by Michael Parrish DuDell
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We told you the New York Times was crazy about him. We told you he set an American record. Now, we’re excited to report that USA Today has awarded a special honor. Who are we talking about? Only vegan ultramarathoner Scott Jurek.

After winning a silver medal at the World 24-hour Run Championships in Brive, France and running over 165.7 miles over 24 hours, the famous paper has officially named him USA TODAY’s athlete of the week. Woo!

While training, Jurek consumes a whopping 5,000-8,000 plant-based calories a day.

“The whole issue,” he told the New York Times, “is exactly that: getting enough calories. The first thing to worry about isn’t so much what you eat, but how much you eat. You have to take the time to sit at the table and make sure your calorie count is high enough. And when you’re a vegan, to increase your calories as you increase training you need more food. This isn’t an elimination diet but an inclusion diet.”

Hell yeah! Keep up the great work, Scott!

  • Ray

    Huwow! Congratulations Scott. You’ve proven that even athletes, who need to spend a tremendous amount of energy during training and competitions, can choose to live vegan.

    That amount of rice is popular in Asia, not so much in the west. I’m glad it’s helping you get through your competitions :D

  • georgina0912

    Go Vegan power GO!