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Photo: video screen capture

Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest posted an open letter to Conklin Dairy Farms—the site where barbaric animal abuse was captured on video by a Mercy For Animals investigator.

The footage obtained at the dairy farm located in Plain City, Ohio reveals horrors including workers violently punching calves in the face, beating cows with crowbars, stabbing cows in the legs and stomach with pitchforks, and twisting the tails of cows until the bone snaps.

In the letter, Curtis and Guest explain that their daughter was “overcome with grief that human beings could inflict such cruelty and unconscious hatred at the most benign of creatures and their infants. The shocking images were too much for her father and me but we watched enough to know where it led. ”

The couple asks the dairy farm’s owner, Gary Conklin, if he has shown the video to his children and suggests that he attend classes where he is “taught kindness and compassion for all beings.”

“We challenge you to have the courage, as the brave person who filmed this did, to open your doors and your hearts. Become the standard for safety and kindness and actually change — change your mental state and spend the rest of your lives, and the lives of your descendants, trying to make your farm the leader in humane, clean, loving treatment of the very animals you profit from. You have the opportunity. Certainly one more than those helpless victims of your sick, tortured abuse.”

The couple’s full letter can be read at Huffington Post.

I always say, “Once you know, you can’t unknow.” The Conklin Dairy Farms case is not an isolated incident, therefore one must wonder what kind of torture has been endured by the animals who supply Dannon Activia—the company Jamie Lee Curtis represents as a spokesperson. In the letter to Conklin Dairy Farms Curtis says, “There are moments in all our lives where we face our deepest, darkest truths.” I hope the actress takes her words to heart and reconsiders her relationship with Dannon.

Watch the Mercy For Animals undercover investigation. Warning, the footage is extremely graphic.



  • georgina0912

    Last Thursday when this whole thing exploded, i could not watch past the 5 second mark. This f***** guys think they are so tough by completely abusing calves and their mothers. What is their deal? What in the name of all that is nature can possess those assholes to do such things?
    Give me my metal baseball bat and give me 15 minutes with each of those rotting-poor-excuse of humans, that is all i want.

    • Kimitake Hiraoka

      Such language! I am shocked, young lady.

      Don’t go down the path of violence, dearest Georgina. It isn’t in your nature.

      Besides, any good that appears to come of violence is only temporary, while the evil it does is permanent.

      In the end, it will catch up with you and a price will be paid. There’s a man sitting in a Tokyo court house right now that will attest to that.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Yes indeed…there are lots of kamikaze wives without husbands also sitting in a small room in Tokyo somewhere.

      • georgina0912

        Kimitake, isn’t posting about the Conklin Farms scandal taking time away from your pro-whaler blogs?

        And leave me alone, you go do your thing, and i will go do mine. If that is how i want to express my outrage i will do it and there is nothing you can say that will make me feel bad. I am a vegan and as such every single day of my life i am shocked about the Conklin video, animal testing, whale killing for food, animals raised for food…you name it.

        I am not part of the problem anymore. How about you?

  • blakmira

    I am glad that Jamie Lee Curtis was horrified enough to write a letter. Anyone who watched that video that wasn’t “overcome with grief” is seriously missing a soul. I know I cried and shook for an hour afterwards, and I’ve seen dozens of animal abuse on tape.

    I would really like to see Jamie Lee Curtis put her money where her mouth/heart is and severe all ties with the Dannon Yogurt company she is the spokesperson for. How does she know which dairy farm it comes from?

    Note: Mercy for Animals has another video on youtube at another dairy farm in New York. Not quite as violent but disturbing nonetheless. The truth is that monsters like this (and the owner, also caught on tape) are attracted to jobs in animal enterprise, and the brutality is rampant!

    Boycotting all dairy and animal products is the only way to stop the demand for this cruelty.

  • Linda

    This is just so sad, the conditions of animals in factory farms everywhere. I hope people do something to make conditions more humane. “Barbaric” does not even come close to how you can describe it.

    Americans are calling the Chinese cruel for killing dogs for fur? What do you call this then?? It’s one and the same

    • georgina0912

      You are right Linda, it is all the same abuse for food, for clothes, to get answers that are not relevant to humans.

  • Rob

    The problem is not this farm in particular, but the whole of the industry that exploits animals for profit. Please boycot all animal products, become vegan. It’s very straightforward and you’ll find plenty of support at your local vegan group or online.

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  • K

    I think that we should fuck them up, seriously!

  • Kelly

    This video inspired me to donate to the HFA (Humane Farming Association). They do great work specifically for farm animals, including rescue work. If you are angry at this video, donate to an organization like HFA to help stop this kind of thing.

  • Ned

    Now was this just another person planted on the farm and then invited someone to take some pictures??? it sure does not compare with way I have seen farms run and I have see quite a few
    and its also funny that this should show up at a time when the HSUS is trying to push thru their own legislation in Ohio some thing smells to high heven here

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