by Daelyn Fortney
Categories: Animals.
Photo: video screen capture

Earlier today Greenpeace activists placed a 50 foot long inflatable whale on the steps of Piazza di Spagna in the heart of Rome with a message that read, “The whales are not for sale.” Greenpeace’s stunt coincides with the first day of talks at the IWC’s annual meeting in Agadir, Morocco where the 88-member government delegation is considering a proposal that will legalize commercial whaling.

While Italy is strongly opposed to whale hunting, the government has been “silent on the trading of votes which threatens whales,” according to Greenpeace Italy.

The inflatable whale stayed “beached’ on the steps for a few hours before authorities urged the activists to leave.

The IWC delegates meet in Morocco June 21-25. A passage of the controversial proposal requires the support of 75% of the 88 member delegation.

  • Cho cho ma

    I have lost a lot of respect for greenpeace over the last few years. The post on their website that they are against a compromise and then post a compromise along with the WWF that they would support. I also doubt all the money they rake in to “Stop Whaling” goes to their little costumes and blow up whales. They should be sending ships again to stop whaling, instead of wasting their donors money on costumes that obviously have little effect.

  • kelly g.

    Ummmm…: Greenpeace softens line on whaling

    The world’s original anti-whaling group has signed on to a joint statement, with the World Wildlife Fund and the influential US Pew Environment Group, that would allow commercial whaling in the northern hemisphere.

    In exchange, it wants ”a phase-out of all whaling in the [Antarctic’s] Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary”, said Greenpeace oceans campaign head Sarah Duthie.

  • Blueberry Pick’n

    I’m always suspicious of radicals who think GreenPeace should spend all its time stirring up well-funded hate.

    Anybody who thinks that you get anywhere screaming & ramming commercial vessels in foreign waters is deluded.

    Its like the freaks who think smashing in the windows of banks achieves anything constructive.

    If GreenPeace stages a peaceful demonstration: that’s *good*
    If GreenPeace stages out a series of incremental advances on issues: that’s *good*

    Demanding full complete STOP!! on everything you don’t like isn’t realistic & its childish.

    Conservatives, PR & corporate money & power play a game that you’re guaranteed to lose if you act like children.

    They stage their successes in achievable goals. Nobody is going to legally & ethically find a sustainable way to stop whaling whole hog. Whaling & seal hunting are disgusting. Absolutely: but asking the World’s citizens to suddenly & completely change everything they’re doing without providing & facilitating alternative plans is a guaranteed failure.

    You’ll lose every single time. Brief successes will only motivate bigger opposition to future goals.

    There is nothing wrong with this Rome demonstration.
    Screaming & moaning that the money should be spend on vigilanteism is pathetic.

    Its courtrooms, media & boardrooms that make sustainable change. If you aren’t grown up enough to weave your way through those, you’ll lose.

    They have more money & power & the backing of people who make their livings opposing change & living within a certain social & economic model.

    If someone came to your town & started demonstrations that something YOU supported should *STOP IMMEDIATELY!!*, you’d probably have a problem with that.

    Don’t treat foreign cultures like they’re stupid: they’re not.
    But that doesn’t stop them from hating you for what they consider insensitivity to their living that feeds their children.

    Change comes slowly: you have to nurture it
    …not throw a brick through their windows.

  • Cho cho ma

    I’m not saying that I think Greenpeace should start being like Sea Shepherd. I just think that along with political action (Which often takes decades) they could continue their Antarctic campaigns.