by Daelyn Fortney
Categories: People.
Photo: video screen capture

The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) has released an emotional new video documenting the damage to Louisiana’s wetlands caused by the oil gushing into the Gulf waters. The video’s imagery is set to “Over The Rainbow” as performed on the Fox show Glee.

Inspiration for the video came when EDF Executive Director David Yarnold returned from an aerial and boat tour of coastal Louisiana with “horrific images seared in his memory.” As Yarnold shared pictures and videos from the Gulf trip with his wife, his 13 year old daughter Nicole put on Glee’s final song of the year—“Over The Rainbow.”

“This beautiful song and the tragic images from the Gulf Coast oil disaster remind us that we have a choice to leave a better world for our children,” said Yarnold. “I wanted anyone and everyone to see what our addiction to oil had done to the Gulf and to contrast that with the sense of hope and possibility that ‘Over the rainbow’ exudes.”

The executive director shared on his blog that the combination of the video and song caused him to choke up. Soon after, he was able to get permission from Peter Rice, Chairman of Fox Networks Entertainment, to use the song with EDF’s images.

Yarnold concludes his blog post poignantly. ”The inspiration was Nicole’s. This is for her, and for all of our kids – and theirs to come.”

Grab your tissues and watch the video: