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Have we told you lately that we’re crazy about Emily Deschanel? Because we’re absolutely crazy about Emily Deschanel!

Besides being hella talented, the Bones actress is notorious for her outspoken opinions on animal welfare, human health and environmental sustainability. In a new video interview, Deschanel praises the work of Farm Sanctuary, saying:

“A few years ago I was able to visit Farm Sanctuary’s New York shelter — I had probably been vegan for over 10 years by then — and it was still a life-changing experience. You get to see all of these animals [who were] raised in factories and confined to crates and they’re living free on this amazing property. There’s just so much space for them to roam and they’re treated so well.”

We’ve also spent some time at the New York shelter and can verify its transformative powers!

Check out the video below to see more of what Emily has to say about Farm Sanctuary and veganism. As always, she doesn’t disappoint!

5 Responses to Actress Emily Deschanel Praises Farm Sanctuary And The Vegan Movement

  1. Whoever... says:

    Oh sweet Emily…

    What can I say?

    If only most (preferably all) women were like you ;)

    Now this is a real WOMAN – intelligent, gorgeous, talented, independent, open-minded, vegan, an activist… you name it!

    Vegan Women are so superior to women who eat animals…

    • april says:

      i agree. there should be more people like emily out there. it would be really great. there would be less animal cruelty. and this world ( i think ) would live much longer. p.s. GOOOOO emily for being so great lol :D

  2. Jeri says:

    This is so awesome. SO awesome! A message well shared, well said. Thank You.

  3. It’s so encouraging to know there are women like Emily (and her sister Zooey) out there!

  4. Gladiators were vegans says:

    Vegan women (and men) smells like a truly sexy human being when they sweat, unlike all the others that needs to spray perfumes to mask their smelly sweats. But vertain ares are not sprayed and so some smells like lambs, some like cows, some like chickens, and some like fish etc, especially in certain areas of the body, and I think we all know which part I’m talking about. That’s why even most meat eating Asian men I conversed with, has told me that they still prefer Asian women because they don’t smell that strong down there.

    I believe this has to do with the fact that Asian people, in general eat far less animals than the typical Westerners. Sadly, all that is now rapidly changing as McDonalds, KFC, pizza hut and the rest of the mobs are invading China, and the rest of Asia, creating a new generation of smelly Chinese, Thai, japanese, korean and others.

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