Ever had a friend who secretly relishes when things aren’t going swimmingly in your life? You know the ones — they offer you an empty pseudo-consoling ‘there there’ while stifling the urge to do the Snoopy dance of joy right in front of you.

Well, that’s sort of on par with the relationship we have with our favorite public figures. One minute we fawn over their glorious grandiosity, affluence and seemingly sheer perfection, and the next we strut triumphantly when they suck at keeping their marriages together.

Such was the case when the news broke that our 62-year-old love-him-and-hate-him former Vice President Al Gore – who had enjoyed a seemingly rock-solid marriage with Tipper Gore for four decades – was being accused of carrying on an extramarital affair with fellow eco-champion and producer An Inconvenient Truth, Laurie David, for the better part of two years.

Both Mr. Gore and Ms. David have denied the gossip, with David’s reportedly legitimate paramour Bart Thorpe claiming that “I know for a fact that Laurie hasn’t seen Al Gore for at least two years—at least” and David herself insisting that the supposed affair is a “total fabrication.”

Gore and his wife officially announced their “mutually supportive” separation on June 1 with friends claiming that it was “not one of those (cheating) situations in any remote way,” several weeks prior to Star magazine’s exclusive revelation which lacks any-and-all backbone, aside from an unnamed insider revealing that “Al and Laurie went from friends to lovers. It couldn’t be avoided.” Harlequin romance novel anyone?

Still, tongues continue to flap…perhaps because the mere suggestion of two eco-warriors walking off into the sunset together would offer a ‘convenient excuseto justify the dissolution of yet two more high profile marriages and maybe — just maybe — we’ll still be able to have our happy ending after all. Human psychology is a weird thing, isn’t it?

Via E Online and The Hollywood Gossip

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  • JM

    Firstly, Laurie David an Eco warrior? Please. And your picture is offensive to those of us sick of the EWWW factor constantly being harped on in these crap stories. One would hope Al Gore had a heck of a lot more sense than the tabloid media is giving him credit for. I for one am sure he did. Really, what trash.