by Michael Parrish DuDell
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“You benefited through the years from the profits generated by the company which accumulated 97 precent of the fines levied against oil companies for safety and environmental violations (not counting Exxon Valdez compensation). You gained financially from the damage your company inflicted on its workers and its surroundings. Now your company, following those same policies, has created enormous economic and ecological damage, and you are concerned about the impact that unlimited liability for that damage would have on your dividend and on the ability of your company to avoid bankruptcy. Question: how many of you complained to management about the policies and practices from which you benefited all these years? Or do you just complain when these policies and practices inflict profound economic and other costs on others, for which your company may be held responsible? Did you complain when management obviously low-balled flow estimates out of the well for at least a month, so as to minimize damage perceived by the potential jury pool?

Or, as seems more likely, are you happy to privatize the gains and socialize the losses?”

- Actor Harry Shearer addressing BP shareholders on The Huffington Post. Well, BP shareholders…what say you? We happen to think the funny man might have a point! To read Harry’s entire article, visit

  • Steve

    “privatize the gains and socialize the losses”

    That is a phrase everyone should remember, regardless of political affiliation.

    Orgs and people who cry out “socialism” or “individual responsibility” when people talk about the government helping Americans try to play both sides of the fence.

    It happens all of the time.

    When they falter they hold us hostage with emotional blackmail, telling us they are too big to fail without hurting Americans. When and if they get healthy they are awfully quiet about giving back to the country.

    It happens with lobbying for government subsidies and fighting paying taxes at the same time.

    Whatever your political views are we are all Americans.

    Please remember this phrase and watch for it.

    If an org gets a break from the government by having taxpayers clean up their mess, giving them a subsidy or tax break please watch to see what that org gives back to the country.