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Celebrity chef Tom Colicchio appears on the recently released “True Blood” Season 2 DVD and Blu-ray as part of a featurette “The Vampire Report: Special Edition” which provides the fans with the latest news and commercials from the vampire world. Colicchio, who is a “True Blood” fan, stars in a cooking segment in which he creates an elixir that could be enjoyed by humans as their vampire friends sip on a TruBlood.

During the segment Colicchio explains, “I have a few friends that are vampires, and I’ve had this issue. We go out, and I’m sitting there through appetizer, and entree, and dessert, and they’re just kind of nursing a TruBlood. It’s a little awkward.”

The “Top Chef” judge is currently working with his family on a new cookbook which is set to be released next year.

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  • AL

    Mmmmmmm. Nothing like a tasty true blood elixir made with chicken stock! NOT! I find it odd that Ecorazzi would feature this even though it’s NOT veg…

  • carole

    seriously. If it’s not blood it’s “extract” of chicken. Good improvement?

  • linda_sullivan

    Lol. I love that series. Jason Stackhouse is my man!