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“I was pretty excited to cook for the Beastie Boys. While I was at Wish there were quite a few celebrities that came in. They were really cool. During the MTV Awards their manager called up and was asking about all these vegetarian things because Mike D was a vegetarian.”

- Upcoming ‘Top Chef’ contestant Andrea Curto-Randazzo on her vegetarian Beastie Boys experience. A few things: I can’t wait for Top Chef. The Beastie Boys are awesome. And my name is also Mike D. Using this logic, I expect  Andrea to make something delicious and vegetarian for me. That is all! Check out the rest of the interview at

  • don miguelo

    [FINGER-LICKEN’ GOOD] by the Beastie Boys:

    “Finger Licken, Finger Licken Good Y’all

    So Mike D What’s Up? Yo Yauch What’s Up?
    Come On Mike Let’s Tear It Up
    Hear No Evil See No Evil Talking No Bullshit
    So Many Damn People Are So Damn Full Of It
    Keyboard Money Mark You Know He’s Not Having It
    Just Give Him Some Wood And He’ll Build You A Cabinet
    I’m Convinced That Vince Is Ripping Me Off
    I Think It’s His Girdle That’s Tipping Me Off
    Mike D’s Out Back And He’s Growing Onions
    I’ve Got Bigger Buns Than My Man Paul Bunyon’s
    I’ve Been Going Nuts Gettin’ All Cooped Up
    Fully Hermitizing But Now I’m Getting Souped Up
    It’s Time To Turn The Page To A Brand New Chapter
    Setting My Sights And You Know What I’m After
    I’ll Be In The Paper The News With Ernie Ernesto
    They’ll Even Print My Recipe For Pasta With Pesto
    Now Here’s Another Special Of The Day
    I’ve Got More Spice Than The Frugal Gourmet”

    –Eat well, B-Boys!!!

  • Thomas Radochan

    Great idea!