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Shrek Stars Shed Green Light On Personal Planet-Friendly Lifestyles

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Are you slightly curious about how the stars in the fourth installment of “Shrek Forever After” walk the green line in their personal lives? What about their take on our individual role as planetary citizens?

Those in attendance at the recent Hollywood premiere of the animated flick walked upon a (naturally) green carpet while taking time to share their perspectives on Mother Nature and how they’ve altered the way they run their households.

Eddie Murphy (the voice of ‘Donkey’): Despite having recycling bins, Murphy doesn’t use them as properly as he’d like, but fortunately his children habitually take on the role of the comedian’s green police. “I wish that I could say that I was a green guy…Every now and then I’ll throw something in there, and the kids are like, ‘Hey! That’s for recycling!’”

Antonio Banderas (the voice of ‘Puss in Boots’): His wife Melanie Griffith says that in addition to recycling, they “do everything (they) can without changing the whole house.”

Cameron Diaz (the voice of ‘Princess Fiona’): “I think that it’s important for everybody to be (green), because we only have one planet and no one can live without clean air, clean soil and clean water. It affects all of us, every human being. The only thing 6 and a half billion people share on this planet is the planet. It just makes sense to take care of your life force and the resources that sustain you.”

Ryan Seacrest (the voice of ‘Father of Butter Pants’): Like many of his fellow Hollywoodites, Seacrest recycles materials in his home and is working on weaning himself off of paper in his office by “eliminating scripts” and trying to lean toward electronic data storage.  He says that though he is green, “I need to get better at it.”

Walt Dohrn (the voice of ‘Rumpelstiltskin’): His 7 year old daughter is especially engaged in the green scene, “So we make sure we recycle and bring our own bags to the grocery store,” plus Dohrn opts for alternative forms of public transportation “whenever I can, especially since I don’t drive. I take the bus, a car service.”

Holly Robinson Peete (at the Shrek premiere): The movie and television actress — who got her start on Fox’s 21 Jump Street (with Johnny Depp) – has been involved in spreading the green message to parents as well as making sure that her own family benefits exclusively from eco-friendly products, organic produce and “trash-free lunches for her kids.”

Via Mother Nature Network

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