felt the same way after you were born.
      I have been avoiding the Whale Wars topic on purpose, just to show that you TROLLS, will argue all day about things that have nothing to do with the topic at hand. I was actually trying to see how far off topic I could get and still have you morons argue with me. Congrats to you & David! Keep up the good work! You are doing a stellar job at trolling!

      • Erik

        a three year old brain stuck in a 14 year old body.

        and they gave you access to the internet…

    • David

      Gee Julie you really can’t understand the big words like kill can you?

      The whalers didn’t kill anybody. Have members of the crew died? Yes, but someone dying doesn’t mean that someone had to kill them.

      As to the crewman that went missing, isn’t it just conjecture on your part that he went over the side and isn’t just conjecture that he is dead? See I can play that game.

      • Jules Vern

        The Japanese were clearly negligent in their duty of care towards their crew. This is why so many Japanese whalers have died in the line of duty. Because the big masters…the ones at the helm running the ship…ultimately only care about profits. They don’t care about making sure that the ships are in good working order and they don’t care whether or not their crew are safe, in a safe working environment with sound practices to make sure the crew remain healthy both physically and mentally. All of this care costs money and at the end of the day they would rather keep the money for themselves.

        It is due to the Japanese whaler puppet masters neglect of the crew and their health, safety and well being , their negligent attitude towards crew safety that they have in effect killed off their crew.

        One of the poor bastards found conditions so bad under the Japanese command that he decided to commit suicide. Says it all really.

      • David

        Oh I didn’t realize you had read the reports of the accidents and inspected the ships. Because otherwise your whole post is just conjecture. And we know how you hate conjuncture. Especially about the crewman that disappeared. Do you have some psychic knowledge or is it just that you have no idea?

      • Jules Vern

        Yes i have read the reports David but thats neither here nor there.

        It is just a matter of whittling down the possibilities.

        1) crew fire can only come down to three things.

        a) Poorly maintained machinery
        b) Poorly designed machinery ( cheap options)
        c) Poor crew training, leading to dangerous conditions leading to fatal accidents.

        2) Man overboard.

        a) Suicide
        b) Acccident
        c) murder

        If the answer is B then there should have been guidelines in place to prevent such accidents.
        for instance a night time curfew or better equipment such as non slip boots, or something as simple as a warning to crew that conditions were dangerous near the rails.

        In all cases the Japanese whaling company and the government that backs them is responsible.

        In the case of a) Due to negligence and an inability to identify the poor mental health of its crew

        In the case of c, they are negligent in hiring thugs on board their ships.

      • David

        Sorry Julie, there are things called accidents that happen even with every reasonable precaution taken. Some part had a slight defect from the day it was made and after years of use it fails. Oh sure you could spend millions of dollars reinspecting the ship every other day and you might detect the problem in time but not do so is not negligent.

        Do you take your car to a mechanical every day for a full inspection before you drive it? I doubt it, so some minor problem like a short could cause a fire at any time and you want me to believe that you would consider yourself negligent because you didn’t spend thousands of dollars every week for complete inspections.

        As for the man who was lost, maybe not having a bunch of fanatics throwing materials specifically designed to make the decks slick would have helped. And you obviously have never dealt with suicide. There are cases of people committing suicide shortly after talking to their therapist of many years and the therapist had no idea the person was in such a state.

        You made some unfounded statements and now you are trying to tap dance your way out of your stupidity. Looks like someone is losing all their credibility.

  • romika3

    Folks, we know and I know that Mr Paul Watson is the biggest fraud around. I have been watching in for years. His only interest fame and money

    • Jules Vern

      At least he is an effective fraud.

    • David

      And Enron was an effective fraud until they crashed and burned. How many of the Enron execs ended up in prison?

      • Jules Vern

        You tell me David and then tell me what you think are the commonalities ( with supporting evidence).

    • David

      21 Enron executives.

      Well let us see.

      They both mademake exagerated claims to their investors/donors.

      As time went on they had to produce more spectacular results to keep their investors/donors happy and their wallets open.

      They both hid parts of their financial operations from their investors/donors that may have raised red flags if they were widely know.

      • Jules Vern

        So Enron had donors? Really? Pray tell who were the donors? Any names that you can think of? How many were there? How much did they donate to Enron?

        So many questions but I’m sure you will find answers to all of them.

      • David

        Julie why don’t you come back after puberty and maybe you will understand the big words.

        You asked for a comparison, I was comparing Enron and their ‘investors’ with SSSC and their ‘donors’.

      • Jules Vern

        So typical of pro whaler strategy. Cant answer the question so time for a little deflection, non?

        Why don’t you just grow up a bit David and admit that you told a porky pie and don’t know what the hell you are talking about? All hot air with you isn’t it David? You just spit into the wind and hope it lands somewhere. You are losing face faster than the Japanese whalers.

        Perhaps you should change your name from david to Credibility Zero.

      • David

        Do you have a major mental disorder?

        I answered the question. You just can’t understand plain English. It was a simple comparison between investors on the one hand and donors on the other.

        And you talk of deflection and credibility. LOL

      • imforthewhales

        “They both mademake exagerated claims to their investors/donors.”

