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Model and goodwill ambassador for the World Health Organization Liya Kebede is pictured here showing off some fancy eco, fair trade and vegan fashion! The dress is Kebede’s own design and handmade by local women in her native country of Ethiopia. The shoes, of course, are from Olsen Haus — one of our very, very favorite green and cruelty-free lines. A big ‘Yay’ to Vogue for highlighting fashion with a conscious!

  • Mandi

    Finally! Its about time Vogue jumped on the eco/ethical bandwagon. Some grow weary of malnourished Brazilians dressed in dead animals.

    • Linda

      Mandi, Mandi, you just made my day with “malnourished Brazilians dressed in dead animals” I’m laughin my head off!

      Unfortunately, this seems to be just a greenwashing campaign.
      If they are to sustain their commitment to green fashion, then for cryin out loud, Vogue should stop promoting more of those unethically produced fashion items that probably incurs a ton of carbon footprint from production, to shipping to parading in catwalks…

  • africhic african fashion

    YEAH! It’s wonderful that big name magazine and fashion companies are beginning to approach the ideas of Fair trade and ethical friendly fashion! These small steps by famous fashion companies will only help to jump start a new movement of eco and ethical friendly practices! Way to go Vogue!