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During Panetta Institute’s 2010 Lecture Series, former Vice President Al Gore discussed the topic What’s Next for America? Our Environment: Can We Save the Planet that Sustains Us? During a moderated questions and answer session UC Santa Cruz student Eric Deardorff stood up to fire off his own question.

Because of his high profile stance on climate change and the effects humans have on the planet, the logical question is why does Al Gore eat meat?

While being approached by security personal, Deardorff refused to back down until his question was heard. “In regards to your literature you state that the single most effective thing you can do to reduce your carbon footprint is to stop eating meat. I was wondering if today you would commit to doing what you’re saying in your literature that the single most effective thing to do is to stop eating meat.” Before sitting, Deardorff offered the Nobel Peace Prize winner a free vegetarian starter kit.

After pointing out that he did not want to encourage other interruptions, Gore decided to answer the question nonetheless. “I have started eating less meat. I am not a vegetarian and I understand we disagree on that. But factory farming and industrial livestock operations are indeed extremely energy intensive and factory farms do contribute—no question about it.”

Gore continued, “For my own health and sense of well being, as well as to reduce global warming pollution, I have cut back particularly on the red meat that I eat, but I do still eat meat. I was probably like a lot of people eating too much meat previously. I do think it’s a healthy choice to emphasize more fruits and vegetables. But I think it’s an individual choice.”

Individual choice? Of course! But considering Gore believes that if climate change is left unaddressed it could be the “end of human civilization as we know it” he may want to rethink his meat consumption—since he openly admits it is a contributing factor to climate change. Seems a high price to pay for a hotdog.

Check out the undercover video below:

  • Jen Hamilton

    Al Gore is a big pussy.

  • Sonia

    Such a hypocrite!

    Very ballsy of Eric to even ask that question.

  • georgina0912

    What Gore is currently doing is what i used to do about a year and a half ago. I used to call myself an animal lover, yet i was still eating chicken. At least now i can look at any animal in the eye without feeling guilty, but Gore is still making himself the biggest hypocrite. It would be nice if he was the poster boy for global warming while backing that up with responsible actions. And while eating less meat is great, by him admitting that what he is doing is an personal choice he is also admitting that he has no plans on dropping meat for good anytime soon.
    Just like i used to say “but all i eat is chicken!!!!”

  • Whoever…

    To me Al Gore has lost all credibility…
    He talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk and that I cannot accept or respect!

    What a hypocrite :(

    “While being approached by security personal, Deardorff refused to back down until his question was heard.”

    And what is this? Just because he was being INCONVENIENT? :)

    Democracy and freedom of speech my lovely behind ;)

  • Aquaman

    It is about time that people saw through Al Gore. Like so many other Democrats and their personal agendas for greed and money. How much money does he donate to charities? What is he doing about the oil spill to save nature? Didn’t he just buy some huge home somewhere for millions? He is a phony just like the rest of them. See if he can do it like Ghandi or Martin Luther King. And the security guards had to try to stop the young man from speaking? That is what they were trying to do through intimidation. And why do you think movies like Robin Hood come out in the theaters? That is right, for government uprising.

    And now they are trying to control the internet too. People are beginning to be afraid of what they say on the internet but they will try to sensor this soon also, just watch.

    You do not have to be an economist or other genius to figure this out. He is a fake and so are the rest if them. Wake up and vote them the hell out. And if they are not “in” there, then stop paying to read their bullshit books or paying to do anything else that supports their need for more money and/or power.

    PS: I am from Hawaii and I never saw Obama or Gore swimming in the ocean. Why? Because if they were truly concerned about nature and the sea life, they would be swimming and frolicking in the ocean. Anyone who knows how to really swim in the ocean is someone who cares about it. And when you care about nature, you would not do what they are doing. Nothing except for “Smoke screens.”

    This year, Vote the fakes out of there.



  • Bencat1000

    What a hypocritical pinhead. Impossible to respect someone who speaks out of both sides of the pie-hole…..

  • Christine

    halleluja! gore finally called out publicly on his hypocrisy…although sadly he continues to spew the same nonsense, downplaying the fact that animal ag is the #1 cause of global warming (saying instead that it’s a contributing factor) and promoting his book so he can buy more houses and personal jets. How he expects anyone to take him seriously as an environmentalist when he still can’t even take the most simple yet most important personal step (i.e. going veg) to help the planet is infuriating. really can’t stand this phoney

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  • Kathy

    People like him really irk me. They preach to everyone else that they must change but that does not include him. He says the single most effective thing you can do to reduce your carbon footprint is to stop eating meat, but he can’t tear himself away from meat how can he preach to others. He needs to stop his preaching until he is ready to take his own advice.

  • Jeanie

    He is the biggest hypocrite on the planet! Not only regarding the vegetarian issue which is HUGE, but the fact that he lives in a 26,000 square foot house and just bought another $9,000,000 house in Santa Barbara which uses more electricity than my whole block where I live. He practically needs his own electric grid in the the Carolinas where this enormous 26,000 square foot house is.

    I am DONE with this liar. WALK THE WALK AL!