        Note the words ” they both”

        Seems clear to me what you were saying David.

      • Erik

        you really should learn when to not say anything
        again you show how little comprehension you have to the written word.

        you and mn must be competing for the bottom prize in idiocy.

      • David

        Yes IM it is pretty obvious ‘investors/donors’ makes it pretty clear I was comparing ‘investors’ to ‘donors’. Thanks for helping me explain that to some of your less intelligent friends.

      • imforthewhales

        What was clear David was that you were referring to both parties.

        Back to school you go little one.

      • David

        Your right again imforthefails. I was referring to Enron and their investor as compared to SSCS and their donors. See it really is simple. I know you do better with only bright colorful pictures, but unfortunately adults use words.

      • Imforthewhales

        It’s actually ” you’re”

        …as in “your are”.

        Back to school little one.

      • David

        So imforthefails YOUR giving up on even trying to provide a valid argument and have resorted to correcting grammar/spelling.

      • Imforthewhales

        Sorry wrong again, on both counts.

        Remember…it is “YOU’RE” (not “your”)

        What makes you think i have given up? This is nothing but a mere distraction.

        I am simply trying to help you out …

      • David

        Your seeming to have a problem understanding how to have a debate.

      • Imforthewhales

        That reminds me, what did I do with my seeming?

  • Cho cho ma

    Hey David somthing happened today that you said never would. The Bob Barker got a new flag!!! And you and your friends said it would just sit in the harbor useless!

    • David

      Well Che I guess my opinion was wrong.

      So when is the Boob Barker going to start fighting the poaching of Southern Bluefin tuna by Australia, oh right the SSCS don’t care about that. So they must be going to fight the Japanese whaling in the North Pacific, oh right the SSCS dont’ care about that. Maybe they are going to the Faroe Island? Iceland? Norway? Greenland? Oh I know the US Gulf coast to help with the oil spill? Or maybe they will take a pleasure cruise half way around the world to get some PR photos on the French Riviera?

      • Jules Vern

        One thing is for sure David, you wont be going to any of those places. You will be too interested sitting behind your computer contributing absolutely nothing to the world. You seem tot be showing all the classical signs of a person who seems to actually enjoy observing the world be destroyed by others in the name of greed and ignorance just as a vandal enjoys breaking windows or spraying graffiti on walls.

        How long have you known about the ” poaching” of tuna by Australia? Do you have any evidence for this or did this just fly onto the page after your brain had a little spasm?

        Do you have evidence of this?

      • Cho cho ma

        The Pacific whaling fleet of Japan is much smaller. Just like in war, you dont pick a fight with your allies. If Sea Shepherd directly opposed the Australian tuna fleet for example they would lose support on the whaling issue. Makes a lot of sense to me.

      • Erik

        “Just like in war, you dont pick a fight with your allies. If Sea Shepherd directly opposed the Australian tuna fleet for example they would lose support on the whaling issue”

        you know cho…for an immature idiot, you sure manage to be as stupid as you possibly can.
        The Japanese whale hunt a NON-endangered, THRIVING species, so let’s attack them and IGNORE Australia that OVER-HUNTS an ENDANGERED SPECIES because they support us in stopping legal whaling…

        I can see where your statement WOULD make a lot of sense to you. You should immediately send off this weeks allowance to watson, with inflation and all, your fiver will only be worth 50 pence come friday. You can try again next week when mommy sends you another fiver.

    • David

      Well the Japanese legally kill whales and you call them poachers, so the Australian must be tuna poachers. I mean what’s good for one side is good for the other.

      As to my travel plans. I have already been to Iceland and Norway on business this year, just missed the start of the eruption, and New Orleans on the Gulf coast at Mardi Gras. Then later this year I will be in Australia for business. I really have no desire to visit France again, I covered that area for a few years with my previous job and there are nicer and cheaper places.

      Give me your address and I will send you some postcards for your parents basement.

      • Jules Vern

        Don’t bother sending any postcards David, i have covered most of those places myself and more. I had my own apartment in Paris for a while, for example. yes i could bore you stupid with my travel tales but thats hardly the topic of discussion here.

        The big problem with the Southern Blue fin tuna is not Australia, David. You should do a little more research on the subject before spitting into the wind.

        Ill give you a guess as to who has been fishing over quota for the past twenty years.

        Ill also give you another guess as to which country in the Southern hemisphere ( now theres a hint for you!) have highlighted this raping of the oceans to the International community.

      • David

        Sorry Julie you are talking history, I am talking now. Japan voluntarily cut their quota by more than required, Australia lowered their quota as little as possible and even that was done with lots of whining.

        Australia was also a major player in the defeat of the CITES listing for Atlantic Bluefin tuna, a species they don’t even fish for. Now why do you think Australia would side with Japan to prevent the CITES listing of a species that Australia doesn’t even fish for?

        Your the one who brought up travel.

  • Cho cho ma

    I believe that the tuna fleets operated by Australia are legal, but irresponsible. The whaling fleet are poachers. Going into an established whale sanctuary to kill thousands of whales for “research”, when really your only goals are profit. That is poaching. They dont fool a 1st grader by writing RESEARCH on their ships.

