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The sad thing about this story is how predictable it turned out to be.

After publishing yesterday’s story of Al Gore’s unfortunate separation from his wife Tipper after 40 years of marriage, I immediately wondered how the extreme right would gleefully mock such news.

Leave it to Limbaugh to comment on the situation by calling Gore a hypocrite because “divorces contribute to global warming”. From his radio show:

“The environmentalist wackos have put this notion up there that divorce contributes to global warming,” Limbaugh said. “And now, here is Mr. Global Warming, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, now contributing to his own crisis.”

Rush was rubbing salt in Gore’s wounds by calling upon a 2007 study published by New Scientist; which revealed that when a household splits, the two parties consume more energy and water apart than together. Hence, Gore is a hypocrite.

Yup. Limbaugh’s legend as a giant ass clown continues to grow. Like I said, “predictable”.

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  • Erin

    I think soon the line will become blurred between the “Dems” and the “Repubs” and the left and the right.

    Frankly I feel that Gore and Limbaugh are both bloated babies neither of whom I really care for… Granted Gore brought much attention to the perils of our planet but he is a bit of a hypocrite (an attribute I never liked in anyone) Walk the walk Gore… Puleeze. (at least he was starting to in the newer eco home he and his soon to be ex bought)

    But left right, black white… None of that will matter. We’ll do the right thing like convince Ron Paul and Vegan Dennis Kucinich (in two different parties, but great friends and fans of each other) to run together and make a difference in this country… Granted Obama had to step in the shoes of Bush who helped ruin this country over eight years but Obama? He’s continuing the war and honestly not much better.

    Once we realize Dem and Republicans both fail and think up a real solution so that this planet is still around for our children to LIVE in then we’ll know we made progress ;)

    My two cents, my sixth sense is free ;-)