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Photo: The Cove

Japan has canceled screenings of “The Cove” but that hasn’t stopped Ric O’Barry from continuing his work to end the annual slaughter of dolphins in the waters of Taiji. The activist and marine mammal specialist is organizing a music festival in the small Japanese village and has invited many Hollywood celebrities to the event which is scheduled to take place this September. Daryl Hannah has already confirmed her trip to Taiji.

“We all go there and have a good time, and support the economy,” O’Barry told the AP. “It’s not confrontational. We bring frisbees.”

O’Barry hopes his presence along with at least 1,000 others will discourage fishermen from hunting the dolphins.

  • Erik

    non-confrontational ?
    Why would a music festival be held in this city except TO confront the locals? Let’s burn tons upon tons of fuels, spend carbon like candy in order to have high profile people come in to….
    listen to music ?
    Hannah also confirmed she would be joining the sscs for a time to campaign, that sure went off the radar quickly. My guess is she saw the actual ship, crew, and cult leader in their normal habitat and her manager put the brakes on that idiocy in a heartbeat.
    Hand out the frisbees when you get there, I’m sure they taste good when fried or baked, perhaps they can be sold for some kind of income so the families can eat.

    • Whitefish

      Erik, you truly are losing your sense of fun and adventure. Lighten up and enjoy life! There is life after you disembark from the Nissan Maru, afterall :)

    • Cho cho ma

      Ya, because a festival with about 1,000 is just going to release such crazy amounts of carbon. You know, people can get other jobs “so the families can eat”.

      • Erik

        you really are one STUPID idiot. How much carbon is released in all the travel to this remote Japanese town by all these “celebrities” ? You are one stupid POS

    • The Infidel

      The eco-terrorists are coming to provoke us with their frisbees of eco-terror!

      • Erik

        You don’t read do you? Comprehension problems ?
        try using your thought processes for once instead of acting brain dead. Perhaps you should stop drinking watsons koolaid.

      • The Infidel

        Paul Watson is a great visionary, who will one day be hailed as a true hero of the seas, and one hell of a frisbee player.

  • Monica

    Music does a movement good. And who doesn’t like frisbees?

  • Erik

    actually, my first thought on the frisbees was to compare them to the foam crocs that were thrown into the antarctic waters by the sscs. Just another form of pollution that the imbeciles tried to justify as being their “right” and an “insignificant” amount. Will these all be the hard plastic ? or maybe soft foam… thrown into the waters ?

  • Mick

    “‘The Cove’ Star Ric O’Barry Organizing Music Festival In Japan”

    Well, that’s mighty white of the arrogant p#&@k. Did the sanctimonious piece of s@*t even bother to ask the people of Taiji first? What makes him think the people of Taiji want him and a “1,000 other” condescending a@@h#*&s coming to their town? He wants to hold a “music festival” in a small town in another country in an effort to force his views on them, but he says, “It’s not confrontational”??? Who in the hell does this senile old bastard think he is?

    @Daelyn Fortney,

    “Japan has canceled screenings of “The Cove”…”

    “Japan has cancelled”????? That statement is very far from the truth. “Japan” has not cancelled any screenings. Some theaters in Japan have cancelled screenings of ‘The Cove’. Where did you learn journalism? The Joseph Goebbels Academy?

  • Cho cho ma

    Wow Eric thanks for informing me that a single small festival is a major contributer to carbon. I was also unaware of the dangers that expanding croc toys pose to the enviroment. I never new you really cared oh so much about the enviroment, considering you enjoy killing the whales and all.

  • Cho cho ma

    The town is not as remote as you so claim Eric. So because there are celebrities lots more carbon is going to be released? “STUPID idiot” a first grader could come up with a better insult then that!

  • toorisugari

    I just wonder if Ric would actually get permission this time to have a festival there… does he really think Taiji, the town which he meanly harassed, would be kind enough to give him any permission?

  • Cho cho ma

    He could pay to hold it on private property