Way before Harrison Ford, Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise and The Transporter’s Jason Statham shook the silver screen with their impossibly gripping blockbuster heroics, America’s legendary bad-ass Steve McQueen was paving the way.

The Oscar nominated actor – who made an indelible mark during the 60s and 70s in such memorable films as the original Thomas Crown Affair, The Getaway, The Magnificent Seven and Papillon – was known as much for his believable performances on screen as for his no-holds-barred personal life and penchant for utter excess (beyond chronic smoking and drinking), resulting in his untimely death at age 50 of lung cancer.

Woody Harrelson may be today’s Hollywood poster child for marijuana use but he has nothing on McQueen, who reportedly indulged in daily pot binges as well as a vast array of illegal drugs yet was so gung-ho about his own physical wellness that he exercised two hours every day, engaged in serious adrenaline-jolting hobbies like dirt bike riding, flying and car racing (which earned him many a ticket) and toward the end of his life, adhered to a strict regimen of whole organic foods, countless vitamin/mineral supplements and experimental treatments such as apricot pit-derived laetrile, coffee enemas and therapeutic injections of live sheep and cow cells.

Most remember him, however, as one of Hollywood’s first legitimate actor-stunt men who literally threw himself head first into all of his performances.

Well, those who savor the McQueen mystique may be interested in purchasing a piece of Hollywood royalty now that the King of Cool’s 15 acre Santa Paula ranch is once again back on the market.

Purchased by the actor in 1979, he lived there a relatively brief time with his third with Barbara Minty until he succumbed to complications following the removable of sizable 5 pound abdominal tumors in a Mexican hospital.

Boasting an 1892-built Victorian home with 3 bedrooms and 2 ½ bathrooms, the dwelling is tucked away amid three acres of syrah grapes, horse trails and a stunning mountain backdrop.

Fans of McQueen will be elated to learn that quite a few of his original remodeling enhancements exist to this day, including the kitchen stove, stained glass windows, a turtle/koi pond and even a 4,500 square foot hangar (the site of McQueen’s play toy collection of transportation goodies).

Curious? Take a look at his official ranch website here!

Via Ventura County Star