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E.CO Domain Sells For $80K, Benefits Charity

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So we meet again. YOU: getting a little antsy at work…scouring the web for good stuff to read while your employer is none the wiser. US: serving up tasty eco-eats for mass consumption day in and day out.

Who could have guessed that this wacky thing called the ‘internet’ would become such an integral part of our lives and yet here we are in the year 2010 — roughly 41 years since the massive linked system of computers that we all know and love was first established — and now even our parents and grandparents are glued to their screens from the moment they wake up until they officially declare ‘lights out’ for another day.

Being connected 24-7 is officially embedded in our subconscious…and don’t for a moment believe those individuals who complain that they can never find enough ‘me time’ in their day (because chances are pretty good that they’re ranting while happily scrolling through their convenient, palm-sized Crackberry inboxes).

When we’re not jonesing for our next hit or making passive-aggressive comments on well-intentioned blogger’s latest posts, we’re contemplating what the next happening domain will be and how we can get in on the action.

Dot coms are so yesterday now that we’ve realized that we can create just about any ._____ as long as it’s catchy and traffic will flock to it.

Remember last year’s battle between ‘Big Room’ and ‘Dot Com, LLC’ over the hotly desired Dot eco tag?

There’s yet another new domain — .co — that will officially be launching next month, and yet what makes them stand out in the crowd is that proceeds from their recent name auction of e.co will be donated to the globally recognized, non-denominational do-gooding charity of the winner’s choice.

B52 Media scored the e.co name during a live NYC bid of $81,000 (in which they were competing against over twenty other hopefuls) but for the time being, they’re keeping their preferred charity under wraps.

Look for e.CO to make its official debut on July 20, 2010.

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