When Paul McCartney declared his Up and Coming concert tour a meat-free zone by furnishing 480 daily 100% veggie based meals to his staff and crew, everyone seemed to applaud his efforts with a huge high-five. Now that fellow Brit rocker Leona Lewis has followed suit with her Labyrinth tour by banning all animal products (and even sporting a $262,500 self-funded, ethically produced wardrobe that meets “the highest animal welfare standards”), crew members are working themselves into a tizzy, complaining that she’s a demanding bee-yotch. Heyyy…wait just a second. What gives? Is there a double-standard at play?

Lewis’ meat-free tour policy – which includes prohibiting staff from bringing animal protein onto the premises via outside restaurants, etc. – has angered them to such a degree that they’ve accused her of being a “bit of a pain in the neck” and even “a diva”, explaining that her strict dietary expectations are “getting out of control.” Some of her colleagues are reportedly even threatening to quit, claiming that “there are going to be murders.”

Earning a reputation for pouring her heart and soul into her music as well as her causes, the 25 year old famously stands behind her vegetarianism, a decision she committed to well over a decade ago, explaining: “I stopped eating meat; got really ill because I didn’t know what else to eat. The process of killing animals is cruel. That’s my belief. I don’t push it on anyone else.” Some might argue that demanding temporary vegetarianism of the people you work with actually is imposing a lifestyle on them that they likely wouldn’t have pursued otherwise.

The Simon Cowell protégée has recently begun pursuing a once-a-week vegan diet to augment her vegetarianism, but has been offering touring staff meals prepared by chef Aldo Zilli which include dairy as well as high protein plant staples such as quinoa, spelt and barley. What’s your take on Lewis‘ vegetarian tour policy (not to mention the trailblazer of them all, Paul McCartney)? Do you think that vegetarian demands (in a place of employment) smack of dictatorship or do you think that it’s totally reasonable? WHY???? Please share your thoughts!

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  • David

    “Do you think that vegetarian demands (in a place of employment) smack of dictatorship or do you think that it’s totally reasonable?”

    If this policy was put in place before the tour started and the employees were informed of it before being hired then I don’t see a big problem with it. It is her forcing her beliefs on others which directly contrdicts her statement and it is the actions typical of a diva. But workers weren’t told about the policy until after they were hired then it is totally unreasonable.

    • Ashley

      She is not forcing her beliefs by doing something to prevent the suffering of other living beings. There is so much we have no control over. This is a small, yet commendable effort on her behalf. Going vegan is actually a very easy way to help out our fellow earthlings…

    • D.

      “forcing her beliefs”

      Tell that to the non-human animals caged and tortured for their entire life before being murdered.

    • David

      Sorry D but are you a communist or just naive?

      Yes, she is forcing her beliefs on others, even if her beliefs are “better” it is still wrong

      • Mep595

        Are they being held against their will? No, they are getting paid to do a job. If they don’t like her policies then they can quit. NO ONE is forcing them to do anything – they are getting PAID!!!!!!!!!!! The animals they are clamoring to stuff down their greedy throats did not have the option to quit.

  • Susan

    The article says “….of the people you work with actually is imposing a lifestyle…” The incorrect part of that statement is people you work *with*. Those people work *for* her. If they don’t like her policy on eating meat, I’m sure there are plenty of others willing to take their place. Eating meat is very offensive to some, if not most vegetarians, and actually buying meat for others would out of the question. She supplies the staff with meals prepared by a chef. How many of us get that kind of treatment at work?? I’d take it.

  • talis4

    We didn’t fight our way to the top of the food chain to become rabbits.

    By the way, she should stop showering. I cringe at the horror of all those poor skin mites that she has slaughtered over the years.

  • saxman25o

    well if leona is buying these guys food they should say thank you and try something new !
    if the do not want it do what I have to do ,My employer does not buy my dinners ?
    guess these guys got Legs? go to the nearest McDonalds and eat a cow dam it stop moaning bet they do not complain about the pay they get on tour ? well if they do just leave ,believe me there are lots of people waiting to do thier job !
    bloody press they are really struggeling to find some shit on Leona arn`t they is this the best they can do ? PATHETIC

    • David

      So if Bjork buys whale meat for the crew on her tour to eat they should say thank you and try something new?