    • David

      Sorry Che you don’t get to redefine words to mean what you ‘believe’. The sanctuary doesn’t apply to Japan whether they are doing research or commercial whaling. So no poaching involved.

      The fact that you don’t think it is research doesn’t matter and can you support you conclusion that it is only for profit? They have never made a profit off of research whaling since the moratorium went into effect, including the 18 years when no one was harassing them. So for 18 years with no reason why they couldn’t take as many whales as need to make a profit they still didn’t make a profit. But profit was the only reason they did it. Something with your logic doesn’t add up.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Even the IWC has condemned Japan for its misuse of IWC guidelines. The problem with Japan is that they have lost all credibility and have shown to the world ( again) that they are not to be trusted.

      • Erik

        you mean in the same way that the IWC voted FOR opening up commercial whaling on certain selected species?
        The only problem here is that you actually believe a self professed liar and parrot his words. You constantly show the world, via your words and actions that neither watson, nor his lemmings can be trusted.

  • imforthewhales

    David, it is a well known fact that whale meat is sold…for money…for markets, packages, tin cans and at high end restaurants.

    Not to mention the other black-market trade in whale meat.

    Its purely commercial in nature.

    It makes no sense to go to so much trouble and expense for something that is not needed.

    • Erik

      it IS sold on the OPEN market… for MONEY… as per the stipulation in the charter that calls for maximum utilization of all the carcass.
      Now economics 101 (for idiots) Since there is an open market for this product, it can be freely bought and sold in the country, what BLACK MARKET are you referring to ? Why don’t you explain to us how a free market and a black market can exist side by side for the SAME PRODUCT?

      go ask paulie for that answer…

    • David

      How many hundreds of times have you tried to use that argument IM? And how many times have you been shown that it is required. Continually doing the same thing yet expecting a different response is sign of a serious mental deficit.

      • imforthewhales

        David, I have a Q for U …what in your opinion is the greatest discovery of the Japanese whale researchers in the past twenty years?

      • David

        I don’t have an A for you imforthefails. I am not interested in whale research so I have not read more than a few of the abstracts to assure myself that they are doing research, it is being published and it is peer reviewed.

      • imforthewhales

        Don’t you feel a little silly defending something that you admit that you know nothing about?

        Here you are defending “research” whaling and you haven’t even read the “research” that has been published.

      • David

        I didn’t say I know nothing about the subject. I said I don’t have a lot of knowledge about the topic, so I can’t tell you what ‘the greatest discovery’ has been.

        I don’t know a lot about fusion power either but I still support the research.

        Don’t you feel foolish for constantly failing?

    • Jules Vern

      Does anyone know the need to japan of all this so called ” research” whaling?

      Obviously they are going to a lot of trouble to keep their research whaling as a going concern.

      It must be costing them a fair amount of money ( ships, crew etc)
      and costing them in other areas ( for instance Japan is now seen as the pariah of the world because of its record on whaling)

      Yes the whales need to be made use of, but nowhere does it stipulate that there need be any money changing hands.

      Some suggest part of the use of whales is to feed chickens and pigs.

  • Kimitake Hiraoka

    Actually, you might find that Japan is required by Article VIII(2) of the ICRW charter to utilise the by-product of cetacean research. That is, they are required by law to use the meat left over, which ultimately means selling it.

    Anything else you’d like clarified?

    • imforthewhales

      No we already knew that one…the Japanese are well known for abiding by loopholes that suit them and ignoring any rules, regulations, charters and treaties that dont suit them…so please, do us all a favor.. don’t bother patting yourself on the back and giving yourself high fives for your brilliance…this is just another loophole that the Japanese make full use of to continue on with their raping of the worlds oceans.

      However its funny that whenever you see that crazy group of die hard protesters in Japan ( the ones that think having a Korean kiddies playground is an evil thing not befitting the Tokyo suburbs)always seem to protest with a can of whale meat in their hands.

      Funny that.

      It seems to me that whenever these protesters show up they seem to be all about the can that they are holding in their hand.

      Tell me Kimi, what does Article VIII(2) of the ICRW charter have to say about selling whale meat to places such as the USA? I’m sure you are aware that ” The Hump restaurant recently closed after it was found that they were serving whale meat ( this is of course illegal)

      Where in your opinion do you think the whale meat came from? Could it have come from Japan? Could there be, in fact, an underground network supplying whale meat worldwide against all the conventions such as Cites?

      • Erik

        well dimwit, since the DNA studies “suggest” it came from whale meat found on the open market a couple years ago, the simplest answer would be that another dimwit found it on sale at the local grocery store, and FedExed it overnight per instructions from his American restaurant owner so that he could have his American chef cook it up for his American restaurant. Could it be that there are other types of criminals in this world other than the sea shepherd maggots?
        Still you fail to grasp the simple meaning of what you like to call “loopholes” .The simple fact is, and we DO need to keep it simple for the likes of you, yet even YOU continue to grasp the meaning, if there is an EXCEPTION ALLOWED to any law, rule, regulation, whatever, the use of that exception makes the task performed ALLOWABLE, LEGAL, LEGITIMATE.

      • David

        The IWC doesn’t regulate international trade, imforthefails, they regulate whaling.

