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I’ve had an epiphany.

For the longest time, I’ve grappled with the “why” concerning Sarah Palin landing a show with Discovery Communications. How could anyone take this woman seriously to make her a tour guide on the natural beauty of Alaska? I finally have my answer, and it comes courtesy of the new series Extreme Poodles on TLC.

You see, TLC is a giant joke. As Curtis Silver laments on Technorati’s entertainment blog, shows like Mall Cops, Jon & Kate, What Not to Wear and, as he calls it, “the blatantly disturbing Toddlers & Tiaras“, have changed TLC’s rep as an educational programming network into something more resembling the smell of bleach.

“It’s a wonder that this channel still exists under the flagship Discovery Channel,” Silver says. “I understand that there is a demand for low brow reality television in America, I get that. There are plenty of folks that have little or no drama in their own lives, so must feed off the televised drama of others like a modern day succubus. The problem here is that this material is being presented under the guise of a channel once dedicated to quality learning and educational programming.”

Which brings me back to Extreme Poodles. The stupidity of this show is beyond comprehension. Sure, it makes you pause while flipping between channels — if only because you’re witnessing some poor dog being turned into a f**king buffalo — but you can actually feel yourself becoming dumber for it. That’s TLC’s market. That’s the level of “intelligent” programming. And that’s why Sarah Palin has a home there. It’s all clear now.

If you don’t mind more than a few brain cells committing suicide, check out the trailer for Extreme Poodles below.

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  • Monica

    Some people never cease to find new and different ways to make the lives of animals a living hell. Well done TLC for encouraging this nonesense.

  • Gianna

    Why does EVERY liberal article find a way to bash Sarah Palin? REALLY? Can’t we talk about an issue without dragging her into it? Constantly producing blows against her just makes you look stupid.

    • Cho cho ma

      No, she IS just that dumb. You have to realize that she makes a big impact on modern politics, and even pop culture.

    • Vanessa

      I totally AGREE with you! Further more, my standard poodle LOVES to be groomed and is smarter than most far left loons :-)

    • Frank

      Who knows maybe TLC will have their very own Alaskan Theme Dirty Jobs with this show or maybe a Planet Earth type of deal but with a mix of personalities to spicy things up.

      I am sure the lady and Burnett will come up with something good.

  • drub

    you couldn’t have gleaned the same thing fro American Idol?!

  • James

    Just look at most of the comments on the youtube video. Most support or defend this.
    I use to always watch TLC when they had those home reno shows on. Now they have gone 24/7 “reality”.
    Says a lot about our society now.

  • johnny

    What does Sarah Palin have to do with groomed poodles? Not a fan here of Ms. Palin, but come on….Is there a way we can blame her for the long cold winter we had or maybe the flooding in Arkansas? Oh wait…NASHVILLE..there is surely a way to give her some hell about that. Leave her alone and let’s enjoy this show..might be fun.

  • johnny

    Also..TLC produces some crap and some great stuff…they are just playing to their market..if we didn’t wanna watch it…it wouldn’t be on. I have always criticized MTV for not playing music. They play what’s selling and for them right now it’s not videos. So..for that I go to other channels. There are plenty of good ones and even more bad ones.

  • Cho cho ma

    I really dont understand how people could watch a single show on TLC

  • Michael Siegel

    As the owner of Standard Poodles, I find this Extreme Grooming disgusting. The groomer and or owners should be Arrested and Prosecuted for Cruelty to Animals. I’m not so sure that TLC should not be considered and accomplice after the fact. This show is EXTREME GARBAGE.

    • Vanessa

      Being you’re an owner of Standard Poodles, you must know how much they L OVE being groomed! My first poodle was given to me at the age of 5. For the next 50 years I’ve owned poodles. ALL of them ADORE being groomed. This intelligent dog breed thrives on recognition, pampering, interaction, and love. The Standard Poodles, that very seldom visit a grooming table, have the owners that should be prosecuted for cruelty. I feel your comment is EXTREME GARBAGE.

  • georgina0912

    I am sorry but i would never do that to any of my dogs. And i would be concerned about any effects that spray paint may have on the dog’s skin down the road. It is ridiculous!
    Thanks to Ecorazzi for showing me a little clip of what TLC has in their regular lineup, otherwise i would have never known that show even exists.

  • amanda

    Extreme Poodles on TLC

    There seems to some mixed reactions and negativity. But there is nothing negative about that show. The groomers love their dogs as their children and would never do anything to hurt them. The dogs love the attention and you could plainly see how much those dogs love their owners. The one groomer was willing to drop out if he dog wasn’t happy but ended up winning 3rd place. The dyes are not toxic vegetable dyes, nothing like humans use at all. It does not hurt them at all. People are ignorant and always have to be negative. But the people who don’t like this show either don’t have dogs or are one of those people who don’t care about their dogs. It is more cruel to do get your dog groomed monthly and let their hair grow out, mat, the dog over heats. They can get bugs, fleas and all those terrible things. Grooming is like any other profession and people want to compete with their skills. Many of those groomers are vegetarian and animal rights. It’s the old rule, if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all. Especially if you don’t know what your talking about. It is a great show and they are doing great things!

    • Vanessa

      VERY WELL SAID :-)

  • Erin

    Judging from the look of many of these groomers it looks like they need to spend a little more time grooming themselves (and getting their fat ass to the gym)

  • Lori

    Where did you see spray paint? These dogs were colored with hair dye or blo-pens, Do you truly beleive that dogs in a conformation ring are all naturual? wrong dogs have been colored for decades, as well as horses, cattle etc for shows. The groomers on these shows simply use more vivid colors. The dogs do not stand for any longer than what a regular groom takes and there are other contests that are just regular grooming. are these cruel as well? If you have not met a creative groomer or their dog stop screaming abuse. You must be a very narrow minded person to bitch and moan about something you have no clue about. The dog that is a lion happens to be a therapy dog, probably contributes more time and energy into making people smile and attempting to make lives better than you do :)

  • Abigail

    Yeah, the blog Native Appropriations SLAMMED this show because some idiot who claims to be Cherokee decided to honor her heritage by shaving her poodle into a buffalo and have the family dress as “Indians” and beat on “tom toms”. Not only are these just plain offensive, but they’re NOT EVEN CHEROKEE. All the stuff she did for her presentation are usually LAKOTA traditions! Talk to your elders!

  • sara

    you are clearly ignorant and do not understand what cruelty REALLY is.. in reality, these clean colorful poodles adore the attention they get from their owners and are not mistreated in any way, every day of the last 10 years of my career as a professional groomer i have been horrified to the realizm of the condition of “pet dogs” from severe 6 inch thick matting covering 98% of the animals body, not to mention the sores resulting from the skin not being able to breathe,as well as not being able to poop from matting so bad or possibly maggots in rare instances. i have even found fish hooks embedded in the fur. the list goes on and on. so come on now, you can’t tell me a non-toxic vegetable based color on a clean matt- free poodle elegantly scizzored with the utmost care and concern is a BAD thing?? think about it and educate yourself.