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During the past year or so, we’ve been pleasantly surprised to see Martha Stewart support a plant-based diet. Whether it’s hosting a vegetarian thanksgiving show or supporting vegan bakeries, it’s clear that Martha is happy to lend a hand to Team Veg!

In a recent column on, Martha was asked a question about preparing healthy foods for a vegetarian child. The reader asks, “My daughter doesn’t eat meat. What should she include in her diet to ensure she gets enough iron?”

Martha, having firsthand experience with her own vegetarian child, knew exactly what to say. She responded:

“There are plenty of iron-rich foods outside the animal kingdom, and a well-planned vegetarian diet can provide an ample amount. Spinach, kale, collard and similar leafy greens are all good sources, as are beans, nuts, eggs and whole grains, including quinoa and wild rice. Iron-fortified cereals and pastas are also worth seeking out.”

We like the way you think!

Want to read what else Martha has to say about getting iron with a vegetarian diet? Scoot on over to and check it out!

  • http://google C King

    I was perpetually anemic until I became vegan; now I’m not. I did not change anything else in my lifestyle and did not go to any lengths to assure I was receiving good nutrition; I used common sense. Legumes, dark green leafy vegetables, whole grains and fruits. At first I didn’t like whole grain pasta so I mixed half regular pasta with half whole grain. All in all, getting proper nutrition is easy. I’ve never been healthier and more energetic as I am now. Animal products do nothing to promote good health and vitality. Read the China Study. Every western disease known to us is linked to eating animals and animal products including eggs and dairy. Osteoporosis occurs in the countries with the highest dairy intake. This is because animal protein is acidic and calcium is leached from our bones to regulate the acidity. The more dairy intake the higher the risk of austeouporosis. It’s a good idea to know what companies are behind our food guides; it’s big ag. A study was conducted at Harvard on strength and endurance. There was an even number of athletic and sendentary vegans and meat eaters. The vegans, including the couch potatoes, beat the meat eating athletes in every category. Vegans live longer and healthier.
    We are also not contributing to animal abuse, green house gases and ecological damage as do meat eaters. I’m right with God, since He said to have Mercy and Compassion for all His creation.

  • georgina0912

    I hear ya.

    I have not had allergies this spring so far, my hair is shinier than ever, i have much more energy than before, my nails are stronger, and do not need a diet coke anymore in the middle of the day to wake up. And reading labels and the diet change really becomes second nature. I have no problem identifying hidden animal ingredients, or doing anything like that.

    It is so easy to be vegan, but we had a HUGE reason to go veg: to spare the suffering of animals. About 5 years ago my husband and i tried to go veg but did not last 1 month, our motivation was different this time though and we have not strayed for a year and a half.

    No more guilt, no more feeling like i am about to burst after i eat, it is all good.

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