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BP would like you to know that Kevin Costner’s machines are working — and they are excited by the results.

The company released a statement overnight declaring a second round of testing with the machines (the first failed due to clogging) a complete success and expressing optimism on using them immediately for cleanup.

“We were confident the technology would work but we needed to test it at the extremes. We’ve done that and are excited by the results,” said Doug Suttles, BP’s chief operating officer. “We are very pleased with the results and today we have placed a significant order with OTS [Costner’s Ocean Therapy Solutions] and will be working with them to rapidly manufacture and deploy 32 of their machines.”

Costner’s Ocean Therapy Solutions earlier stated that an order for 32 of the massive centrifuges could be completed by August 1st. Each one costs up to $500K and roughly 10/week can be manufactured. The largest can clean water at a rate of 200 gallons per minute, according to the firm.

via ABCNews

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  • don miguelo

    This really does sound great!! Thanks Kevin and Co!

    How do these machines not suck up a ton of fish and seaweed and get clogged? Just curious as they don’t really explain it. Maybe they collect the oil onboard and then these machines pull out the water from inside the ship (like not directly from the ocean???)?

    • Hufingraz

      yeah, in the video Kevin said that he wants to put these on the skimmer boats because the skimmer boats are currently collecting 90% water and 10% oil and then that is transferred to a barge. So with the help of his machines the skimmer boats would still collect like they are, but his machine would then seperate the water and oil so that 100% oil would be going into the barge and then the water could go directly back into the ocean. I am really excited to hear that the machines have been successful. Who would have ever thought that Kevin Costner would be the one to save our oceans?

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  • M.

    Impressive! 200 gallons per minute is the rate of typical municipal fire hose flow rates. Tap water is considered acceptable at 3 to 6 gpm.

  • Matt

    Its just a centrifuge/cyclone filter.

    That sort of technology has been used for decades in air filtration – so its only logical that it should be usable with oil as well. Not quite sure if the patent would hold up as prior art though – but still at $500k for what it is, its grossly over-priced (and pretty close to price gouging I’d say..).

    If they are really highly effective then they should charge a reasonable amount, do a royalty deal and get them mass procuded…

    Cause 10 machines a week arent even going to make a dent in something this size…
    and personally Id rather more of the money was spent on other things than making Mr Costner super-rich…

    Do the maths….
    200 Gal/Min….90% Water
    This well is flooding at say 20,000 bd x 34 gal/barraell x (1-90% Water) = 6.8M Gal/Day of dirty water
    = 4700 Gal/Hour

    Now I’d assume people can only safely work 8 hours a day…
    4700x24h / 200x8h = 70 of their top end centrifuges…

    Ok – not so bad after all then..!

    So buy 100 of them (50M – chump change in this disaster) and its not actually a bad ideal…
    (Granted the oil is much more spread out than that..)