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The Daily Show was a bit gassy this week as they welcomed filmmaker Josh Fox.

Fox is the director of the HBO documentary Gasland — a film that exposes how hydraulic fracturing, a new method of drilling for natural gas, has caused toxic chemicals to enter the drinking water supply.

During the segment, Josh points out that we’re currently in a “natural gas drilling boom,” prompting Jon Stewart to sardonically reply, “Well, it’s natural gas, so it’s actually the healthy gas. They actually sell it in whole foods. It’s so tasty, this gas.”

Long story short, this natural gas drilling business is causing a lot of health and environmental problems (read: drinking water that’s flammable).

Wanna know more? Check out the clip below and visit!

9 Responses to ‘Gasland’ Filmmaker Josh Fox Ignites Conversation On The Daily Show

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  2. DocFilmsFanMan says:

    For other documentaries on this subject, definitely check out: Gas Odyssey and Haynesville

  3. Anon says:

    Theres another side to this story thats being completely overlooked/ dismissed.Read this article before you fall for this movie!

  4. AnimuX says:

    The documentary was excellent and eye opening. Every small town in America that thinks natural gas development is a good idea should be obligated to watch Gasland first.

    It will be their eureka moment…

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  6. k. Alder says:

    Its shocking that a gas company can show up on my front porch and tell me they are coming onto my land to do seismic surveying with possible gas storage with out my permission due to a lease that was signed by a previous owner dating back to the early 60′s and it still be valid. Gotta love the title companies that don’t do the job they are being paid too do!!

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