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It’s game time for Kevin Costner’s centrifuges.

After more than 58 days of discussions, testing, tweaking, and other red tape nightmares, three of the actor’s Ocean Therapy devices were loaded onto a barge today. As soon as tomorrow, they’ll be put to work in the Gulf, separating oil from water at the rate of some 600,000 gallons/day.

At a Senate hearing Thursday, Costner said that he envisions his devices being used as a first line of defense — and stationed in “key harbors, bays, ports, oil transport and shipping boats, and on oil rigs – in other terms, anywhere where oil can come into contact with water – oceans, lakes and rivers.”

He also lamented the indifference given his technology by Big Oil saying, “Between 1994 and 2004 we contacted every major oil company in the US in an attempt to gain their awareness and support for a technology that could both protect them and the environment in the event of a spill. The most apt word to characterize these interactions was apathy.”

Needless to say, he’s got their attention now. BP hopes to have 29 additional centrifuges from Costner’s company in place and in action by August 1st.

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  • Ed Hartz

    I always liked Kevin Costner. especially in the film, “Dances with Wolves.” This is one actor who you could sense had emotional intelligence ready and able to experience on the big screen. Unlike most politicians, who do make good salaries or income, Mr Costner, a very wealthy and successful actor has put the money where his heart is. People like this are so scarce in the world. He is a great man in today’s world. To be congratulated and praised for what he did to try and help with the oil spill. Thank you, Mr Costner. You give so many people hope. To see that people like you exist in the world and use what talents and assets you have to really help. People like you should run for office.

  • Internet Service Providers in my Area

    It is truly great to see a celebrity that really cares about something besides themselves. It is equally as unsurprising that none of the big oil companies were interested until a major spill occurred.

  • georgina0912

    Crikey, i hope those things work. It simply is a sad thing to see footage of oil gushing into the Gulf and then all the pictures of dead birds and mammals, or birds covered in the slime. Heartbreaking. Pollution caused by apathy as well as our dependency in oil.

    I wonder if this will make people hate oil and then readily accept a carbon tax. Some people out there think the oil spill was actually planned for us to hate oil, push for clean energy (which would be terrific), and just accept the carbon tax as the only way to move forward.

  • Jeannie

    Thank goodness, FINALLY, ACTION
    is being put into place to for EFFECTIVE
    USE of this TECHNOLOGY.

    I would RATHER see the USE of the STRAW.
    Yet THIS is better than the NOTHING.