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Sungevity, residential solar provider, announced the Sungevity LA Solar Lease Program which was designed especially for residents of Los Angeles who wish to ditch electricity and go solar. After receiving much attention for offering free solar panels to the White House, Sungevity is now promoting residential lease options by estimating the savings of Hollywood stars.

“The good news is you do not have to be a movie star to benefit from going solar,” said Danny Kennedy, President and co-founder of Sungevity. “Most Californians make money day one, when they sign for the Solar Lease. Nonetheless I am looking forward to getting a phone call from Justin or Jessica and seeing how we can help them get clean electricity straight from the sun! In the era of awful oil spills and rising energy bills it is good to have a solar option.”

The estimated celebrity savings, which is not intended to be firm as the company had to guess the electricity usage of the stars, range from $131 a month for Sandra Bullock to $260 a month for Madonna. Each month Jennifer Alba could save $100 and Ashton Kutcher $75.

“We are excited to be able to offer the residents of LA the opportunity to go solar with the best service in the business,” said Kennedy. “We have already sold more than 200 leases around California and have a long list of happy customers from the years before we offered the lease. Our mission is to make solar accessible and affordable for everyone, everywhere and the LA program marks an important step for us in making that happen.”

Financing for the Sungevity LA Solar Lease Program will be provided by U.S. Bancorp and will require no money down with a 20 year term.

  • Cindy

    We received our Iquote from Sungevity and compared it to two other quotes that we had previously received from other dealers. Sungevity’s quote was over a thousand dollars higher for a smaller system and my husband was upset because they didn’t even mention what brand of mounting they were going to use, so we’re assuming that it will be a lower cost mounting. Sungevity quoted us a brand of solar panels and converter that we had never heard of before, while the one dealer that we spoke to with the lower price on a considerably larger system was offering us name brand Mitsubishi solar panels and a Sunny Boy converter and in their quote they listed the mountings as Unirak which are made in the U.S.A. We were surprised to see all of the hype on the Internet about Sungevity and they’re not even competitive in their pricing.