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While testifying before the House Committee on Science and Technology this past Tuesday, Kevin Costner revealed that BP had placed orders for several of his oil filtration centrifuge machines. We now know that the company plans on purchasing 32 of the devices for use in the Gulf of Mexico.

In an interview with WWL First News, John Houghtaling, Costner’s chief partner in the project, said that each machine costs almost $500K to build. He estimated that within a matter of weeks, they could manufacture 10 per week — having the full order ready by the first of August. He also noted that the machines require hired vessels to take them out to sea — but it appears Costner has solved that issue too. Today, Edison Chouest Offshore announced that it had officially partnered with the actor’s Ocean Therapy Solutions company to deploy the machines using its “cream-and-orange vessels”.

In addition to BP, Costner is also working on leasing 16 of his machines directly to Plaquemines Parish, which has taken the brunt of the ecological damage. He says that if BP won’t pay for the additional devices, his company will work out a way to sell the oil it separates from the water as a way of funding the cleanup. (Dear BP: This is not a time to negotiate. Just pay for the f**king machines.)

Obviously, having his technology bought up and used must give Costner some bittersweet satisfaction. After all, this is a guy who took action some 20 years ago because of the Exxon Valdez disaster and sank $26m of his own cash into creating something that might help us avoid yet another horror. Sadly, it took something even greater for his hard work to pay off — but it stands to reason that because of this technology, and the companies all over the world that will invest in it, that next terrible spill might not be as terrible.

And at the end of it all, that’s just something to be proud of.

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  • Sabrina Ahmed

    I think that we should all be commending Kevin for his work that may have saved millions of gallons of water, millions of animal lives and the future of the world’s water supply. BP should be thanking him too, he might have just handed them an out. I think the rest of us should be taking a page from his book and educating ourselves on what we can to to lessen the human impact on Earth… even if it’s only on and individual effort. You don’t have to spend 26million to do your part.. you just have to make the effort and do what you can.

    I think the reason that the Green and Sustainable community has thrived as much as it has is because of the openness of the community to share ideas, knowledge and resources with one another in hopes of not only educating ourselves, but others and hopefully inspire them to further their home and business efforts to reduce their carbon foot print.

    I’m very happy that people are starting to talk about this now. I found a similar posting over at . They had some great tips for those trying to live a more Eco-friendly lifestyle. They also had a nice shop on their full of Green home products that I haven’t tried yet but I hear they are pretty good. Maybe this resource will help some of you.
    Good Luck on your Journey,
    Sabrina Ahmed

  • Whoever…

    Or maybe they could use, almost for free, what Nature already has instead of wasting money and time:

    It’s business as usual…

  • Peter

    There is better technology out there that meets coast guard standards with only 2.5ppm (vs at best estimates from costner at 1000 ppm/99.9% separation)and has already been approved by the coast guard and american bureau of shipping. Why isn’t BP ordering those machines instead? They also have effective sand separation technology.

  • lmw264


    let’s be honest.. the only reason why Costner was moved to the top of the list was because of his fame and money.
    Many more companies will be reviewed by BP.

    EVTN will rise to the top.
    The Gulf is a large place and Costner has a slow machine.

    See Article: Compares EVTN to Costner’s machine

    EVTN has been contacted by BP to be reviewed.

    As of December 31, 2009, EVTN has completed multiple projects with their Voraxial Separators, including units to Transocean, ConocoPhillips, Repsol, OMV, Uranium One, the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, the United States Navy and Cameco.

    Take a look at web site: ….I PROMISE… you will be impressed on what you see

  • mul88ti

    I guess people are beginning to figure out how valuable evtn’s technology is. The stock today is up 33% on 7 times the average volume.

    It’s because Kevin Costner is a movie star that we are paying so much attention to him. All other solutions gain attention for a day or so and are then forgotten.

    But whether a movie star, politician or sports figure – a celebrity draws positive energy – the press loves it because they attract viewers which attracts advertisers. Enviro Voraxial Technology is also up for the very same testing and possible purchase by BP. the cnbc video is on their website (third one on this page… ) their figures from case-studies show the voraxial separator is faster, lighter, scalable and the cleaned water at EPA standards can be returned back into the ocean. The separator has been used by the Navy and the State of Alaska etc. with success – some of their letters here–

    There is room and a need for all the help the gulf waters can use. Congratulations to Kevin Costner for speaking at capital hill and for giving the cleanup process a momentum boost for keeping the solution in the spotlight and for your oil water separator– It’s paved the way for advanced but lesser known technologies.

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