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While many politicians and pundits are trying to stay BFF with BP, Robert Redford is using the Golf Coast oil spill as an opportunity to encourage Americans to support clean energy legislation.

Redford, who has been tireless in his advocacy for clean energy and environmental protection, recently teamed up with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) to record a special video public service announcement. In the PSA, Redford says:

“The Golf disaster is more than a terrible oil spill, it’s the product of a failed energy policy — one that puts oil company profits ahead of people and the environment. America needs a safe, clean and renewable energy, not more oil spills. That means politicians in Washington have a choice: keep bowing to the demands of Big Oil, or stand up for the American people. Tell President Obama to lead America towards a clean energy future.”

Just how do you share your thoughts with Obama? Visit the NRDC’s website and sign the petition telling Washington you want “strong clean energy and climate legislation that requires oil companies to cut their pollution each year would transform our energy system, reducing the risks of oil spills and global warming.” It’s now or never!

Check out Redford’s video below!

  • Mark Carson

    Does Mt. Redford have any proof that BP consciously decided to create (or risk) an oil spill in order to increase profits? No? I thought not. Just more inflaming rhetoric trying to make current events conform to his agenda.

    While I also support clean, renewable energy, portraying this unfortunate accident as being Big Oil profit related seems opportunistic and incorrect to me. Being a celebrity does not make you right (or even logical).

  • http://google C King

    Good for you Mr Redford. I hope that more people get behind you on this. What is it that politicians, the small handful of those who yeild the power, those who are elected and paid by the people; yet they don’t work for the people? Get rid of the lobbyists. Politicians should be given one single amount of money to campaign with and not gifts from big business. No more lobbying for favors. That is not democracy.

  • Erik

    “Robert Redford is using the Golf Coast oil spill as an opportunity”
    “The Golf disaster is more than a terrible oil spill, it’s the product of a failed energy policy”

    And what kind of disaster is it when a “reporter” cannot find the correct words to use?… TWICE….

    In between my fits of laughter and derision, I have google earth locating the GOLF COAST, and I also have YAHOO search finding me everything it can on the GOLF DISASTER.

    I wonder why google earth keeps zooming in on St. Andrews, Scotland and Augusta, Georgia?

  • Erik

    and YAHOO keeps finding tons of references on TIGER WOODS…