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Dwell on Design is a yearly exhibition (coming up this weekend as a matter of fact) that is known for the latest and greatest in cutting edge household designs, furnishings and assorted product accoutrements.

As sustainable concepts continue to take a more prominent role in the show, it’s not surprising that a very unique 400 square foot home crafted out of a total of 80 – 90% recycled materials by Reclaimed Space was the darling of last year’s event.

Boasting historically relevant supplies gleaned from 1830s Texas farmsteads such as long-leaf pine shiplap, galvanized metal and salvaged fixtures, the result of their creative construction efforts was a quaint yet fully functional modular ‘surf shack’ that was available for ownership just by bidding via Ebay.

$10,000 of the purchase price was earmarked for Los Angeles’ Habitat For Humanity, and at the conclusion of a friendly, star-studded bidding war, the new owner of the humble abode became Fox’s resident Dr. Hodgins (aka The Bug and Slime Guy) on Bones.

It turns out that this isn’t just a one-hit-wonder for actor T.J. Thyne – rumor has it that the 35 year old is intent on acquiring a number of eco-clone Reclaimed Space homes which he will then use to create a customized family-friend community somewhere in California.

Reclaimed Space’s 2010 version of their eco-mod home — which will be on view this weekend at Dwell on Design — boasts more elbow room than its predecessor (thanks to a separate bedroom) and is decorated with sustainable design elements that give it a Miami Beach vibe.

Global Green will benefit from a portion of the final auction price which YOU can participate in this Thursday, June 24th beginning at 4:00 pm Pacific Standard Time, but don’t worry if Thyne beats you to the punch because you can always purchase one of Reclaimed Space’s fresh, new eco-pads right off of their website!!

Via Dwell & Jetson Green