        CITES and the nations involved regulate international trade.

        CITES says that Japan is allowed to export whale meat. The US laws don’t allow its import. So whoever brought it into the US broke the US law. But as you implied there may be an underground network supplying the meat against US law (it isn’t against CITES for all nations). Any proof that the Japanese government or ICR knew about the sale and export? If not I don’t understand what your point is.

      • imforthewhales

        Here ya go Davethedimwit

        Proposals to resume commercial whaling have been dealt a blow by DNA detective work showing that restaurants in the US and South Korea illegally sold whale meat from Japan.

        In June, Japan, Iceland and Norway are expected to ask the International Whaling Commission (IWC) for permission to resume commercial whaling. They say they can prevent smuggling by matching the DNA of whale meat sold in markets to a register of all legally caught whales. But all have refused to make their DNA registers public.

        To find out the origin of whale meat being sold outside Japan, Scott Baker of Oregon State University in Corvallis and colleagues secretly took samples from two restaurants, one in Santa Monica, California, and another in Seoul, South Korea.

        They compared the DNA with that from samples bought in Japan, and found that they came from the same animals – proving that meat from whales hunted in Japan’s scientific programme have been illegally sold abroad. The findings resulted in police raids on the restaurants last month.
        Baker says the monitoring system can only work if Japan, Iceland and Norway make their DNA registers publicly available, and hand them over to an independent body like the IWC so routine checks can be carried out.

        Journal reference: Biology Letters, DOI: 10.1098/rsbl.2010.0239

      • David

        So failboy where is the proof that Japan, not some individual but Japan was involved in the export of whale to the US or Korea?

        Oh you don’t have any proof? Gee that is surprising another fail.

      • Imforthewhales

        I probably should have highlighted the most important part ( sorry, i forgot that your comprehension was a bit slow.) However for your convenience I reproduce it below.

        If you would like an explanation re DNA evidence i am happy to help…please, just ask.

        “They compared the DNA with that from samples bought in Japan, and found that they came from the same animals – proving that meat from whales hunted in Japan’s scientific programme have been illegally sold abroad”

        Hope you get it this time around.


        PS So much for “ALLOWABLE, LEGAL, LEGITIMATE.”

      • Imforthewhales

        PPS…” Japans scientific program”…remember how the Japanese government controls all the whaling ships etc?

        Before you go off on a tangent, i might explain that all companies, organisations etc are made up of Individuals.

        What is clear is that someone ( or some people) within the scientific program …hence the Japanese government …are not playing by the rules and are cheating the system ( surprise surprise).

      • Erik

        yo IDIOT…

        You really do ignore it don’t you?
        ““They compared the DNA with that from samples bought in Japan, and found that they came from the same animals – proving that meat from whales hunted in Japan’s scientific programme have been illegally sold abroad””

        your dim-witted cousin could have purchased the meat… ANYONE COULD dumbass – it was SOLD OPENLY, even the samples compared against were PURCHASED ON THE OPEN MARKET.
        and yes pookie, the meat on sale in Japan *IS* legitimate, allowable, and TOTALLY legal.
        The only thing that isn’t fully functional on ANY playing field is your analytical processes.

      • Imforthewhales

        That just proves that the scientific whaling is a fraud…this is all about profit. Nothing to do about science at all. Thanks for helping me explain that minor detail!

  • Cho cho ma

    David really hates the whales.

    • David

      Well they did kill my whole family.

      But seriously. I no more hate whales than I hate cows or chickens or pigs or any of the other animals that I have and will continue to eat.

      I hate people and groups that lie and try to claim that their supposed moral superiority gives them the right to break laws.

      • imforthewhales

        Thats more pro whaling strategic nonsense. Hands up in the air pleading innocence…then the line about hating liars and so many times has this been dished up?
        “Oh I love whales” they say. ” I think they are wonderful…but i hate Paul Watson so much I am prepared to sit back and watch the whales die cruel, bloody , agonising deaths with a harpoon in their back and electrodes plugged into their sides copping 40,000 volts.. ”

        What sort of logic is that?

        Never mind that Sea Sheperd is taking steps to save the whales…putting themselves in harms way, tacking the big monster governments that have money and that other little thing called trade relations on their side…never mind that the Japanese whalers and their backers are probably a part of the biggest lie./ scam on the face of the planet and continue to scheme and lie and create smoke screens. Never mind that the Japanese whalers and their government backers are breaking laws left right and center, paying off other governments to buy their votes…the list goes on and on.

    • David

      Take a chill pill imamforthefails and get your facts straight.

      I never said I love the whales. I do enjoy them they few times I have eaten them, although when I am in Norway I typically opt for reindeer, less gamey than whitetail but leaner than beef.

      So I take it you like self-righteous people who lie, well you must based on your self-righteous attitude and the lies in your rant.

      Most whales die a quick death with massive damage to their nervous system meaning that those that don’t die immediately probably don’t feel anything. And as I am sure you know they no longer use electrocution.

      The SSCS is trying to save something that doesn’t need saving and they are constantly breaking the law in their attempts. The only law I have seen the Japanese violate was not avoiding the Ady Gil collision, of course the SSCS didn’t avoid the collision either so it is another of their many violations.

