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Is there no limit to the sheer breadth and depth of Bob Barker’s charitable good will toward winged, scaled and wet nosed creatures the world over?

The beloved three decade long Price Is Right host — who months ago donated a staggering $2.5 million to aid the construction of PETA’s new Los Angeles headquarters and just last week foot the bill for the permanent retirement of four lion cubs that were rescued from a life of stupid human circus tricks — is clearly all about making his greenbacks facilitate real-world animal welfare change.

Barker must be pret-ty pleased with the progress that PETA has achieved thus far in their never ending mission to educate the public about animal rights (along with their legislation efforts and rescue missions) because now through July 4th, he has committed to match all financial donations in their current online fundraising drive in an effort to keep the activism ball rolling.

Seriously…that’s a LOT of smackers! PETA’s somewhat ambitious goal of reaching $250,000 in roughly three weeks will be made all the more sweet (and ka-chingy-ier) when Bob coughs up $250,000 of his own funds…so how ’bout helping a brother out?

Yes, times are tough, but if you can spare an extra $25, $50, or cool hundy for this excellent cause, it’s technically going to go twice as far toward making the lives of animals a little better.  Seems like a really great investment, don’t you think?

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  • BanTheFurTrade

    Very generous of him, but why does it have to be PETA? Thanks to too many ridiculously over the top stunts and the rampant killing of animals in their “shelter”, they are the last animal rights group I would ever support. I’ll continue donating to my local shelter, the Sea Shepherds, etc. but PETA isn’t getting another cent out of me.

    • mparis

      No kill animal shelters sound great but the reality is that they are always full. So, no, they don’t euthanize animals, they just turn them away so that they go back on the streets to starve, are severely neglected or hit by cars. OR! People take them to other shelters where they do euthanize. Shelters euthanize because there is no room. The only way to stop that process is through awareness/education and ultimately legislation. So saying you won’t support a shelter because they euthanize is short-sighted. PLEASE do some research or better yet actually get involved in animal rescue before you start criticizing others who are making a difference (like PETA). Everyone knows who PETA is and what they stand for because the ARE always in the news.

  • ash

    I’ve heard that the peta shelter euthanized the animals for the same reason as every other “shelter” out there. No room. I think they do a lot of good to raise awareness. Was it Peta who undercover, won a meeting with Beyonce and showed her fur trade videos? Right in her face! That was awesome.