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val kilmer, pecosRunning October 20 – 24, 2010, the annual Santa Fe Film Festival – which is now in its tenth year – offers a high-profile forum for foreign, domestic and New Mexican cinema crafted by the likes of emerging as well as established artists and is considered on par with New York City’s Tribeca Film Festival and Colorado’s Telluride Film Festival.

In a way, it’s not so surprising that a fellow lover of the arts such as Val Kilmer – who galloped onto the big screen in 1984’s goofy yet chuckle-worthy spoof Top Secret and later cemented his Hollywood presence thanks to roles in Top Gun, The Doors and Batman Forever – would want to do what he can to help keep the tradition alive.

Being a resident of the southwestern ‘Land of Enchantment’, Kilmer is no stranger to New Mexico’s rustic terrain and Native American culture – and being the owner of a sprawling 6,000 acre ranch, he’s decided to offer up his property for the good of the yearly festival…for a small cost, of course.

Film festivals don’t come cheap, and in our recessionary times, organizers are more budget-strapped than ever, which is why after Kilmer learned that the Santa Fe Film Festival was having a tough time pulling things together, he threw out the idea of allowing the public to rent his property.

With the fest just 4 months away, here are a few of the creative fundraising options that are now on the table for those who want to experience a slice of the great Southwest (while helping the Santa Fe Film Festival in the process):

Spend $125: Enjoy the thrill of living out your fantasies for a half a day of wrangling, which is ‘old west speak’ for herding livestock and/or horses. Wow. Sounds…fun.

Spend $250: If manual labor is up your alley, then you’re REALLY going to love this option. Plunk down your greenbacks for the special privilege of sweating your patootie off in the dead of summer while tending to the needs of assorted animals, scooping up manure…the sky’s the limit!

Spend $500: Plunge head-first into the role of range boss for a full day of fishing, hiking, gold panning…whatever ranch activities float your boat, just go for it!

Now you know what your new summer vacation plans are going to be! Hang out with Val and know that your money is going to help keep the Santa Fe Film Festival alive ;)

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