      Paying off other governments isn’t illegal and it is a time honored WESTERN tradition that the Japanese have learned well. They are just following the lead of the anti-whalers and you are all whiny and upset because they have become better at it than you lot ever were.

      You really should get some new arguments if you want different responses because your straw men and ad hominem attacks are old and ineffective. Try using some real facts (that mean Paul Watson isn’t a useful source) because that is what is used to actual make a valid point.

      • Michael Raymer

        “So I take it you like self-righteous people who lie” Will you stop with the accusations, please? It’s the pro-whalers who have lied, as has been shown. David, police your own ranks. It’s you and your high-school dropout buddies who make up facts and stats, it’s you and your buddies who steal other peoples identities and, just like your heroes (the losers on the whaling vessels), you have no concern for the damage caused by your actions.

        David, here’s what mommy and daddy should have taught you: The first step of being a winner is stop being a loser.

      • Kimitake Hiraoka

        Hi Michael,

        Just wondering if there’s a piece on the Bethune trial on the way? Reports are saying that he’s pleaded guilty to four of the charges and may be renouncing his association with Sea Shepherd and other anti-whaling activities! It’s very exciting.

        Given that you guys write up Watson everytime he picks his nose, surely Pete deserves a feature article? Poor schmuck’s looking at 15 years here.

        I’d be happy to put together some words on the matter if you like?

        What say you?

      • imforthewhales

        Why don’t you give it your best shot kimi…

        I for one would welcome the chance to read your dedicated prose.

      • Kimitake Hiraoka

        Who ever said anything about prose? My preferred medium is verse:

        There once was a man named Bethune,
        Who decided to be a buffoon,
        He threw acid at science men,
        Leapt onto the boat to join them
        And now wishes from the law he was immune

      • Jules Vern

        Oh goody i love poetry!

        There once was a bunch of five faggots
        who voted for whaling in ballots
        Some liked a feel as they tapped out their spiel,
        But their wangs were as tiny as maggots

      • David

        There are not ‘my ranks’ MR, they are individuals with their own opinions who post what they decide to post.

        Yes it has been shown that Paul Watson, the SSCS and the whale supporters have consistently lie, but I seem to have missed where the pro-legal research supporters have consistently lied.

      • Jules Vern

        What exactly do you mean by ” consistently lie” (?)

        I highlight the word consistant. Evidence of this? Links?

        Funny how you pick up on supposed Paul Watson ” lies” yest you are so dismissive of the Japanese whalers consistently deceptive behavior.

        Not only on the whaling issue either.

      • Michael Raymer

        Kimitake….as I’ve said many times, my motivation is the whales and whatever saves them from an unnecessary and painful death. I don’t particularly give a damn about the people involved as long as there is results. Bethune means nothing to me.

        David writes: “Yes it has been shown that Paul Watson, the SSCS and the whale supporters have consistently lie, but I seem to have missed where the pro-legal research supporters have consistently lied.” Your lies are documented all over this board, including the person I busted using Susan Weingartner’s name and her identity. Identity theft is a huge lie, perpetrated by pro-whalers, right here on this board. I’m not going to sit here and be called a liar by your side while the same people on YOUR side pull crap like this. Your group is a pack of liars yourselves and I’m going point that out to you every time you try to climb on your high horse.

      • David

        Well let see Julie.

        The UN WCfN gives the SSCS enforcement powers.
        The Japanese are illegally whaling in a sanctuary.
        The Japanese are illegally whaling in Australian waters.
        The whalers are funded by the yakuza.
        All anti-SSCS posters are paid by the ICR.
        Whale meat has deadly levels of mercury.
        Whales take 20 minutes to die.
        The Japanese are violating the ICWR.
        The Japanese are violating the CCAMLR.
        The Japanese are violating CITES.
        The Japanese are violating the ATS.
        The Japanese are illegally selling the whale meat.
        Japan is stockpiling large quantities of whale meat.
        Paul Watson has never been convicted of a felony.

        There is a non-comprehensive list of the lies that are consistently repeated by SSCS supporters.

      • Imforthewhales

        Well done…all these things will come out in court, no doubt, when Australia gets japan into the witness box.

  • Cho cho ma

    Ya that explains all the whales japan has killed that have taken over 20 minutes to die. I doubt the whalers are soooo acurate that they can hit it perfectly to damage the nervous system. By your criteria no animal has any real meaning to you, not even the dogs people keep as pets.

    • David

      Lets try some proof Che. And still with the ad hominem attacks, the refuge of liars and cheats.

      What criteria are you babbling about? I don’t remember posting any criteria.

      • Cho cho ma

        You dont remember? You said if an animal is not at risk you see no problem in killing it.

      • David

        Yes I don’t remember. Do you have a problem reading English?

        That doesn’t sound like a criteria but without reference to the actual post you are talking about I can’t be sure.

      • Imforthewhales

        ” Can’t be sure”…

        I think that those three little words sum you up very well David…very well indeed.

      • David

        Ah so not only grammar and spelling but the other refuge of losers ad hominem attacks. Gee failboy you have hit the trifecta of fail.

      • Imforthewhales

        So you are admitting that you are a loser?

