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PETA, ever mindful of pop culture opportunities to spread their message, has targeted the sale of the famous ‘Amityville Horror’ house.

The owner, after extensive renovations, (and no reports of strange noises in the night) has listed he Long Island home for $1.15m — but the animal rights org has another idea.

“We would like to rent the notorious house temporarily and turn it into the Amityville Slaughterhouse of Horrors, a haunted house-style exhibit showing the real-life horrors inflicted on animals on factory farms and in slaughterhouses,” writes Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman in a letter to the owner.

“The supernatural haunting that some people believe occurred in this building is legendary, but many people don’t realize that if they are eating meat, eggs, and dairy products, they are getting their food from real-life horror houses: factory farms and slaughterhouses.”

Reiman then goes on to describe what sounds like something out of a twisted Disneyland attraction.

“Visitors would be able to see animatronic hens struggling for space inside tiny battery cages and lifelike “fish” gasping for air as they slowly suffocate on the deck of a fishing boat. Guests would be able to touch actual instruments used by these cruel industries, including branding irons that inflict third-degree burns on cows and electrified prods that are used to force sick animals to walk to their deaths at slaughterhouses. Visitors would also have the opportunity to be “locked” in a tiny metal-and-concrete gestation pig crate.”

What do you think? Would you like to visit this horror house?

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  • Imfortehwales

    I think this is a great idea..i would also like to see bear farming highlighted, where they milk the bears in china for their bile. Thats a real horror show.

    Something like this will certainly draw attention to cruel farming practices. People may s6till choose to eat meat etc but people these days have a choice, to support cruelty in farming or not to support it.

    Hopefully Peta will help highlight the cruelty and people might stop and think more about whether to pay the little extra for free range eggs or not.

    Perhaps they can also show a film show of a whale dying…there are plenty of videos out there that show the real horror of whaling.

  • VeggieTart

    Kinda like the Hell Houses evangelical groups have every year around Halloween.

  • Anon

    Fuck Peta, who the fuck cares how we get the food… You think our practices are cruel? Try living in the god damn wild and watch a lion or a bear catch and eat something still alive (for a few minutes).. then tell me our practices are any fucking better.