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A $1.5 million project focusing on the aftermath of the devastating oil spill caused by the April 20 explosion of the BP-operated Deepwater Horizon offshore oil rig is in the works thanks to Stephen Baldwin and his media company XtreMEDIA. The team began filming a documentary, “The Will To Drill” after arriving in New Orleans earlier this month and seeing the impact the spill had on the region.

“In learning what the locals were going through, I immediately felt compelled to want to help and get involved in creating more awareness,” said Baldwin.

During his filming, Baldwin was invited aboard a Black Hawk Military helicopter with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal to view the marshlands that have been damaged by the spill. The “Usual Suspects” star was overwhelmed to see the oil spread over miles of the Gulf.

“I want to talk to the world with this film,” explained the actor. “I want to create the story of the impact that then crescendos into motivating people to be pro-active in their own choices.”

Baldwin and veteran independent motion picture distributor Paul Cohen, who recently helped market “The Cove,” are currently in Cannes talking up “The Will To Drill”.

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  • Hart

    Stephan is a right wing religious extremist, I find it hard to believe he is opposed to offshore oil drilling.

    • mhertz

      This morning may 29 2010 Stephen slipped that he was already shooting a documentary called the will to drill whn the oil disaster happened, as he said it then fell n his lap. he was making a movie that was pro drilling and has now turned it into an oportunity to BLOW IN THE WIND. A documentary extolling the drill baby drill philosophy couldn’t possibly be a good idea now so wht the hell , now i’m an ecologist….SURE YOU ARE…YOU WERE RIGT WING FOR QUITE SOME TIME NOW..

  • Martha

    I like everything he’s doing and saying.

  • T

    Would be OK to show what is happening, But if this is just a Eviro-wacko wicth hunt. What a watse if that’s the case. Will be interesting to see. Dont get me wrong. I’m concerned about the environment. But everyone needs to ask themselves one very important question. Where did the oil come from? DUH!

  • R. A. Reiss

    The will to drill should only be advanced once the will to clean up all future spills, is addressed. With millions of people out of work and military personal doing mundane duties. They can be rushed to the areas needing clean-up. Temp housing,food,equipment,medical supplies etc can help solve this a future problems.