  • imforthewhales

    You don’t need to David. It is clear that animals hold no meaning for you.

  • Imforthewhales

    *******************STOP PRESS*******************************

    Australia takes action against Japan on whaling


    The Federal Government will initiate legal action against Japan early next week over its “scientific” whaling in the Southern Ocean.

    The legal application will be lodged with the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague, Environment Minister Peter Garrett announced this morning.

    In a statement Mr Garrett, Foreign Minister Stephen Smith and Attorney-General Robert McClelland said the decision had not been taken lightly and had come after the government tried to reach a compromise with the Japanese Government through the International Whaling Commission and bilateral talks.

    The ministers’ statement says the legal action is about one dispute with Japan in an otherwise “comprehensive strategic, security and economic partnership”.

    “Both Australia and Japan have agreed that, whatever our differences on whaling, this issue should not be allowed to jeopardise the strength and the growth of our bilateral relationship,” the statement said.

    Mr Garrett said: “We want to see an end to whales being killed in the name of science in the Southern Ocean.”

    The decision to take the Japanese to the ICJ fulfills an ALP 2007 election commitment.

    Every summer Japan kills whales in the Southern Ocean under a loophole in international agreements on whaling which allows whaling for scientific research.


    • Kimitake Hiraoka

      Hey sweetheart, just wondering…

      When Japan wins this case and the research programme is confirmed to be entirely legal, will you reconsider your position on the matter? Will you be willing to consider for a moment that all that nonsense Sea Shepherd has been sprouting about illegality is just that – nonsense?

      Or will you stick your head into the sand and pretend that these inconvenient facts do not exist…?

      Please advise.

      • Hufingraz

        HEY SWEETHEART! If this was nonsense, Australia wouldn’t be taking Japan to court. Obviously, they must have a pretty good case or they wouldn’t even bother wasting their time. Now you answer the same question, “If Australia wins the case(which they will), are YOU going to be able to consider for a moment that all that nonsense that the ICR has been sprouting about their “research” whaling is just that – nonsense?

        Or are you going to still keep trolling and spreading bullshit?

        Please advise.

      • Kimitake Hiraoka

        Hi Huff,

        Thanks for your question. In reponse, yes, I would accept the court’s ruling on the matter. Rules are rules and Japan adheres to international law.

        However, I personally do not believe Japan should remain in the IWC. Therefore, regardless of the outcome, I think Japan should withdraw from the organisation that has been hijacked and corrputed by nations that have not interest in whaling.

        In this way, the ICJ’s decision would be rendered irrelevant and Japan would be free to recommence commercial whaling without being subject to the emotional whims of the hysterical anti-whaling crowd.

        But that’s just me.

      • Hufingraz

        I find it funny that you think Japan should withdraw from the IWC because the IWC has been corrupted. IT IS CORRUPTED BECAUSE OF THE JAPANESE!!! Who else would have anything to gain by corrupting the IWC and trying to swing votes in their favour? The only countries in the IWC that support the whale hunt are third world countries such as Dominica, Antigua, St. Lucia, Ecuador and several others. Some of these countries, if not all, have their IWC fees, airfare and per diem paid by Japan. Japan also has “fisheries”(which they donate millions to) set up in most of these countries, although most of the buildings are decrepit or not being used for anything even remotely close to fishing.
        So can you really tell me with a straight face that Japan isn’t the one corrupting the IWC?

        I also don’t think Japan would withdraw from the IWC because they are currently doing what they want anyways. They get to kill as many whales as they want, and they get to sell the meat for profit. Withdrawing from the IWC and blatantly starting commercial whaling would definitely hurt Japan’s relationship with the rest of the world, which would lead to major economic losses and/or sanctions for Japan. It would be an extremely stupid move on Japan’s part.

      • David

        Japan is just doing in the IWC what the anti-whaling nations did, and continue to do, in the 1980’s to get the moratorium passed.

        So it is OK that the anti-whalers do it, but when Japan starts doing it, it somehow becomes evil, even though the anti-whalers are still doing it.

        And I really don’t think Norway and Iceland are third world countries.

      • Hufingraz

        Didn’t the moratorium get passed because whaling nations had virtually wiped out whale populations? What would the anti-whaling nations have to gain from bribing IWC members? I do know something that Japan has to gain from bribing countries. MONEY and lots of it!
        I also never said that Iceland and Norway were third world countries. I was only talking about IWC members and those 2 countries are not part of the IWC. Although, Iceland will probably soon be a third world country if they don’t pull their shit together, considering the country went bankrupt.

      • David

        Oh sorry Hufflepuff I thought you were an intelligent thinking adult.

        Take a close look, obviously you have problems so just spell it out letter by letter. Find I-c-e-l-a-n-d it says they joined October 10th 2002 (they were actually a founding member but they withdrew in 1992 and rejoined in 2002). Next find N-o-r-w-a-y it says they joined March 3rd 1948 (they were also a founding member). See how easy it is to find and use FACTS. I know ‘fact’ is a four letter word that you try and avoid but facts are what normal humans rely on.

