by Daelyn Fortney
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Bourne Wood, a Forestry Commission managed coniferous woodland in England, serves as the backdrop for Russell Crowe‘s emergence from Sherwood Forest in the recently released film “Robin Hood.” Last visited during the filming of Gladiator, the wooded area engages in a forest management program—this year 2,000 trees will be removed and replaced with 10,000 new conifers.

“Robin Hood has once again made Bourne Wood one of those memorable movie scenes that will be watched worldwide for years to come,” said Pam Eastwood, film liaison officer for the Forestry Commission. “Taking four months to build the set, trees from the wood were used in the construction to create the palisade walls and fortifications for the medieval thatched village, which we allowed them to do as part of our forest management and tree thinning program.”

According to Forestry Commission, the replanting is vital for sustainable forestry in addition to helping to combat climate change. Furthermore the program will ensure the visual appeal of Bourne Woods for both visitors and on screen audiences.