eclipse movie

British director David Slade – who made his mark with the psychological mind-warping flick Hard Candy (starring a very menacing Ellen Page who takes things just a lit-tle too far in the amputation department) scored the high profile gig of a lifetime with his work on the latest installation of everybody’s favorite/detested vampire series, Twilight. No more Ramen Noodles for him!

The 40 year old took over where Catherine Hardwicke and Chris Weitz left off with what is reportedly a more moody representation of Stephanie Meyer’s tale of star-crossed sweethearts, one who has a vampiric thirst for his girlfriend’s blood.

Slade recently chatted about the experience of capturing the hotly-anticipated footage for Eclipse – which will officially be in theatres on June 30th) — while working with an already established cast and revealed some of the eco-centric aspects of its behind-the-scenes production (along with the film’s producer Wyck Godfrey):

Via Shock Till You Drop