        To obtain 3/4 majority in vote on the moratorium, anti-whaling bloc recruited many new member nations from 1979 to early 1980s. In case of some of these new anti-whaling countries, foreign anti-whaling activists, who did not have the nationality of these countries, attended the IWC meeting as the commissioner or members of delegations, and even more there was a case that a new member nation paid IWC membership fee using a check given by an anti-whaling organization. You see the Save the Whales movement had become a political issue. So many anti-whaling countries needed to pass the moratorium to please the environmentalists. When they couldn’t do that they paid for and convinced other countries (Like Switzerland, a big whaling powerhouse) to join so they would have the votes to pass the moratorium. See keeping their jobs meant the politicians keep their power just as much of a reason, if not more, than money.

        Now you will run out and find something else you don’t understand and make another failure of a post. At least a few anti-whalers have the intelligence for an interesting debate, you definitely aren’t in that category.

      • Hufingraz

        yep, you did get me there because I had assumed Iceland & Norway were no longer part of the IWC because I knew that Iceland was commercially whaling and was not playing by the same rules as everyone else in the IWC. For some reason I had thought Norway was doing the same, but yes, I didn’t do any fact checking on that. I personally think that is bullshit that Iceland is even allowed in the IWC, considering that the only reason Iceland was allowed back into the IWC as a voting member was because they were the deciding vote in a special IWC meeting that was not attended by all IWC members. How does that work out? They were voting on if Iceland should be allowed back into the IWC as a voting member, yet Iceland got to vote on it, and it just happened to be the deciding vote that allowed them back into the IWC. Corruption definitely runs deep in the IWC.

    • David

      So they prove to be liars again. They said November.

      Oh I see, they said November to get votes, then they would ‘forget’ again after they won the election. But they saw that no one was believing them this time, so they have to file the lawsuit before the election to get the votes, then they will find some reason to drop it after they are re-elected. Or they will intentionally do something wrong in their filing so it will get thrown out then they can ‘forget’ to refile and blame it all on the ICJ. IMHO.

  • Imforthewhales

    The good thing about this is it will force an injunction…so no whaling this season. This will help send Japanese commercial whaling BROKE.

    Good news all round.

    Kimi…if Australia wins, then you have no option but to stop whaling.
    If Japan wins its case then people will still try to stop them.

    Japan can never win this one.

    • David

      I doubt they will get an injunction. To get an injunction they have to show that they will suffer damages and that they are more likely than not to win. While all Japan will say is that they have waited 25 years to do anything about the situation so the any damage must be de minimis, while Japan can show a quantifiable lose if an injunction is granted.

  • Imforthewhales

    What sort of lose, a loss in research?

    • David

      Exactly, see you aren’t as dumb as everybody keeps saying.

      Some interesting facts about the ICJ;

      The current president is from Japan.

      The ICJ usually issues an order protecting the status quo, freezing the situation as it currently exists. Which would allow Japan to keep whaling until a decision is rendered. It typically takes 5-10 years for a final opinion from the court. So I guess Australia has decided that allowing Japan to continue whaling at the current level for 10 years is better than at the lower quotas proposed by the IWC that Australia rejected.

      ICJ opinions only apply to the specific parties involved. Mean even if Australia were to win. Japan’s whaling anywhere outside of Australia’s EEZ would continue and other whaling nations wouldn’t be affected.

      If Japan’s whaling were to be ruled as outside IWC Article VIII, then they could just withdraw from the IWC and commence commercial whaling like the Faroe Islands.

      This is sounding better for Japan all the time. If they lose they get to keep whaling with a reduction in the areas of the Antarctic Ocean where they can hunt. And if they win they continue whaling exactly as at present plus they can take Australia to the ICJ for their illegal support of the SSCS fleet.

  • Imforthewhales

    Well first of all David, you would have to prove a loss of research.

    when we consider that a recent review by scientific heads regarding the Japanese whaling “research” over the past twenty years or so provided only two papers worth considering, that is relevant and peer reviewed, ( and of those 2 not one of them required lethal research) then there is not going ot be too much weight accorded to loss of research.

    In fact, if there is an injunction, ie no whaling this season, there will be more whales to “research” next time.

    you have not read the ‘ scientific” research papers but I can think of nothing that would be lost by leaving the ” research” for a year.

    Any data lost can be made up by non lethal means in any case. There is no reason why japan cannot continue researching whales, it is only the lethal aspect that wold be lost.

    Of course if Japan tries to claim losses economically, then they lose the case straight away.

    As commercial whaling is banned I cannot see how Japan could continue whaling. They would no longer be able to go to the Antarctic areas as this is of course off limits to commercial whaling.

    The IWC have already banned commercial whaling. It may well be that Japan simply removes itself from that organisation. However even if they do, They will not be able to hunt whales in the Southern ocean commercially, but they might try hunting whales elsewhere. Which may sound great but there could well be strong opposition to this by other countries.
    clearly the loss of the Southern ocean will be a major blow and may well bankrupt the entire industry.

    • David

      Sorry imconstantlyfailing, your wrong again.

      The ‘review’ you talk about was years ago and was done as a stunt for a TV show. Also Article VIII doesn’t define research, doesn’t limit research, doesn’t say how much research has to be done and doesn’t require peer review. So Japan shows they do research, it could be whether whale cooks faster in peanut oil or canola oil and they are set.

