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Alec Baldwin shared his thoughts on the BP oil disaster by penning a blog post titled “This Crisis Is an Opportunity to Set an Example — Let BP Die” on The Huffington Post. The passionate 52 year old stresses the fact that the devastation in the Gulf is something that affects us all.

“The destruction in the Gulf region, like the Katrina debacle and the September 11th attacks, reminds us that we are one country and that the sudden loss or destruction of our nation’s freedoms, monuments, culture, servicemen and women, natural resources, you name it, casts into sharp focus what is ours to protect and defend,” writes Baldwin.

The actor continues, “The Gulf of Mexico, at least that part of it that is ours to maintain and fish and enjoy, belongs to every American. Just like the Great Lakes, the Grand Canyon, Monterey Bay, The Rocky Mountains, Cape Cod, Park Avenue, the Lincoln Memorial, the Little League ball field in your town, the place you have coffee at every morning, or take yoga or the place you go to have coffee and make fun of yoga . What is happening down there is happening to you and to me. Because resources like the Gulf ARE this country. They belong to us. And if you aren’t so goddamned fed up with this crap from the oil industry that you want to scream, then maybe you need to have some tar balls fall out of the sky on to your front lawn before you get it.”

Baldwin reminds readers of message he previously relayed which said that in order to show that we are on the right track with energy reform, a major oil company would have to go out of business. He believes that oil company should be BP—“let BP die.”

To read Alec Baldwin‘s post in its entirety visit The Huffingon Post.

  • JayP

    I thank Alec for speaking the truth. Too many times when ‘the truth’ is spoken, after backlash from the media people retract and apologize. Alec doesn’t apologize for his beliefs and stands by what he says. We need more Alec’s in the world.

  • matt

    Alec Baldwin, just another one of those employed by millions of people that thinks his opinion matters more then everyone else. Now that he has said something stupid as this there will be hundred of thousands if not millions of brainless idiots that will agree with him.

    If BP goes out of business tens of thousands of Americans will lose their jobs, something we can’t really afford at the moment. We can let them go out of business and all of a sudden our oil supply will be severely cut, people will be stranded at home because they can’t get to work, they will lose their jobs, the country will be even more in debt then it already is and then we will have to rely on foreign aid like so many of the 3rd world countries. We will then be cast into another civil war due to our country going into the gutter even more then it already has.

    If it weren’t for the democratic tyranny that we have now, this oil spill could of been avoided. Research it and you will see the facts because everyone knows that no one will believe it unless it comes from the mouth of a celebrity.

    Now, I don’t think it’s good that we have an estimate of 648,000 to 1,080,000 gallons of oil floating around in the gulf (12,000 to 20,000[gallons per day] x 54 [days since it began]. All this criticism against BP saying that they are more worried about salvaging the oil that has escaped then they are about cleaning it up is stupid. How can the salvaging the oil to send it off to the refinery be any different then getting it out of the water? Either way, it’s getting cleaned up, the reasons behind it are messed up but who cares!!! IT’S GETTING CLEANED UP!

    Quit pointing fingers until this is over with. Don’t pray they go bankrupt so people lose their jobs. DON’T THINK YOU’RE BETTER THEN EVERYONE BECAUSE YOU DRIVE A HYBRID! I love the contradiction that flows from your mouths everyday of your lives!

  • gb

    After reading this i have to wonder: #1 who cares what Alec thinks? #2 if you do, and if he was such an insightful person, why doesn’t he think Toyota should shut down for building faulty cars? Why are airlines still in business with all of the fatalities that they have generated from crashes? Why are the Whale Wars crews allowed to burn hundreds of thousands of diesel fuel to chase down and crash into the Japanese whaling fleet? But let’s assume he is on the right track. If BP does shut down, then all thise millions of people who work for, and rely on BP will be out of a job. Those of us who do need to buy fuel to go to work will have to pay more for it. The added cost would mean we would not be able to buy new Toyotas. Nor could we afford to drive or fly from our little spot on the Earth to see the rest of the natural treasures that he speaks of. That means those places would lose out on the millions of tourist dollars that keep them open and employing thousands. And, alas, the Whale Wars fleet would no longer be able to afford to spend months at sea, burning through hundreds of thousands of gallons of diesel fuel, asking us to forgive them for their blatant disregard of the carbon footprint that they are scarring the seas with. Keep up the good work Alec. I don’t think BP is blameless, but there are certainly a lot more factors involved than your mind could assimilate.

