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How many Ecorazzi readers out there used to think that the supposedly fresh, just-scrubbed scent wafting through your household following the application of oodles of household chemical-based cleaning products meant that you successfully restored your living space to a pristine, bacteria-free zone?

Okay…now who’s still coating their countertops and floors with liquefied, laboratory-created chemicals even though they have an inkling that it’s not only bad for the planet but also probably pretty awful for our bodies?

Despite the fact that a DIY recipe featuring white vinegar, botanical oils and baking soda can pretty much take care of all our cleaning challenges in a far safer manner, there are still skeptics out there who are convinced that nothing can work as effectively as chemicals.

Fortunately, a non-profit group called the Green Products Innovation Institute (GPII) is poised to revamp the chemical cleaning biz within the next few years by: a) establishing acceptable industry standards b) acting as a third-party certifier c) creating a cradle-to-cradle classification system for products that fulfill their exacting standards  d) emblazoning their name on products that meet their eco-requirement so consumers can purchase them with eco-confidence.

Additionally, all of GPII’s approved products will be socially responsible, sourced using safe, sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients and be produced using renewable energy.

Believe it or not, Proctor & Gamble deserves kudos for being an early adopter of GRII’s system by being receptive to developing eco and human-friendly alternatives to their traditionally toxic chemical compounds.

Guess which high profile individuals are backing this effort by becoming regularly involved? Not only the founder of YouTube Chad Hurley and celebrated eco-attorney Robert Kennedy Jr. but also Make It Right founder, proud papa and (oh yeah) megawatt movie star Brad Pitt.

Why should we care about GPII’s efforts? If the future of our planet and its ecosystems isn’t enough to motivate us to step away from the chemicals once and for all, our own personal safety should light a fire under our derrieres and remind us that there’s always a better way!!

Via CNBC and the New York Times

  • Sustainable Inner Freedom Facilitator

    I went to the Green Products Innovation Institute (GPII) website. It says “GPII is a non-profit organization created to bring about a large scale transformation in the way we make the things we make.”

    They further point out “Rather than focusing on how industry can become “less bad,” the GPII is set up to be a resource for those who aspire to do “more good”. We promote an innovation-oriented model for eliminating toxic chemicals and other negative environmental impacts.”

    To me “more good” is pretty much the same as “less bad”. Both involve simply fixing the existing or past state. Real transformation is about re-inventing everything without comparison to the past. However that is only possible after creating complete sustainable inner freedom from the past and creating an inner state of infinite possibilities that is not bound by the past.

    I suspect that from such a unbounded state of freedom from limitations, we will discover some pretty amazing Chemical Free Cleaning solutions; maybe we won’t even need to clean much when we are established in that state.

    Dr Claude Windenberger

  • Mo

    It’s been years since I’ve used anything except vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice to clean my home. When I used to use bleach, my cats would try and LICK up the bleach, so I’m definitely happy to be using things that they won’t try to eat and then DIE. I even got my mom and aunt into giving up (most) chemicals!