      But as I said, the ICJ usually enforces the status quo until the case is decided that means Japan continues whaling in the Southern Ocean with a quota of almost 1000 whales. Instead of the quota of 400 whales in the IWC proposal.

      And if Japan drops out of the IWC then the IWC sanctuary still has no effect. Isn’t it just glorious how that works.

      Even if they lose the Japanese are hardly affected. But if Australia loses not only does the ATS crash and burn but they become liable for the damage the SSCS has done because the allowed them to use Australian ports.

      • Imfortehwales

        “Sorry imconstantlyfailing, your wrong again.”

        No need to apologize…I haven’t been wrong yet…you certainly haven’t been doing your job highlighting if i have been…as for constantly failing, thats just a pro Japanese bum chum ruse for the weak minded who have nothing to say.

        “The ‘review’ you talk about was years ago and was done as a stunt for a TV show.”

        I didn’t see any stunt men..I’m not sure which show you were watching… and the program took the issue seriously. A couple of years ago or last week is irrelevant. Because the issues remain the same its recent enough and is still relevant by anyone’s standards.

        “Also Article VIII doesn’t define research, doesn’t limit research, doesn’t say how much research has to be done and doesn’t require peer review.”

        Any non peer reviewed studies are not to be taken seriously. Sorry. Your comments only highlight what a shambles article V111 is. Its time it got a good review. Australia might just give it the review it so surely needs.

        So Japan shows they do research, it could be whether whale cooks faster in peanut oil or canola

        Yes thats right, which just provides a better case for the Australian government when it sees Japan in court.

  • Michael Raymer
    • David

      Thanks Michael.

      As I said it is 4 years old and done by 2 avowed anti-whalers, one of those a geologist, and another who we don’t know his stand on whaling. They try to make it sound like Prof. Archer is unbias but give no proof. And it was done in Australia well known for its anti-whaling sentiment.

      This decidely unscientific and bias study is supposed to prove that Japanese science and research are bogus. Is that really the best that can be done?

      Next thing you know a study on eating cows will be in a Hindu city in India and it will reach a conclusion that cows shouldn’t be eaten. This will be followed by a study conducted by a group of 7-year olds that determines they should be allowed to stay up past their bedtime.

  • David

    “IT is impossible to see the Rudd government’s decision to finally take the Japanese government to the International Court of Justice over “scientific” whaling as anything but a cynical, pre-election ploy.

    The timing, the substance, the risks and polling imperatives all point to a long-delayed decision being rushed out with no real prospect of stopping whaling, merely to cover for a painfully broken promise before the election.

    The disadvantages and contradictions outweigh rational reasons for taking another nation to the ICJ.”

    Looks like some in Australia are smart enough to see Rudds ploy for votes, and realize that Australia stands to lose a lot.

  • Imforthewhales

    David…the Australian is hardly the first port of call if you are wishing to read anything with a social conscience. The irony of this is that Uncle Rupert also brings to us via Foxtel and other pay tv providers worldwide the animal planet series. You see he owns everything and the more controversy the better for his papers and tv shows. Uncle Rupert also owns news of the world.

  • Imforthewhales

    My wife is Japanese. We watch the international NHK edition regularly. We travel there regularly.

    The real issue is that the local media do not offer any newsfeeds or insight into the issue. The public in general are simply not aware of what is going on. Apart from the smallest of minorities, no-one eats whale eat – it is a ‘delicacy’ that is much too expensive for most of the population. In fact we think sushi is an everyday food there – it’s not – it’s for special occasions.

    If only some balanced facts were presented to the population and they understood what was going on would we see an immediate reaction from their government. For whatever reason, this tragedy is embarrassing to most Japanese ex-pats and even those locals we talk to about the issue are shocked when they understand what their government sanctions.

    Pete | Sydney – May 28, 2010, 3:53PM

  • crumpets are yummy

    It seems as though the pro whalers have been shocked by the truth of the matter.

    Good one Pete…keeping it real. Saying it how it really is.

    Glenn Inwood, the poster boy for all the pro whaling crowd, must have them working on some other project.

    • David

      Yes Peter keep telling it like it is and admitting that you broke the law. At least he didn’t pick up Paul’s bad habit of lying.

  • Erik

    poor poor paulie….
    After accusing the Japanese of being liars and planting evidence of weapons… turns out the first episode shows “buffoon” bragging about his bow and arrows.
    Now paulie is on damage control, several months AFTER the events (and after the airing of the episode..) he says…OUT YOU GO Buffoon…we don’t do violence. (yeah…right..)
    I suppose paulie didnt query Buffon or any of the AG crew about carrying weapons? Nope, he just went on to accuse the Japanese of lying.
    Unfortunately, ANOTHER source has turned up saying paulie is LYING AGAIN (surprise, surprise, surprise…)
    Check out this news video interviewing an AG crewmember:

    paulie knew
    paulie approved
    paulie was willing to let it slide
    UNTIL it became public knowledge.

    now Buffoon is out… and I wouldnt be surprised to see the others onboard the AG being “let go” too. Time to get rid of the witnesses for the prosecution.