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Here at the Razz we think being mean to animals is basically the worst…and we aren’t the only ones who feel that way.

MMA fighter KJ Noons recently teamed up with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to record an anti-violence ad for That ad, which proudly proclaims “pick on someone your own side,” encourages people to always report animal cruelty.

“If you see an abused animal, think of it if it was your dog or your cat and how that would make you feel,” said Noons. “You should feel that about every type of animal that’s abused.”

Besides helping PETA get the word out, Noons is also giving away some free gear on their site. Want to win? Visit to learn more.

Check out KJ’s video ad below!

Find out more about KJ Noons at

  • georgina0912

    Oh boy, he is compassionate, tough, AND cute! He definitely has my vote ;)

    • Linda Sullivan

      Yieeee, oh my gawsh georgina, you are right. He definitely has my vote too. I love that he loves animals. Very cute indeed :D

      • http://google Catherine K

        Thanks Mr KJ Noons! Great youtube

  • http://google Catherine K

    Great message Mr Noons! Thanks for this!