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Guess who got “Wa$ted!” at the Planet Green offices earlier this week? I’ll give you one clue: he’s got two thumbs and loves all things green. Yep, this guy!

On Monday, May 24, myself and a slew of fellow green bloggers headed to the Planet Green offices in NYC to attend a panel discussion with WA$TED! host Annabelle Gurwitch and participants from two recent episodes.

In case you aren’t already familiar with the show (which you should be since it’s on its third season), WA$TED! is a series that journeys into the lives of American households and businesses to audit trash, energy, transportation and water consumption in an effort to expose just how much our culture overconsumes. Participants in the series open up their lives and examine their own bad habits and how their overconsumption affects the world around them.

We’re pretty big fans of the show and were super excited to learn more about the third season, which premiered in April on Planet Green.

During the informal chat, Gurwitch shared inside stories about her experience hosting the popular show, including the rewards and challenges that come with helping everyday folks go green. Most interestingly, we had the chance to chat with the two Wa$ted alum and find out which eco changes made the most difference. For example, we were happy to hear that the woman who regularly threw out perfectly good clothes now donates them. Phew!

Check out the clip below and head on over to to find out more about the show. We’re pretty sure you’re going to think it’s rad!

  • Remy C.

    Planet Green is missing the boat in my opinion… Sure I feel dissed after putting over a year’s hard work into developing a business strategy for Tomorrow’s Planet Television which never got off the ground, instead went to fashion Planet Green without so much as a call back. Am I mad? Am I bitter? I’m sad… Planet Green could have been Save The Planet television… instead it’s just a distraction, ecotainment… and in some instances, a downright hindrance, as in their early support of nuclear power when they first went on the air.

    I’m going to be very vocal about this now, when Graham Hill and Summer Rayne Oakes were invited to join the board of directors, they forgot about those of us shoving coal in the burner room. And now they’re paying for it, because the bag of tricks these two were carrying, were holding ideas developed during the Sponge TV research days.

    Planet Green could be so much more. They simply won’t acknowledge the forces that worked behind the scenes to bring it to where it is, and black listed me because of my outspoken frustration at being left behind at the altar when everyone got rich on what is in part my labor. But I don’t use lawyers, I use time and erosion…

    If we’re going to save this planet, we better start developing systems where the impetus for ideas are respected. Look where we are after destroying the work of hundreds of inventors in the last Century who came up with real alternatives to oil, coal, and also dirty nuclear power! What are Discovery, Graham Hill and Summer afraid of? That we’re right?

    I’m not alone, half a dozen NASA astronauts are saying the exact same thing, including the founder of Skunkworks! We have all the solutions we need, we just don’t have the will as a people, captive of multi-nationals, to demand a Congressional investigation. Instead you leave your eco-warrior friends behind for a few pieces of silver? And then expect them to remain kind in guise of your flagrant lack of green ethics?

    Wake up people, Planet Green is a corporate entity out to protect the very system which is causing all the problems, and everyone is too thrilled at their VIP invitations to challenge that status quo. Where’s the sense of revulsion and rebellion at what is going on in these boardrooms? I didn’t lend these people my sweat and brow for them to stab me in the back while they lavish in the lap of luxury. I’m sorry. Payback time.