      I am not implying that Bjork eats whale, for all I know she is vegan. But it is the same logic. Of course you will say it is different but that is just because you believe in veganism and you don’t believe in eating whale. You argument has no basis in logic it is purely your beliefs speaking.

      • georgina0912

        But who is to say who is right David? I think that if someone working for Leona is unhappy they can always leave; Leona’s people can find a replacement who will be more than happy to be fed good veggie foods. You know, it is not like what veg*ans eat stinks, i happen to make really good dishes, baking, and doing all that stuff.

        Now, a meat eater will say, it is wrong because i like meat and she is not feeding me meat.

        As i see it she is standing for what she believes and that is good, but if people are not happy, like saxman said, go and get a whooper or something else after you eat your veggie pizza, Mediterranean stew, or your couscous salad. It is not like Leona is paying those people in food after all.

      • RadicalOmnivore

        You can “stand up for what you believe” without forcing it on your workers.

        Dietary preferences are highly varied and culturally based. Demonizing animal eaters is not cool. Period!

        … and for the record David, Bjork likes her wild meats hunted in Iceland. She said so in Wired Magazine.

  • georgina0912

    Those who are complaining can always go get another job; i am sure Leona can find equally capable staff who would adhere to her rules very quickly.

  • Sonia

    I’ll definitely work for yummy vegan food!

  • Ashley

    I think she is amazing for this! Stick to your guns girl! If you are opposed to factory farming and such then don’t allow it in your workplace!


  • Mike

    This article is bullshit. Her whole crew has said (on twitter, etc) that they’re fine with the food and think it tastes great.

  • Rob

    I think that people in the public eye have a responsibility to explain, stand up for and promote their beliefs. I say good on her!

  • Kristin

    As long as there are tons of options in what they eat, I don’t see why it would be a big problem.

    Again, if they were hired with that knowledge, it shouldn’t be an issue.

    I can see how it would be an issue for someone who didn’t know that going into the job though.

  • Jay

    Good for her! These people work FOR her, they don’t have to be there. They’re lucky they have a job. Shut up and deal. Vegan food is freaking yummy as all heck anyways! I’m not going to feel sorry for these people that don’t get to eat the tortured, slaughtered flesh of innocent animals. Not one little bit of sympathy.

  • Whoever…

    She’s the boss, plain and simple!
    If the animal eaters that work FOR her don’t like it, they can always find another job. There are plenty of people that would love to work for her, me included.

    This is no different than to prohibit smoking in the work facilities.

    Why is this even an issue? It’s because she’s a woman!?

    How stupid people are – I mean, we’re talking about ethical, healthy and tasty food, not crappy food. Why are they complaining?
    I bet some of them smoke – why aren’t they worried about the fact that they’re actually paying a company to slowly kill them!?

    And we call ourselves the most intelligent species on the planet?
    Human stupidity and ignorance never stops to amaze me!!!

    Leona Lewis is an amazing, talented, intelligent and beautiful woman and I have the utmost respect and admiration for her…

  • cathy

    i agree leona should stick to what she believes in. to have a top chef preparing your food should be a honour my future daughter in law is a veggie and she has educated my family for the better i love veggie meals. we all feel alot healthier i am not suffering from headaches any more, and my teenage daughter skin has now become flawless after suffering from out breaks of spots.

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  • Marie

    Anyone who would be angry over someone wanting kindness on every level in her environment does not deserve to work for such a wonderful person. (I’m sad that she allows dairy, which is every bit as cruel as meat, once one penny is made from this exploitation. Being forced to lose one’s babies so that someone else can have your milk causes so much pain, that I guarantee you the mother would rather die. ) Veganism is proven to be such a healthy way to eat, she is actually helping everyone. For her sake, I hope these negative complainers leave her alone. People should complain when murdered carcasses are allowed, not the other way around. We have a long way to go!