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Ecorazzi has reported on the build up to Jack Johnson’s latest release, To The Sea. We’ve shared, for example, that the album was recorded in two solar-powered studios and that all proceeds from his green-infused summer tour will be donated to charitable organizations.

Now that To The Sea has hit the shelves, what are music reviewers saying about Johnson and his feel-good tunes?

Well, lean back in your hammock – this former surfer has not abandoned his chillout, guitar-based vibe. “His choices are predictable,” says Margaret Wappler of the Los Angeles Times, “but it’s comforting and hard not to like in its gently strummed affability.”

Critics agree that the opening track “You and Your Heart” offers To The Sea its greatest edge. The song’s lyrics address a perpetual hater: “You cut the people passing by/ Because you know what you don’t like / It’s just so easy.” Clearly this isn’t Pretty Hate Machine, but the song provides a more rousing, opinionated sound than the tracks that follow.

The critics’ favorite spin, however, appears to be “From the Clouds.” Rolling Stone calls it “the quintessential Jack Johnson song.” The Associated Press muses that “it’s the sort of perfect song a girl wants to have her guy sing to her, and a song that any guy could manage to pull off.”

And what say you? Have you purchased To The Sea? Do you agree with these early reviews?

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  • don miguelo

    “Clearly this isn’t Pretty Hate Machine…” the article says-
    It’s true: Jack Johnson is no Trent Reznor. However Jack has this album and NIN has a song called “La Mer”.

    I like them both for different reasons, great idea to use solar power for the studios!

    I think NIN uses straight rage power, not solar, but they still fundraise for charities here and there as well.

  • Matt Hoffmann

    Picked it up on the 1st and gave it a couple listens in the car. Definitely chill music. Sounds a lot like his earlier stuff (Brushfire and On and On) which I absolutely love. Some tunes I’m not so thrilled with but, all in all, a classic Jack Johnson offering that I’ll be listening for years to come.

  • Robert Ayers

    Jack’s song’s always give the critics a headache because although his mellow style could be seen to some people as a lazy form of music which doesn’t belong at the level which Johnson has found himself. It is somewhat hard to hate his music, His new album ” To The Sea” takes jack’s music in another direction in one of the interviews which he did before the release he describe his latest work as more punky which is evident in the on the first track of the album “you and your heart” which on first listen was a complete surprise as we have come to expect the simple lyrics which the simple guitar be it acoustic in his first albums or electric which was used in his 2008 album “Sleep Through the Static”. His new album is a change in direction which didn’t hurt other artists and I’m sure it won’t hurt him.