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Val Kilmer Barred From Developing Eco-Ranch Due To New Mexico Grudge?

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Anyone who caught Werner Herzog’s latest film Bad Lieutenant may have been so dazzled and equally stunned by Nicholas Cage’s Oscar-worthy performance that Val Kilmer’s solid turn as a fellow cop was rendered nonexistent.

He’s making plenty of noise off-screen, though, with regard to the future of his New Mexico, Pecos River Ranch property.

Ecorazzi readers might recall that Kilmer was attempting to sell his sprawling 6,000 acre ranch last year for $33 million but now here we are, well over a year later and no buyers.

Rolling with the punches, the actor has decided to transform his property into a country refuge for travelers, complete with guest houses, meandering trails and fly fishing (among other outdoor recreational pursuits).

In fact, if you’re interested, you can actually travel there right now and stay for the night if you have a spare $200 (according to his Pecos River Ranch website) but that apparently violates the San Miguel County Commission’s May 7th decision to block Kilmer’s guest house request.

It seems as though there’s some bad blood between the two parties ever since the actor purportedly commented to Rolling Stone back in 2003 that the state he’s called home for 13+ years harbors perpetually drunk residents and is the “homicide capital of the Southwest”, both of which he categorically denies ever saying.

As amusing (and possibly observant?) as the comments may be, are they good reason to bar the actor from developing his property?

Others in the vicinity claim that he’s been a poor neighbor with no explanation as to why (maybe the extra bottles of tequila have clouded their judgment? Now, now…just kidding!)…but from what we can gather, Kilmer’s philosophy on erecting eco-respectful structures that work in tandem with Mother Nature is to be applauded rather than barred.

This situation will hopefully be rectified when Kilmer appears in front of the zoning commission on June 23. This time around, you might want to keep any potentially questionable thoughts to yourself, Val 😉

Via Examiner and Post Chronicle

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