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I share with a good amount of people a general fear of snakes. Not-so-much once they’re sighted, but more when they surprise me in the woods, a field, etc.

Salma Hayek on the other hand is really, really, afraid of snakes. In what has to be the single most hilarious press interview gone wrong-type clip, watch what happens when a snake decides to slither onto the interview stage for the movie Grown Ups.

The end result lends a bit of irony to the title of the movie.

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  • Remy C.

    They aired this clip on G4’s Attack of the Show the other day… this is one of the comments made which leads us to suspect this may have been a publicity stunt for the film: “How the hell did she manage to do the scene in Dusk Til Dawn with a 10 foot snake around her if she acts like this when she sees one ????!” Good question.

  • mkay

    I like Selma but what a sissy ! Ha Ha

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  • Craig Jones

    I love Selma, and I would gladly protect her from snakes! LOL