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Here on the Razz, we’ve talked a lot about Glee star Lea Michele’s vegan diet. Long story short: we’re a fan of the lifestyle choice!

In a recent interview on, Lea discussed her new planet-pleasing diet and favorite guilty pleasures.

“Dark chocolate and vegan cupcakes!,” said Michele. “My guilty pleasure used to be cheese but since I’ve become a vegan I’ve found that vegan desserts taste better than any regular dessert, so that’s what I go to immediately. I’m obsessed with Smart Water. I drink it all day long. I used to be a really big coffee drinker and then I just decided to cut down.”

Hmm. While we’re pleased as punch to see Lea passing on the cheese, we’re a little depressed about the Smart Water thing. Sure, drinking water is great — but all that bottled is bad for Mama Earth’s health.

According Food and Water Watch, bottled water produces up to 1.5 million tons of plastic waste per year. What’s more, it takes 47 million gallons of oil per year to produce all that plastic. Yikes!

Can Lea give up all that bottled agua? Our fingers are crossed!

  • Nik

    She eats fish though. I’m not judging, but if you’re going to take the step to give up dairy…why not fish? $10 she couldn’t dream of giving up sushi.

  • georgina0912

    Seriously, wasn’t it last week or the week before there was something about Lea and how she eats fish?

    But, anyone can have a set back so maybe she is trying to get back to her vegan ways? Hopefully?

  • jasmin singer

    hey… i love lea. i love that you covered her vegan-cupcake love affair! i can relate, as i also have a love affair with vegan cupcakes. but i gotta say, i kind of wish you weren’t so harsh with her, focusing the majority of this piece on how “not green” it is that she drinks bottled water. yeah, i agree that it’s an issue, but particularly on a not-exclusively vegan blog, where highlighting vegan celebs like lea (if she is in fact, vegan, though the two comments that preceded mine say otherwise, in which case LEA GET WITH IT!!), it would’ve been nice to have made this a congratulatory piece highlighting our new vegan celebrity and how green vegan cupcakes are… with a snarky sidenote saying something like “now give up those bottles of water, lea!!” ya know? anyway, thanks so much for bringing light to this (hopefully?) vegan cutie-pie. xo