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I wouldn’t mess with Jason Ellis if I were you. The 5-foot-11-inch Australian boxer started out as a professional skateboarder and just so happens to also be a trained mixed martial artist.

Ellis recently sat down with to share some of his thoughts on animal cruelty. According the organization:

“Whether protesting Michael Vick’s reinstatement into the NFL, mouthing off about people who keep animals in captivity and then beat them so that they will perform circus tricks, or trying to figure out why exactly it is that schools force students todissect animals, Ellis certainly isn’t one to hold back his opinions.”

Think Ellis is cool? Check out the video below and visit for the chance to win a skate deck autographed by the athlete and a Taintstick T-shirt! The contest ends on June 10.

Good luck!

Learn more about Jason Ellis at

  • georgina0912

    Oh i love him! Never heard from him before but i do love him.
    People who are that passionate about animals are my kind of people ;)

    • Linda

      I agree Georgina! Who would have thought that tattooed punk, kick-a** dude wearing that cool Dolce & Gabbana cap will be so passionate about animals. Tough guy with a heart of gold, my kinda man!