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'Lost' Creator Launches The Armaggedon Of All BP Oil Spill Remedies

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Stumbled on any legimately good solutions to haulting the neverending oil spill gushing forth in the Gulf?

There have been some doozies floating around in the cyberspere — such as using turbo-force mindpower,  shooting globules of oil with frozen carbon dioxide and…what the hell, how ’bout launching ‘controlled’ nuclear explosions since we’re already in the process of completely obliterating Mother Nature — but none have been quite as amusing or sadly as lame (yet true-to-life) as the concepts that Saturday Night Live recently lampooned during the season finale (below).

Humor is a defense mechanism that often helps us to deal with tragedy, so it’s not all that surprising that the latest tongue-in-cheek ‘cure-all’ is being offered up by none other than the creator and producer of LOST (seeing as how he officially has a lot more time on his hands these days).

Damon Lindelof feels that the never ending flow of oil is best addressed by Billy Bob Thornton, Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck and the rest of the Armageddon crew since they collectively possess oil rig experience as well as space travel skills, suggesting that with them on the job, we could conceivably “reverse-ARMAGEDDON this sh*# and call it a sequel.”

His thought is that — following the bad news that President Dustin Hoffman delivers to Billy Bob (that the environmental nightmare playing out is causing the molten oil center of our planet to drain so much that the collapse of its very structure is just a matter of time) — the Armaggedon crew will rendezvous in space “with a new asteroid. Then detonate a calibrated warhead to alter its court so it hits its target on the Gulf of Mexico floor and stops the flow of oil”.

The wildly imaginative producer even claims that Armaggedon’s Michael Bay and perennial action star Willis are ready to make it happen…if only they were willing to get their hands dirty where it really counts.

Via E Online

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