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Larry King and his gaggle of celebrity participants managed to raise $1.8 million last night for relief aid headed to the Gulf. The two hour event featured performances and fundraising by numerous celebrities and musicians such as Sting, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Cameron Diaz, Deepak Chopra, Ryan Seacrest, and Robert Redford, among many others.

Proceeds will go to the United Way, National Wildlife Federation or The Nature Conservancy. Check out a video of highlights from the event below:

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  • don miguelo


    Working directly against them is activist– oops, I mean– industry U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman, who ruled today that they lift the moratorium on offshore drilling! Can people call the hotline to dump a barrel of oil each into his courthouse? No pelicans on that jury apparently…

  • Cho cho ma

    I think these rich stars should donate some more of their own money. When you think about it 1.8 million is only a small fraction of what these stars get payed.

  • Whoever…

    It’s only when shit hits the fan that people realize we need Nature for our own survival… Nature can do just fine without us parasites but we can’t live without Nature! Shouldn’t that be more than obvious by now?

    And we call ourselves an intelligent species?

    If people worldwide continue to defend the Illuminati (oil companies, powerful families like the Bush, Rockefeller and the Rothschild family, pharmaceutical companies, the meat industry, insurance companies, financial companies and institutions like IMF and the Federal Reserve, the Vatican, etc.) they don’t have any right to demand for justice or anything else for that matter!

    How ironic – people in the Gulf of Mexico now depend on the same company who destroyed their livelihood and home to provide for them…

    We are all definitely ‘their’ slaves!