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Dennis Kucinich has knocked it out of the park once again.

The well-spoken congressman took a minute to address the House regarding the recent Gulf Coast oil spill, which has already devastated “countless species of marine life.”  In the speech, Kucinich says:

“The ultimate surprise is not that it happened. Oil companies, and Democratic and Republican administrations, refuse responsibility and rejected alternatives. In this privatization of the natural world, damage to sea life is the cost of doing business. The ultimate horror is that we can’t stop the oil flood, won’t stop consumption of oil products and fail to admit the limits of technology.”

The politician continued, stressing the importance of quickly embracing sustainable practices:

“We must look to the consequences of our own demand and consumption: the energy we use, the kind of cars we drive, the products we buy, the food we eat, and our individual impact on the natural world. We can seize this moment. We as individuals can begin a green wave of sustainability to save the planet–and ourselves.”

We’ve always been impressed with Kucinich’s steadfast dedication to environmental causes and are pleased to see he’s speaking out about this recent tragedy. For this and many other reasons, we bestow upon him “Ultimate Rockstar” status. Check out the video below to hear Dennis in his own words.

  • Shelly

    This man never ceases to amaze and delight me. A compassionate and honest politician… who would have thought that possible?!? I would love to see Kucinich 2012 but sadly know the majority of Americans who view him as radical. Thank you Mr. Kucinich for speaking out!

  • Hart

    Love that Dennis is a vegan.

  • Remy C.

    I met Dennis Kucinich in Westport Connecticut when he came to town on his campaign trail… He gave me a really bad look when he saw me hitting on his wife… I had no clue who she was at the time, just tall! ;o) But he must be used to it, so he forgave me my indiscretion, and we talked for a little while. Dennis is a real black world insider, he knows what’s going on… and yet he’s playing it very safe, because he’s into it for the long haul. But it’s time now to accelerate things a little bit, he’s going to have to come out with it, as have many of his colleagues, like the governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico calling for full disclosure:

  • Karla

    Dennis is such an incredible thinker and politician. Thank goodness he’s out there, doing his thing on all our behalves.