  • Michelle

    Why should the JOB of some chiselers that all have thousands of violations and criminal negligence be owed a living at the expense of our very existence? This gulf disaster is so much worse than people think. It’s going to kill millions by the time it’s all said and done. Not to mention half the ocean. We can’t breathe without plankton. It makes most of our breathable oxygen. It’s not going to stay neatly contained either. In 18 months it’ll be across the whole’s a ball. The people whining about their jobs and pensions can go to hell. i don’t owe them my life and the future of mankind. Time to find another job. Like all those fishermen and tourist industry people who have been ROBBED for doing nothing wrong. BP needs to be punished for 756 OSHA violations, drilling 10,000 feet deeper than they were allowed and ignoring urgent warnings from staff that are dead now. You can’t eat, breathe, or drink money, idiots. Alec is right but only in one way. The iron grip of the oil monsters needs to be broken. There’s a guy that invented a car that runs on water. People like him are always bought off or killed by the monopoly that is oil. It’s the biggest racket in history.

    • matt

      You are smoking way too much crack.

    • matt

      Oh yeah, you can blame Obama for letting them get away with all the violations. He allowed the halts of the inspections and regulations that were set in place to prevent this kind of disaster. Do I believe BP should be allowed to get away with the responsibility? No, but neither do I believe Obama or his lackeys should be able to either. Maybe it’s a good thing that millions of people go the way of the dinosaurs, because simply, I’m sick of them. I just hope it targets people like gang banging retards, whack job religious extremists and, of course, tree hugging hippies that would rather see people die or hurt just because they don’t view the earth as some kind of god.

  • to_Michelle

    > The people whining about their jobs and pensions can go to hell. i don’t > owe them my life and the future of mankind. Time to find another job

    How ’bout Fuck you? How does that sound.

    Why were they having to drill in that deep of water to begin with?? oh… that’s right.. because environmental wackos lobbied the gubument to prohibit them from drilling in shallow water where… what do ya know.. it would be much easier to recover from this and the well would be capped by now if it were in a reasonable depth of water.

    Before you make a dumbass comment like that, why don’t you think about the 100’s of thousands of people that will be out of a job – that’s right.. you did and you decided to tell them to go to hell.. What happens when they are out of work and we’re paying $6.00 – $7.00 + per gallon? How fluid do you think our economy will be at that point?

  • zir

    I bet he would not say that if an oil company signed his pay check. We need to solve the problem and update equipment not wreck the livly hood of the gulf coast more than it already is. You can’t through a stone in the gulf coast without hitting a refinery worker. Maybe Baldwin would like to pay my bills.

  • Luke

    Well I say Fuck America, materialistic swine can drown in the filth that gave birth to their toxic way of life.

    Oh by the way, I think I’m better than everyone because I don’t drive a car at all.

    • Erik

      just think, in five more years you can apply for a learners permit… assuming your locality allows the mentally impaired to drive.

      • Luke

        All drivers are mentally impaired. They couldn’t possibly engage in such reckless behaviour knowingly.

    • Erik

      “ALL” drivers ?
      boy, you have been sniffing at the font of metylethylchloride ?
      I suppose you live in a cave, raise all your own crops and animals, use no electricity, no plastics..and on and on.
      All these things are brought to you via petro chemicals and DRIVERS. I suggest you go follow watsons advice and pare down your part of humanity, your gene pool is polluted beyond recovery.
      and here I thought only cho and Mn were brain dead idiots… they don’t hold a candle to you.

      • Cho cho ma

        I’m honored you hate me enough to mention me.

      • Erik

        one does not “hate” the mentally ill, or plain idiots
        Unless you are an IDIOT of your own choosing…
        Are you that?