by Daelyn Fortney
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James Cameron recently sat down with Larry King to discuss the BP Oil disaster. During the interview, the director was able to address the comment he made last week, liking BP to a group of morons.

The remark was made by Cameron during The Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital conference and made its rounds in news outlets all over the world. Cameron was quoted as saying, “Over the last few weeks I’ve watched, as we all have, with growing horror and heartache, watching what’s happening in the Gulf and thinking those morons don’t know what they’re doing.”

“I got in trouble for that line,” the 55 year old stated to King. “It was a classic case of out-of-context. What I actually said was that like everyone else watching tv, I felt these guys were morons that didn’t know what they were doing.”

The Oscar-winning director expressed his belief that, in fact, the engineers are working hard to solve the complex problem and are not morons. He understands that people think that the leak can just be capped at the top but, in actuality, the problem must be fixed thousands of feet down in the well.

Watch James Cameron on Larry King Live.