by Elizah Leigh
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Rising temperatures outside call for cool swimwear, but even a simple suit can be cause for environmental concern since Lycra or Spandex – the typical materials used to create that stretchy consistency – are made out of polyurethane which, for all intents and purposes is plain old oil.

In response to increased consumer awareness and the desire to seek out greener alternatives, there are a rising number of designers who are crafting collections that feature sustainable, organically-grown fibers and as little or no man-made fabrics and materials as possible.

One such designer is Katharine Hamnett, who first made her splash on the fashion scene back in the eighties by creating distinctively large black typeface protest t-shirts emblazoned with memorable slogans like CHOOSE LIFE, SAVE THE WHALES, PRESERVE THE RAINFOREST and most recently “PEACE” and “USE A CONDOM”.

While eco-friendly fashion is a relatively contemporary pursuit, Hamnett was dialed into the need for a green clothing alternative as far back as 1989 by launching her “Clean Up or Die” collection in response to the discovery that conventionally-produced, pesticide-laden cotton contaminates ground water supplies, triggers extensive cases of chronic illness/death and oftentimes locks workers in a vicious cycle of modern-day slavery.

Hamnett’s latest effort to make a positive planetary impact comes in the form of her “Save The Sea” collection of fourteen 50s & 60s inspired eco-friendly beachwear pieces (including towels, totes, his-n- her suits and cover-ups) made with organic cotton and sustainable materials.

With each piece sold, a percentage of the purchase price will fund the “Fashioning a Better Future” charity which aids West African farmers.

Take a look at this videotaped interview with the designer as she elaborates on her motivation behind her latest ethically produced and totally beach-worthy collection.

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