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Brooke Shields has officially made it on to our naughty list. And not the good kind of naughty, either! The well-known actress recently spoke out on behalf of the (devil) fur industry and helped them pimp out pelts.

“Wearing fur may be associated with something grandmotherish. Something you wear when you visit the opera, or if you are a rock star and wears it inside out. But I will advocate that both my generation and the younger generation can wear fur“, says Brooke Shields.

Sorry, Brookey, we disagree! Wearing fur is associated with cruelty and environmental destruction. Wearing fur is associated with an outdated philosophy about how other species should be treated. Wearing fur is associated with a certain actor’s general lack of knowledge about a very unkind industry.

This whole furry controversy occurred when Shields visited Kopenhagen Fur’s creative workshop to design her own mink coat, stating that it’s every little girl’s dream to own such a garment. Le sigh.

“I will wear the fur garment when I follow my children to school, when I drink coffee and when I sleep“, says Shields.

And for each moment you spend in that coat, we shall spend equal time educating the world about the horrors of the fur industry and why it will always be the ultimate bummer. This is a promise!

  • ASB

    I guess Brooke didn’t make this statement when she was at the Go Vegan art exhibit in NYC. hypocrisy.

  • georgina0912

    YUCK, and then she has the balls to say this: “My only true love, darling. I live for furs. I worship furs! After all, is there a woman in all this wretched world who doesn’t? ”

    Uhmmm, yeah, me. I would not even consider to wear that even for a nanosecond. The minute i went vegetarian (vegan now) in 2008 i said i would never again wear my leather and suede jackets because it would be embarrassing…kind of like being Al Gore and all his talk and continue eating meat…so no, i would never.

    And if i even dream about it then that is not a dream but a nightmare.

  • Dawn

    Disappointing that you claim to not support fur and people who wear fur, yet you have a link to a furrier on THIS article’s page! LA Fayette Furs is linked to this page. If your news company cared so much for animals why do you have this link??

  • georgina0912

    Are you talking to me Dawn? If that is the case and you are talking about the link i included in my post that is just to show where i got the quote from. I do not know a thing about DListed and certainly have never heard of LA Fayette Furs. Also, i do not support wearing fur, why would i?

    If you are not talking to me then just ignore me. Thanks!

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  • Mandi

    ugh.. this is disappointing. What’s worst is how horrifically proud she is that she has chosen to wear a dead animal. Its sad that so many celebrities are so materialistic and shortsighted that they can only see glamour and prestige… and nothing else.

    Oh and Dawn- In Ecorazzi’s defense, those ads you speak of are Google ads. They pick up certain keywords in articles and display randomly generated ads using that information. They cannot be controlled. I’ve had some unfortunate ad placement on my site in the past.

  • don miguelo

    Feel free to leave the companies Brooke’s advertising for a message. Maybe you don’t want you teeth whiter, eye lashes bigger, or beds more comfortable if it means having to be pro-fur? (owns Latisse)

    Iconix Brand Group (owns Royal Velvet line)
    P 212.730.0030
    F 212.391.2057

  • don miguelo

    We should make a stink at the companies she does add for. Don’t they realize whenever we see her and their product all we see is how she hates animals? Like Michael Vick ads for a deoderant ain’t gonna get thru to me, y’know?

    Complain directly Colgate, Latisse (owned by Allergan), and Royal Velvet (brand ambassador is Iconix).

    NOTE: I had put the exact customer service sites to complain to here before but the post never made it past the filter or something.

  • ratking

    now in that furcoat she chose in denmark she shall really look old!!!